Cafe Bella | First English Tea House In Cebu


Who could have thought that inside the vicinity of Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam, everyone can experience the ambiance of an English Tea Shop?  Yes! That’s possible.


Located on the grounds of Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam, aside from its tropical greenery. You can experience the lush and cold breezed while you enjoy spectacular views of the mountains. Relax with a tea in hand, socialize with friends and family inside the Tea house and enjoy a wide selection of teas and coffee.


The tea house is just quaint small where it can accommodate 10 to 12 individuals. The walls inside the tea house are surrounded by the collections of Elena’s where you can see various teapots, miniature bone china, hats, vases, frames,and figurines.


Upon visiting the Cafe Bella, I had the chance to speak with Ms. Elena Chua. ” This is like a dream come true for me. It made me happy every time I saw people smiling when they visit the place”, she said.


“It gives a glimpse into my world…My journey and my love of tea”, she added. I was inspired by the story she shared with me on how she ended up building the Tea House as an addition to the Garden.

According to Ms. Chua, when she was a small child, she loves to collect small souvenirs and knickknacks. She loves to play by herself or with friends and has their own tea party.  She loved collecting miniature bone chinaware. When she started to work as a flight attendant, she then acquired the passion of drinking different kinds of tea from different countries.

She felt so blessed with the opportunity to see and traveled all over the world. As she discovered how the world beautiful was, she decided to share these experiences with many people especially to those people who don’t have the opportunity to discover and explore the world.


When Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam was built, their family considered it as a gift from God. Miss Elena decided to upgrade the Garden by having this tea house where it will showcase her beautiful and fascinating collections. Her collections are all precious to her because of her journey.

What’s with the name, Bella?

Bella is the name of her adorable daughter. Upon visiting the garden, the door will welcome you with a big sign 8504 which is the birthdate of Bella.



Cafe Bella can only accommodate 10 to 12 persons, meaning it is limited. Miss Elena serves the guest herself. She offers a set menu that consists of unlimited tea with various flavors, a sandwich, salad, cupcakes, fruits, juice drinks and if one prefers it, coffee.

Elena limits Casa Bella guests for the simple reason that the place is small and usually, she serves the guests herself. She offers a set menu that consists of unlimited tea of various flavors, a sandwich with a crunchy and zesty vegetable salad on the side, and perhaps, also her specialty, chicken macaroni salad, some cupcakes, fruits, juice drinks and if one prefers it, coffee.

If you want to experience and enjoy the English Tea in your hand. For reservations, You may contact Miss Elena Chua at 0922-825-6259 or you may check their Facebook Page Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam.  



Visitors from Tagaytay City:)

Disclaimer: Please be advised that Cafe Bella can only entertain guest with reservations.

Important Reminders:

The Tea house is just small, cozy and restful where you can look closely with these fascinating collections of Miss Chua. Most of them are breakable and irreplaceable.Thus, most of them are “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY” so PLEASE DON’T THEM!



Mt. Naupa, City of Naga, Cebu | A Friendly Mountain To Climb


I’ve always heard great stories about this 8th tallest mountain in Central Visayas because of its beginner-friendly mountain to climb. I didn’t expect that this mountain was tagged as one of the easiest mountains to trek in the Province of Cebu. This mountain has become popular to many mountaineers, trekkers, and hikers because of the perfect natural setting and greenish backdrop when you reach the summit of Mount Naupa standing at 584 meters above sea level.



The beautiful scenery that you can see along the trail going to Mt. Naupa

After the successful Clean-up drive of our group (Tribu Hugawan)at Mt. Lanaya in Alegria, Cebu. I had the opportunity to climb and camp out in Mt. Naupa just to chill out and kick back ourselves from very busy and stressful days of work. When one of our groupmates, Micahel organized a group hike and camp out together with his other friends at the summit of Mt. Naupa, I was not hesitant to say “Yes” when I received the invitation.


It was on a gloomy Saturday afternoon when we had this trekking activity.From Cebu South Bus Terminal we took a bus ride going to Naga, City and drop off at Sitio Rikio to ride a motorcycle going to the jump-off point of Brgy. Cogon.And this is where our adventure begins.



Lover in Naupa 🙂

Going to the jump-off point of Brgy Cogon where we have to start our trek was not an easy ride. I remember riding a motorbike in a rocky rough road river at Marmol, Cliff in Tuburan, Cebu. The road was not that established, really! Because of that, 2 of our friends accidentally fell during the ride but the good thing was they didn’t endure any wounds and scratches.



Our sexy ladies just having fun walking under the rain. 🙂

After of almost an hour in a bumpy motorcycle ride, we had a quick stop over nearby the Cogon Chapel to meet the group and to power up before we start the trek. The first 20 minutes of the trail was relatively easy because it has an established path and it’s just like a walk in the park. As we reached close to the summit, we took a quick power up before proceeding to the summit. Unfortunately, the weather became unfriendly and the heavy rain was pouring the entire mountain. Thus, the trail becomes steep and darkness enveloped the surroundings which added an extremely tiring and demanding part of our climb.



This is what Mt. Naupa can offer! 🙂


After 45 minutes of a steep ascending trail, we finally reached the summit of Mt. Naupa. Though the weather was not good we are still lucky enough because we were given a clear view of the green scenery settings of the neighboring mountains of Mt. Naupa.




Preparing our dinner after reaching the summit of NUAPA


After dinner, we had the social nights where we got to know a little bit of each other with the other groups. We played various games and all of us had so much fun. After the social nights, I slept like a baby till the break of the dawn because of cold tempreature.


Few minutes later, the majority of the group woke up and prepared breakfast with non-stop teasing on each other of what happened last night during the socials. Lol!


After breakfast, the heat was bit unbearable so everyone decided to break the camp and pack our bags. The other group took the trail via Barangay Lanas while me and the rest took a back trail to Barangay Cogon.


Everyone bid then a goodbye to the beautiful and perfect scenery of Mt. Naupa. We directly rode a motorcycle going back to the highway.



This is what we’ve got after that rainy hike! 🙂

Before going back to our own realities, the group decided to drop by at the back Sampaguita Suites, where you can found these mouth-watering streetfood, the Pungko-Pungko. That was a weekend well spent, indeed!



The Campsite with the background Naupa Peak!

My Final Thoughts:

The mountain of Mt. Naupa is very friendly and the trail is relatively easy. It can be accessed in a wet or dry season. The trekking part is just short but it can still make your heart’s pumping. The mountain is now one of the mountaineers destination.

How To Get There:

There are many ways on how to get to Mt.Naupa. You can took a bus from South Bus Terminal or via KMK Bus Transit. Then, you can drop off at the bakeshop located just in the corner of Rikio, Minglanilla, Cebu. Take a habal-habla ride going to the jump-off point of Barangay Cogon, fare is PHP50. And then from the chapel of Brgy. Cogon, you may hire a guide or just follow the trail going to the mountain of Naupa.








Diving Adventure At Pescador Island, Moalboal, Cebu | Itinerary, Budget and Tips

Pescador Island in Moalboal Cebu is one of the best Philippine beaches were great diving adventure awaits you.This small island in Cebu, Philippines is situated in the Tañon Strait which is famous for snorkeling, diving, and island hopping where you can see stunning and bountiful of marine life and majestic caverns. The island is one of the main attraction in Moalboal Cebu where you can have the opportunity to experience swimming with millions of fishes and interact with sea turtles.


Before the seventh month of the year ended, I had the chance to see the Aqua Kingdom of Pescador Island, unexpectedly. That was a sunny weekend when I planned a solo jaunt to the stunning beach of Basdako, Moalboal, Cebu. Upon arriving at Cebu South Bus Terminal, I quickly took a yellow bus (Ceres Liner) via Moalboal-Badian. I was shocked when I saw my friends inside the bus and completely surprised when I happened to know that we are heading to the same destination. The only difference is they will be staying in Panagsama beach, while, I will be staying at the shoreline of Basdaku, Moalboal using my tent.


While we are on our way, inside the bus, one of my friends forced me to join their group diving adventure.Thus, I quickly changed my mind and go with them intead. That was a great decision, indeed! That was one of the best swimming adventures I had in my life. So, I want to share a simple travel guide for you to make your swimming adventures be the best as well!





10:30 AM: SIESTA





DISCLAIMER: We are 15 in the group and all expenses were divided into fifteen, that’s why we were able to save some amount of money. In addition,we didn’t pay the boat for island hopping because of a very generous friend.

Here’s a quick video on how we enjoy this island getaway!

I would like to thank Christian Joseph Indino especially to Cebu South Adventure for the generosity and accommodating us during this 2 days diving adventures in Moalboal, Cebu.

If you want to see the stunning Aqua Kingdom of Pescador island where great diving adventure awaits you. You may contact CEBU SOUTH ADVENTURE at 09158561375 or visit their FB Page. You may also check out their website at http://southcebu.weebly.com/




BLOG GIVEAWAY | Win an Overnight Weekend Stay at Malapascua Island, Cebu

Have you been to an island that has been considered as favorable to many? An island that has the charm where many have so often wished to find in a tiny isolated beach paradise.


As part of my Blog Anniversary, Nhazgventures in partnership with Lah Tira Cee Resort in Malapascua Island, Cebu is giving away an overnight weekend stay at the resort, not just for 2 people but for four individuals. This would be a perfect getaway to your family as the resort known as a family oriented resort in the island or even a barkada getaway.


I can still remember my last visit in the island and stayed at the resort. All I can say is Lah Tira Cee is one of the places I wish I could have stayed forever,because of the people who are working there.  The place is very comfortable to stay with.Let me get back to my memories and show you how unforgettable the place is during my stay in the resort.

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*Terms and Conditions:

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Winner can avail this overnight weekend stay at the resort on a specific dates only. (September 2 and 3, 2017- Saturday and Sunday).

Winner will also get a free morning smoothie and a welcome drink.

“La Tira Cee– A Perfect Place to Experience Island Way of Life”










TUBURAN, CEBU: Where I Drift My Wandering Soul


Biking by the Port of Tuburan

I never get tired of drifting, I want to go to new places where I can feel the sound of Mother Nature’s heart. It’s like I’m searching the parts of my soul I’ve given to my past life. I want to explore streets that don’t know the sound of my heart breaking and see things that aren’t stained with my tears.


My wandering feet with an adventurous soul

As my adventurous soul wandering constantly in the world full of temporary things. I don’t want to hold everything that will eventually be gone because it happened many times that the people I love became the people I lost.


The Tuburan Port

I know that the people I lost are not my destination. They are just my stop over where my heart quivers. I don’t want to end up being sad so I want to go away from your sight. There is something bigger to me, saying that I should find my place in the world.


Archdiocesan of  San Antonio De Padua-  A Semi-Romanesque Architectural designed. It was constructed way back 150 years ago and built on wood, limes, and cornerstone. Unfortunately, it has been damaged during the World War II. It still endures the wreck brought about by the test of times

 Life has many roads for travel and sometimes along the way. I want to fly and see the world with my own eyes.I want to find bigger footprints than mine to show me the way. At this moment in time, I got lost but I know I’m headed to somewhere.


Adela River is one of the grandest rivers in Tuburan, Cebu. In light of the river, they made a bridge that linked Daan Lungsod and Brgy. 2. The river is connected from San Juan, Guiwanon and Mantawihan waterway, the water of the river flows straightforwardly to the sea.

I just don’t know where the place is yet.I never knew that I will return to nature and turn myself towards wildlife. I solely thinking about all the birds, mountains and my wishes, the past and the future.


As I wander the river through the Valley of Spring of Hope. The mountains are slowly reaching the distance of the sky. At the current moment where I actually was, I never seemed to exist. I was lost forever in my mind and in my dreams of where I was.


Another famed attraction that will make you fall in love in the town is the granitic Marmol Cliff. A stunning and enchanting rock formations of two cliffs with a river that flowing naturally between them.

The flowing natural water between the rocks brought happiness in me. Knowing it will in due time reach its destination. It carries while singing its own song peacefully silent and deep. That moment in time, that river runs in me.



Molobolo Cold Springs


Now along the pond-side—now wading in a little, fearing not the wet.Now, by the post-and-rail fences, where the old stones thrown there, pick’d from the fields.



The beautiful and secluded Mantawihan Natural Spring

Far, far in the forest, before I think where I go, Solitary, smelling the earthy smell, stopping now and then in the silence.Alone I had thought yet soon a silent troop gathers around me,Some walk by my side, and some behind, and some embrace my arms or neck. They, the spirits of friends, dead or alive—thicker they come, a great crowd, and I in the middle.

The best moments in life are when you’re wandering mindlessly, admiring the beauty of everything with no destination in mind. And I drifted my adventurous soul in this peaceful town of Cebu.

Find your inner peace, live on your own, travel the world, listen to good music, be thankful for every true and good person who steps into your life, never look sad at the past, be happy that there’s a future waiting for you, craving for you, no matter how it’s going to be.

Here’s a quick video on my two days adventure in the beautiful town of Tuburan, Province of Cebu. 🙂


The Banate Family

This 2 days adventure wouldn’t be possible without the help of my colleague, Angelo Banate. Thank you so much for the opportunity to wander the beautiful town of Tuburan, Cebu. Thank you for accommodating and pampering me. Will surely see you again on my next adventure!:)

Via A Public V-Hire:

Take a V-hire via Balamban-Tuburan from Ayala Terminal. One way fare is 140 Php. Inform the driver to drop you off at Tuburan Town Proper ( You can drop-off at 7/11 convenience store fronting San Antonio De Padua Church ). Travel time will take around 3 hours.

Via Public Bus Transit:

Just go to North Bus Terminal and take a bus bound for Balamban-Asturia-Tuburan. Tell the driver to drop you off at Tuburan Proper.

Marmol Cliff | Stunning And Enchanting Rock Formations in Tuburan, Cebu



Grabbing a bike in the town to enjoy the scenery of the sea.

Many of us will just bypass the quite Municipality of Tuburan, Province of Cebu. Who could have thought that this peaceful town got some places to visit. Aside from its famous Molobolo Spring which has been considered as the favorite destination both locals and tourists. Another famed attraction that will make you fall in love in the town is the granitic Marmol Cliff. A stunning and enchanting rock formations of two cliffs with a river that flowing naturally between them. Getting there is an extreme adventure, really! Whether you go on foot or ride a motorbike, you will be river trekking.The motorbike is literally a breathtaking ride.


The start of our rocky road journey 🙂

Well, let’s get started with what brought me here and why I’ve got here? Every time I will see my traveler friends posting about this place in social media, my adventurous spirit will get envy. It’s almost one year that I am longing to see this amazing beauty of nature provided by the beautiful marble rocks. Over the weekend, I had best opportunity to visit the Land of Springs and Hope, Tubaran! My officemate, Angelo a proud Tuburanon, invited me to experience the hidden beauty of Tuburan. We visited the place with high expectations and we were not disappointed.


Coron, No! This is just the simple yet majestic rock formation 🙂

Seriously, it is a beautiful rock formation that looks like a getaway to another world.It is a majestic site that is worth traveling. My adventurous spirit was satisfied with the marble rock as it offers me an ultimate pleasure of yearning Mother Nature’s heart.


I am so inlove with these beautiful cliffs in front of me!

MARMOL CLIFF: A Majestic Site That Is Worth Traveling

This Tuburan Weekend Getaway with Angelo was truly an unforgettable one. We met up at JY Square Mall, Lahug at around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon. We took our journey via Cebu Trancentral Highway and it was raining with overwhelming quantities. 🙂 We traveled for around 2 hours from Cebu City to Municipality of Tuburan.  Since we arrived there late afternoon and it was raining that time. Thus, we decided to visit the Marmol Cliff the next day so I had the opportunity to roam around the town plaza.


An old street clock that was placed along the street of Town Plaza


Angelo enjoying the stunning scenery of Tuburan Port

It was a bright and sunny Sunday the next day, a great time to jaunt the Marmol Cliff. It took us 30 -45 minutes ride on a motorbike before we saw the enchanting marble rock formation. That was literally a breathtaking ride for us as we crossed the rocky road rivers in a motorcycle and sometimes we need to trek for us to get to the other side of the river. There are many gravels gathers along the way. There’s a wide water expanse, the flow narrows and in some parts deeper.That was the most challenging motorcycle ride I had in my life.I become an ugly rascal, Lol!


Just go with the flow..hahaha! That was not easy tho.


We need to hike for us to cross to the other side of the banks.


And we’re getting closer to you Maria Joaquin

After that intense ride, we finally saw the majestic two cliffs standing with the natural waters running between them. The sound of birds is much apparent now with the sighting of colorful feathers flying above from time to time.


I finally saw you…You are so beautiful in my eyes

Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain, the river burst it banks the and water was not clear and bluish-green that moment.



Between these two gigantic Marmol rocks, is a deep portion of the stream where you can take a ride in the raft if you want to get to the other side of the river.


I had the best opportunity to get close to these Marmol rocks


An aerial view of the deep portion of the stream

As we reached the center of the bouldering rocks, there’s a portion where you can climb and enjoy the scenery up there. There’s also an unwritten lore where Maria Cacao and Tang-an story lies behind these beautiful cliffs.


Enjoying the childish spirit in me 🙂


After we took photos at the other end of the cliff, we instantly proceeded to the other side where there is a small opening cave.According to the locals, during the World War II, it was used by the Cebuano Katipuneros because of its expansive and ample space.


The opening small cave.


Until now, I can’t get enough with the beautiful Marmol Cliff! Standing tall and high.The setting was so magical and picturesque.


Planning to see this Stunning and Enchanting Marmol Rock?


Via A Public V-Hire:

Take a V-hire via Balamban-Tuburan from Ayala Terminal. One way fare is 140 Php. Inform the driver to drop you off at Tuburan Town Proper ( You can drop-off at 7/11 convenience store fronting San Antonio De Padua Church ). Travel time will take around 3 hours. From Tuburan Proper, look for a motorbike or habal-habal that will take you to Sitio Marmol, (Marmol Cliff). The fare is 100 Php and travel time would take 30-45 minutes.

Via Public Bus Transit:

Just go to North Bus Terminal and take a bus bound for Balamban-Asturia-Tuburan. Tell the driver to drop you off at Tuburan Proper and look for a motorbike that can take you to Brgy. Marmol (Marmol Cliff ). Travel time would time around 4 hours.


Additional Tips/Reminders:

1.  You can negotiate a motorbike driver to wait for you while you are exploring the beautiful Marmol Cliff.
2. Make sure to wear proper attire because there will be trekking/hiking that needs to be done to cross rivers.
3. Respect the community and environment. Avoid creating loud noise that could possibly disturb the area.
4. Make sure to bring enough water and avoid bringing loads because you will be enduring a rough rocky ride.
5. Be friendly



















SUMMIT TO SEA | Mount Babag, Chalet Hills, Busay To Lapu-Lapu City

A week after my visit to the City of Beautiful People, Ormoc City. I just can’t get enough to be with the greens. Also, when I feel as life becomes boring, I always think of stepping outside my usual comfort zone and grab some adventures. Luckily, I am surrounded by friends who also have the same interests as me. Since we have the same working schedules, we dare to find another way to distress through a weekend climb at the two peaks of Cebu’s mountain barangays (community).


During this weekend climb, I am with Lovely the “Adventurose” and my new found friends namely Isabelle the “Social Climber”, T-boy the “Innocent” and Kim the “PackBoy“. Our camaraderie was all started during our Alto Peak Summit climb in Ormoc City.


Enter a captio


This is the second time that I reached the cool and refreshing Mt. Babag. We started our journey from Guadalupe Church and hired a habal-habal ride.  The good thing about this climb was we took the trail of Brgy. Napo in which nothing to worry about the heat of the sun because it was really covered. Along the trail, we passed by a part of a river and saw a lot of huge trees. An hour after, I started to see the towers of RCPI which is the marked of the peaks, I  thought that we’re already halfway of the trail. Unfortunately, we are still very far away.  Thus, I’ve got the great opportunity to embrace the heart of nature.


Guadalupe Church, Cebu | Photo courtesy: Everything Cebu

Along the trail, the green scenery, and some invertebrates truly surprise my human eyes.



Halfway through the trail is another one hour of trekking before reaching the summit of Mt. Babag. In the middle of the mountain, we saw a small house where we took a quick rest and light snacks.


Fifteen minutes after, we resumed our climb to the summit of Babag. The trail was even tougher.  Thorny bushes grew with plentifulness along the trail. But, were getting closer to the summit.


The breathtaking view of Mt.Babag


The viewed from RCPI Towers of Mt.Babag

After two hours of viable hiking from Brgy.Napo, we finally reached the summit of Mt.Babag which offers a breathtaking view of the progressive Queen City of the South. From this point, you will be able to catch the glimpse of the city.


After the group enjoyed the view and the usual picture-taking session, we began our trek going to Chalet Hills, Busay. We still had two hours more of trekking to do before reaching the campsite on the top of Chalet Hills. We proceeded to an unchallenged road of Veteran’s Drive that leads straight to the campsite of Chalet Hills.  The trail was gentle and fully established that makes the trekking part like a walk in the park.


It was dark when we arrived at the top of Chalet Hills and presented some concerns as the wind goes stronger. But, we didn’t want to miss an amazing night at the top catching the magnificent Cebu City Lights. So, we quickly pitch our tents and crossed our fingers for a great morning tomorrow.


The view from the peak was spectacular. We had a perfect city view in front of us with an impressive array of mountains at our back.


The mountain was so glorious that time since there’s also a group of campers right next to us. It was an amusing night for me, a moment of a fun evening with friends. As I lay silently with my fellow campers, I felt happy living a life at the present moment surrounded by many friends with the same interests as me.


I woke up late the next day. The sun was already up when we prepared our breakfast. The downside part about camping on the top of Chalet Hills was being exposed to the sun. We hurriedly prepared our breakfast, ate and broke camp as the weather became unfriendly.



As we continued to pack up our things, I suggested the group to go to the beach to cool down ourselves.  Not bad!Unexpectedly, everyone concurs with the idea. Another unplanned trip added on the itinerary.



Descending down from Chalet Hills was another easy trail that leads us straight to Temple of Leah and Mountain View Resort.However, it’s really quite far. It took us two hours before we finally reached the exit point Mountain View Resort and Temple of Leah. Outside the temple, we saw a small store selling cold coconut/ buko juice where we fueled ourselves.


We continued our descent going to the highway and back to civilization. We took full advantage of our rest days and everyone was so excited to take some beach. The circle went straight to one of our friend’s crib in Cordova to withdraw our heavy packs in our back.


Since we are still undecided on what beach to go, I instantly recommended the Mactan Newtown Beach because I was under the impression that they’ve got the best public beach in Lapu-Lapu City with an affordable price. But, I was wrong! Everyone was shocked with the entrance fee of the resort. I remember that I just paid 30 PHP the last time I visited the place. Because we can’t afford to pay the required fee upon entering the resort, we ended up at one of the public beaches in the city that didn’t cost anything.


What’s funnier about this unexpected beach bumming was we thought that we’re done with our trekking part. But, it’s not over yet! While walking going straight to Mactan Newtown Beach, one of my friends was in the tenderness of nature’s call while I am also in the warmth of breaking the winds. Lol!


After an hour of energizing our body into a salt water, we directly went back to Cordova to have some dinner. Meanwhile, the circle decided to do an overnight stay at my friend’s crib. After dinner, I just relax inside the room, lay in the bed with my phone listening to the cicadas until my postural muscles relaxed and I was on the verge of sleep.



The next morning, I woke up with a refreshing body because of the full eight hours of being asleep. What’s more even to that, coffee was already prepared in the table that makes our morning perfect.  After that great coffee, Lovely, Belle and I prepared ourselves without any delay to go home. Until we finally reached our individuals home safe and sound!


Our weekend escape was a hell of an adventure. It was one of the most awesome trips I’ve had because of the unexpected jaunts.  If you are planning to do the same adventure such as a day-long trek to Mt.Babag (RCPI Towers) or catching the magnificent Cebu City at night by having an overnight camp at Chalet Hills, Busay. This post could well be your ticket to help you decide which make your plan easier.

Here’s my personal tip that might help you on how to get there!

  1. Ride a jeepney going to Guadalupe Church
  2. Hire a habal-habal just situated at the back of the church and tell the driver to drop you off at Sitio Napo. Fare is 20PHP
  3. From Sitio Napo Basketball Court, proceed the trail that will take you to the peak of Mt. Babag then detour to the 5-towers trail.
  4. If you are planning to Chalet Hills, Busay. Take the road of Veteran’s Drive that will take you to Chalet Hills.
  5. You can also take an easier alternative way going to Chalet Hills. Ride a habal-habal from JY Square Mall, Lahug going to Mountain View Resort. You may the proceed hiking to Chalet Hills or Mt. Babag (RCPI Towers).

General Tips:

  1. Wear proper/protective sleeves to prevent scratches from prickly plants on the trail.
  2. Chalet Hills, Busay has a very good space for camping but not ideal on a noontime because it’s an open field.
  3. The trek will take around 4 to 5 hours depending on the pace.
  4. If doing a camp always respect the environment and other campers.
  5. Kill Nothing But Time | Take Nothing But Pictures | Leave Nothing But Footprints.































Pick It Up and Clean It Up: The Annual National Mountain Clean-Up Day

nash (1)

As a traveler, camper, and trekker, I always believe that trekking won’t be complete without the cost of love and respect for the mountain environment. I want to inspire people and share to them about that keeping our mountains clean is of supreme importance.


nag (1).jpeg

The Summit of Windows XP


Mountains are friends to all. They are not just soil, forest, birds, and animals. They provide us with the most essential things in life. I also agree that mountains are also generous sources of recreation, pleasure, and delight. The joy of watching the sunrise and sunset with your fellow trekkers.


nagz1 (1).jpeg

Adventurose and Social Climber @ the Summit of Mt.Lanaya


However, many people seem to have taken them for granted. It is disheartening to see a dump of garbage on the trail and slopes.  Most of us don’t know the proper system to handle the garbage, especially in mountain villages. Putting them in dustbins is not enough. Burning them or throwing it into the streams is not a good practice. If we are not bringing back our non-biodegradable things-plastic bottles, wrappers, foils, etc back to cities, we are littering the mountains.

nagzz (1).jpeg

I don’t expect that city-dwellers to come and clean all the mess in mountains. But I do expect them to not litter. That alone can be a good example in cleaning up of the mountains.


From the day that I’ve entered the blogosphere and learned to appreciate the beauty of the world, I always wanted to join any activities that have something to do with environmental awareness.


Last July 8-9, 2017 was the 4th National Mountain Clean-Up Day. It is an annual activity initiated by Pinoy Mountaineer to clean up the mountains and to remind the importance of having a clean mountain environment.   An activity that gives a great opportunity that I am longing for.  Lucky me, I am surrounded by friends with the same interests as me. We have a group called, Tribu Hugawan. A small group who would like to see beautiful things around the world through wandering. These are the people who want to inspire people that it is very important to get to know and respect our planet.



These are the awesome people of Tribu Hugawan, from left Tboy, me, Lovely and Belle. We are actually missing one creature. 🙂


So these friends of mine decided to participate in such annual activity with Laagan Pilipinas at Ablayan Peak, Boljoon Cebu. As we meet the group in the particular area, we began to felt awkward. Thus, we manifested the trails of Mt. Lanaya in Alegria, Cebu.

IMG_1479 (1).jpeg

Upon arrival at Alegria, Cebu, we prepared our trash bag that is tied around the hands. At the trail, all the non-biodegradable waste that we saw along the trail goes into the trash bag. We picked the litter from the trail and keep it in our trash bags until we reached the campsite of the mountain.

ale2mm (1)

summit (1).jpeg

Before proceeding to the peak of Mt.Lanaya, we bring the garbage down and take it to a nearby house who collects garbage where there is a proper system to manage the garbage.

tr (1).jpeg

trs (1).jpeg

I understand that there are some trekkers feel that it is very difficult to be committed to picking up litter in a day especially when they are struggling to climb. Yes, I completely understand that! It is difficult to pick things up on the trail.

trail (1).jpeg

After taking the garbage down to the house, we then proceeded to the assault of Mt.Lanaya. Meanwhile, the ascending trails of the assault going to the summit of Mt.Lanaya were quite clean which gives us the best time to explore the area. It was truly fulfilling that you have already explored your beautiful surroundings while helping it to make the mountain environment clean.


I’ve been to many cleanup drives but this was my first time to join the National Mountain Clean-Up. 



After cleaning the site, we proceeded to a place where it will bring us a perfect nostalgia. And since we feel tired and hungry of our explorations, so we decided to jaunt Cangkalanog Falls to give some sort of shake.

falls2 (1).jpeg

Just by looking at it will bring you an instant nostalgia. It is a complete mixture of Kawasan Falls in Badian and Enchanted River in Surigao. A scenic bluish-green color of the water will make you jump and shout for joy.

falls (1).jpeg

No one will do the same thing at their own house. I think the fundamental reason is the lack of responsibility towards Mother Nature. They feel a sense of duty when it comes to keeping their house clean, but they don’t feel the same towards nature.

So, there is an immediate need to make the trekkers feel responsible by telling them the consequences of their actions. Our Green Trails goal can only be achieved if trekkers feel responsible towards the mountains.


“Keeping the mountains ‘clean’ is not just our duty, but a necessity”


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Ormoc City’s PIÑA FESTIVAL: A Congenial Celebration of Beautiful People

The first Piña Festival of Ormoc City last 25th of June of this year was truly a notable celebration of beautiful people as it celebrates beauty. The event coincided with the feast celebration of their patron saints, St. Peter and St. Paul. Meanwhile, The festival seeks to promote not only Ormoc’s very own sweetest queen pineapple but to recognize Ormocanon’s beautiful and breathtaking natural attractions.


I enjoyed the 1st Piña Festival so much and it was truly an exceptional celebration, same with the Sinulog Festival in Cebu.It is a celebration both solemn and festive since that was the first time that it has been done in the City of Ormoc, I didn’t expect that it will be a tremendous celebration as it was exalted with pomp and pageantry.


Arriving the day ahead before the festival, on a Saturday, I was able to sneak into their “Food Bazaar” situated fronting the Ormoc Bay/ Plaza, where everyone can enjoy great foods while listening to the live bands played on stage.T’was like a weekend madness for me! After taking the delightful Taco’s by La Lucha Taqueria, I took a quick look at the performers on stage and briskly headed back to the hotel on where I stayed, the Hotel Don Felipe.


As Sunday took place, which is the official day of the festival. I’ve got everything set for a quick morning photo walk at the Ormoc Bay as a warm up since the street dancing will start in the afternoon. After an hour of shutter bugging in the plaza, I instantly brought myself in one of the fast food restaurants nearby the area because I felt ravenously hungry.  And I took a catnap inside the hotel room after a well fed of satisfaction.


Few more minutes to go and the colorful festivity of the City will officially start. As a preparation, I had a sumptuous lunch together with other bloggers and media from Cebu and Manila at Big Roy’s Resto owned by Maria Estrella Pangilinan, who is also the Chairman of Ormoc Festival and Cultural Foundation. I had the chance as well to meet with the event organizers and other local officials of Ormoc City.


Photo from google

After teeming with an overflowing and bursting sustenance, we went out into the sun-drenched streets of the New Ormoc City Hall where the 8 contingents coming from different school assembled for their street dancing parade going to the Ormoc stage plaza.


As we set ourselves in the stage plaza waiting for the first part of the activity which is the street dancing showdown to start, we are having a good time listening to the danceable beats of Ormoc Piña Samba Jingle. It has a meaningful lyrics which creates the vibes into an atmospheric festivity, really! To add more grandeur on the street parade, there’s a group of people creating some noise using the beat of the drums. I was also surprised with the huge people that are also waiting for the 8 contingents to arrive. A few minutes later, the participating floats and the 8 participating contingents have finally arrived.


With Doyzkie of www.Iluvcebu.com

Everyone was so excited and greatly cheered with the arrival of all the contingents. The audience is giving a loud and cheering up to their each representing contingents as encouragement and to give fire with every performance. In which, my eyes were immediately impressed how the locals are very supportive with the first Piña Festival.


Queen Pineapple giveaway along the street plaza


A quick capture of Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez and Vice Mayor Toto Locsin

During the street dancing competition, the 8 participating contingents are only allowed to showcase their dance performance using the official Ormoc Pina Samba Jingle. Surprisingly. all groups are well prepared as they showcased their performance. From dance choreography to their brilliant and lively props were all eye-openers.


I never thought that the event would be that colorful and festive the same with Cebu’s Grandest Festival, the Sinulog Festival and other colorful festivities in the country. Because of what I’ve seen during the grand parade, it was obvious that people of Ormoc especially the Local Government official were helping hand in hand in preparing the celebration.


Image result for Pina Festival ORMOC

Surely, the Piña Festival will be recognized by both government agencies, since festivals are based either on the locals’ religion, history and culture and/or local produce.


The Piña Festival seeks to promote not only Ormoc’s very own sweet queen pineapple, but will manifest every Ormocanon’s beautiful and sunshine-y nature—that despite the challenges portrayed by the fruit’s thorny exterior, we are able to overcome these challenges and grow a crown over our heads as symbols of our triumph over all adversities.


During the Grand showdown, contingents from STI College-Ormoc captured the 1st place award of ritual/showdown. Aside from that, their festival queen Cherry Mae Duterte went home the title of the Festival Queen and they also captured the 1st place award of Best in street dancing.


Western College Leyte took the 2nd place in the ritual showdown, followed by the third place which is the Eastern Visayas State University-Ormoc.  Meanwhile, the Ipil National School was the second placer in the street dancing competition and captured the Best in Costume award, while WLC is the third places of the said category.


According to the movie actor and Ormoc City Mayor, “The significance of the piña is that Ormoc is known for its great pineapples. For the longest time, this has been recognized. Everywhere you go in the country, they know that one of the best-tasting pineapples can be found in Ormoc City. That’s the reason why we are bringing back the Piña Festival,”


With Congresswoman Lucy Torres and Mayor Richard Gomez

“We hope that the Piña Festival will be a great start to a new and better identity for all Ormocanons—a cultural heritage that will embody our common aspirations, while enriching us as one people desiring to get Ormoc City as one of the top major tourist destinations in the country,” Pangilinan said.

Tara! Maglipay Kita! 

See you next year sa Piña Festival!

I would like to thank the following people who gave me the opportunity to witness that colorful festival of Ormoc City! 

Mayor Richard Gomez, Vice-Mayor Leo Locsin, Ormoc City Local Government, Ormoc City Tourism Council,Lalaine Jimenea, Pocholo Aragones Franco, Maria Estrella Pangilinan and to all the City officials.

2Go Supercat, Don Felipe Hotel and Big Roy’s Restaurant













“Best Places To Visit With Family and Friends In A Long Weekend”

As our Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide will observe Ramadhan to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. Thus, many of us will enjoy this long weekend.Some people take advantage of the three-day weekend to make trips and adventure with friends. There may be some congestion on roads as many people use the long weekend to make trips.Public transport services may be reduced or not run at all.

I know that you may start asking yourself on what to do over the long weekend? I’ve rounded up some of the beautiful natural wonders that you might consider a “paradise” and best events to keep you and the family busy all weekend long.

So these are the places that you can visit with your family and friends to spend and to make the most of your long weekend.



Cambais Falls

Obviously, Cebu never runs out of water escapes to offer its visitors and every single attraction makes the guests truly satisfied and they just can’t really get enough and wanting for more.
One of the best waterfalls to chase in Cebu are the Cambais and Cankalanog falls situated in the heart of Southern part of the Province of Cebu.


Cankalanog Falls

If you have some friends or even in the family member that has an adventurous soul and would love to go on trekking.Well,  these two waterfalls will indulge their thirst of adventure.

Click here on how to get there!



Canyoneering in Badian and Alegria is fast becoming one of Cebu’s biggest tourist draws. We took the plunge to see what the fuss is all about.Fifteen feet might not sound like a giant leap, but when you have to jump into celadon waters in a part of a canyon that’s barely 2m wide, walls of jagged rock on either side, it can feel like the final moment of your life. Your breath quickens, your heart pounds, your throat closes up as your knees lock. In what is becoming one of Cebu’s most popular outdoor activities, fear is the devil you need to defy.

Click here for Canyoneering tips!



Enter a caption

If you and your friends are looking for a different level of adventures then you better try hiking and trekking in the stunning mountain of Mt.Lanaya in Alegria, Cebu.

Mt.Lanaya is a hundred meters away from the town proper of Alegria. Towering around 700 MASL, Mt. Lanaya stands almost at a stark contrast to the surrounding mountain ranges near it.

Click here to know more about this adventure!


Image may contain: one or more people, mountain, outdoor, nature and water

Have you been into a Wet and Wild World of River Trekking?

River trekking is relative to canyoning, that was established as a kind of sports in parts of the world. Relatively, this kind of sports is somehow new in the Philippines. And who could have thought that this kind of sports can be found in the northern part of Cebu?

Click here to see these mesmerizing cascades!



If you would like to spend your three-day weekend outside the beautiful island of Cebu. Well, here is another hidden water attraction in Eastern Visayas that you and your family will fall in love.

The Sayahan Falls is now considered as one of Ormoc City’s main natural attraction because of its crystal clear, emerald green and water as cold as ice.  This waterfall is located in the majestic mountain of Sitio Maglahug, Brgy Ga-as and it is 30 kilometers from the City proper of Ormoc.

Click here on How Did I Fall in Love with this Falls

ALTO PEAK (Mt. Amenduin )


Are you the type of person that is truly wicked? Do you have friends or even family members that has a different level of bravery and adventurous soul? Well, you better conquer this highest peak in the whole Region 8 to test your limits.

To read more click here.

What do you do for fun during a long weekend? And how do you plan for it?

Each one of us has its own different way to get out from boredom and most of all a long weekend without emptying our wallets. And here are my personal list on how to enjoy a three-days weekend.

“Make the most of your long weekend, whether you’re up for relaxation, sightseeing, adventuring and partying.”

Please don’t hesitate to share your tips on how you will enjoy during long weekend! Feel free to provide it on a comment section below. 🙂















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