I Was Preoccupied With My Summer Plans- I Forgot, It’s Maundy Thursday| Huwebes Santo

Have you ever realized that there have been times that you experienced what happened to Jesus? – In some ways or another.

He died from the cross to save you

For how many times that I was inconveniently sick last year? Did I experience the happiness that I’ve leen longing for a year before that? Most of us probably know the stories we had last year but we forgot to enlighten ourselves about what we are missing today or what we might not know about HOLY WEEK

San Nicolas De Tolentino Parish Church – Altar of Repose

Today, is Maundy Thursday which means everyone rejoices for the institution of the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper? But where are you as a member of the Roman Catholic? While churches puts aside all of its mourning but you were too preoccupied with your Summer!

Basilica Minore Del Sto. Niño – Altar of Repose

Many of us will get excited when Holy Week is coming because it’s holiday! Right?, Let’s admit it! More and more people leave town for the beach and others use this chance to get to their home province and spend time with the family while still observing the Lenten Season (Reflections and Prayers).

Sto. Niño de Pasil- Altar of Repose

Not because we are on a summer season and you might think today is holiday, FYI, it’s No! The Idea why Maundy Thursday or Huwebes Santo iMaundy Thursday or Huwebes Santo is a holiday because establishments are expected not to operate and raise the red lines. But because of R. A No. 9492 sec 26 ( An Act Rationalizing the Celebration of Non Holidays) and the Presidential Proclamation 655 which declares the special (non working) holidays, regular holidays, has declared this as a holiday, that’s why it has been observed by many people that Huwebes Santo is a regular holiday.

Simply Elegant – Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Altar of Repose

But, let me set aside this word “Holiday”. What I am just asking is where are my Catholic Brothers and Sisters? I think they really forget about the importance of today’s celebration.

He was crucified, Died and was burried

Huwebes Santo is the beginning of Three Days Paschal ( Easter Triduum) which means to celebrate Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection. Since I grew up in a community where Visita Iglesia has been cherished traditionally so for me, this is one of the most important time of my yearly life and I believe of the church as well.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Recoletos, Altar of Repose
Sto Rosario Parish Church – Altar of Repose

Final Words:

Since we have celebrated our Lord’s Last Supper that will continue throughout Good Friday and Black Saturday to celebrate the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ and end with Sunday’s Easter Vigil. I am hoping to see that many people will celebrate a meaningful Holy Week.

We may all have different ways to celebrate Lenten Season but always remember to praise and give thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ. Always put think about the nails, the crown of thorns and the cross- He loves you! It was in this day also that he said to his disciples, “A new commandment I give you: love one another as I have loved you.”(Jn 13:34)

God Has Risen! Sing Alleluia to the Lord!


The last Mass before Easter, celebrated every year on the third Thursday of the month of April, is the Mass of the Institution of the Lord’s Supper. It is celebrated in the late afternoon or in the evening. It recalls to mind the Last Supper, reminiscing the night that Jesus was betrayed by his own disciple – Judas. Not only that, it showed Jesus’ love for his people as he gave his metaphorical body and blood to them in the form of bread and wine.



I’ve Got Lost In Alburquerque! Not in Spain But in Bohol – Trust Me, It’s Paradise!

Bohol is renowned for its amazing Chocolate Hills and stunning beaches in Panglao and Anda. Obviously, it is an island with many beautiful white sand beaches.

Outside one of the famous resorts in Panglao – Hennan Resort

But aside from these two popular beach resorts, there’s a “UNFAMILIAR”public beach resort in Bohol that’s worth visiting if you want to have some dose of Vitamins Sea.

It was an exhausting day for me since we took off a road trip the whole day prior we arrived here. From Corella, Bohol, Bilar, Loboc and lastly here in the town of Alburqueque, officially known as “Albur”. I wasn’t expecting of seeing something special or exciting aside from getting a close encounter to the Largest Phyton in Captivity which can be found here in Albur.

The entrance of Bohol Python in Albur- Details will be posted soon.

But before that, few months ago before our visit here in this astounding town of Alburquerque, Bohol. Charlton ( who grown-up and raised here), showed us a sneak peek of a spot that this town could offer. Upon checking the video, I saw this Mangrove Garden and a white sand beach that I can also found in my hometown of Cebu. Thus, I didn’t gave too much attention about it because it seems that there’s nothing more special about the place.

If love can move mountains but in our case, rain can’t ruin our adventure!

Going back to our road trip; Started a day of wet lashes down our body to a sunny summer afternoon, we headed our way straight to Albur from our quick Jaunt at Loboc Adventure Park.

The entrance of the resort doesn’t says what’s inside in it. From Google photos

When we got to the entrance of Sta. Filomena Beach Resort, I wasn’t pleasantly surprised because it’s like an ordinary beach resort that can be found or see in many towns both in Bohol and Cebu. It was also low tide that time where I just saw a lot of see moss or algae and tiny mangroves. I thought of the time was being wasted here.

The end point of the passage going to the beach

When everyone got off from the cab, all of my friends instantly made their way to the beach that is few walks aways from the parking space. Since i found the place nothing is interesting, I was planning to just sit on the cottage and wait for them to come back. But when Charlton said that ” Mga Patay nga Mangrove ato makita didto” ( There’s a Mangrove dieback on the other side), I instantly followed them. He also added that there’s a nice spot where we can take some photoshoot.

As I followed my friends and walked into the man-made path leading straight to the beach. I was pleasantly surprised litle by little of what I saw and when I finally got to the beach, I was blown away with the view. I can see blue light scattered everywhere and seems like I am getting closer to the horizon from the place where I stood up.

Look at the scenery, I believe that even a blind man can sense the tranquility of the place.

I was filled with amazement with the teal water lapping onto its wide and pretty long powder white sand. As I walked into the sand going to the Mangrove Sanctuary, it reminds me of Kalanggaman tour. I was like walking in a beautiful and pretty long sand bar.



From Google photos

Walking straight to the other side, as I am getting closer to the Mangrove Protected Area, I saw some group of friends gathered there. When we finally got to the side of verdant mangroves, I was like open-mouthed for a few seconds. The place was truly quiet and peaceful.

Yes, they are mangrove diebacks but the looks so alive! ❤️

The tall mangroves look so amazing even though it has been dieback. Trust me, it’s a Paradise!

I quickly ran and wander, look for a spot to take photos. I climbed the tree and strike some pose. Lol!

The floating cottage that is tied up few meters away from the seashore and mangroves makes it more attractive and serene. The place is a perfect respite of a tiring day.

Of course, my friends don’t want to be left behind in striking a pose!

Here’s our random snapshots:

The place is truly a perfect spot for those who seek a warm embrace of nature as it is a home of various marine species and shore birds.

Do you think the view will look much better without the model? 🤣✌️Lablab this girl so much! – Truly an Angel! ❤️

It could be an alternative option if you had enough with some beaches in Bohol. The place is also perfect to avoid crowds without giving up any natural beauty.



I was really grateful and thankful that afternoon for I followed what’s in my heart. I’ve got the opportunity to see God’s wonderful creations. For God made this world so wonderful. The beach, the raging sea and the stream where I can dream of the things I want to be.



The Municipality of Alburquerque, Province of Bohol is one of their tourists destinations for its existing tourist destination, the Sta. Monica Church and their famous Prony- Largest Python in Captivity.

I hope all visitors coming here will give care that our nature’s needed most. #LEAVENOTRACE From Google Photos

This Municipality has natural wonders to offer such as the STA. FE BEACH RESORT AND MANGROVE PROTECTED AREA.

The beach resort is situated next to Tagbuane River, nearby the Poblacion of Alburquerque. It is 13 kilometres away from the town proper of Tagbilaran.

The beach resort is open to the public who wants experience tranquility and can rent a cottage for only Php 100. It is very populat to the locals in the town of Albur. There is a floating cottages available for the visitors to use but you’ll need to ask some permission to the beach resort personnel. The beach resort is currently managed and operated by the local government of Alburqueque.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Marine Sanctuary was established in year 2000 where the beach resort and Mangrove Protected Area are situated. This area was designed with a purpose. The sanctuary is a big help to the locals to rising fish stocks and corals. However, it was destroyed by some of the illegal fishers. There are couple of activities that everyone can enjoy since the municipality has been considered as a diving site. If you love hiking, you can trek up to Tagbuane River that will passed through the Forestal Reserve Zone.


No matter how many places you have seen and visited, always open your mind and suck in the experience. Our life in this world is hungry where we come to feed. We travel to different places and searches for something we haven’t tried before. So never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite & never outstay the welcome. Its Probably Worth It! Trust me, It’s Paradise!

Oh, before I forgot – I’ve got annoyed when I arrived here because of this plastic /trash I saw here. What’s even more disturbing-  I saw some locals who were there prior to us and they wasn’t able to pick this small piece trash.

Since I run with the blood of eco-tourism warriors and with a humble heart of Leave No Trace -I just picked this small piece of trash instantly and put it inside my bag. 💕👌

I hope that the locals will have the initiative to maintain the cleanliness and give a little care in this pleasantly amazing spot.

I would like to thank Charlton for bringing us here. It was a pleasure visiting your humble town. Looking forward to seeing more attractions in Albur! ❤️


From Manila, one can take a one-hour flight to Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol. From the Tagbilaran Airport, and on board a hired van, the trip will take 20 to 30 minutes to the town of Alburqueque.

From Cebu to Tagbilaran, you have two choices, either to take the fast ferry-boat for an hour and a half or the regular ferry boat whose trip will last for four hours. Vans are available at the pier. To economize though, you can take a multi-cab at the pier bound for Baclayon-Alburquerque or hire a motorbike to bring you to this humble town of Albur.

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A WALK THROUGH THE ISLAND OF BOHOL | – Itinerary, Tourist Attractions, Budget and Tips -|Part 2

The main purpose of our Bohol trip was actually to celebrate a barrio fiesta (An annual religious activity a certain community). But as we all know that Bohol is packed with amazing natural blends of natural wonders, we can’t afford to kick off a road trip.

Right after we had a great drift in Dauis, we were packed with a vague plan but our goal was to engaged as many road and activities.


To kick off our road trip, we headed first at the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary in Corella, Bohol. I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the sanctuary because I wasn’t aware that there is another area in Bohol conserving the little primates. (I’ve been to Loboc Sanctuary and Tarsier Botanika).

For us to wander around the facility and a close encounter with these tiny little creatures, we paid Php60 as an entrance fee.

As we entered the sanctuary and started to jaunt around the lush green scenery. I feel so blessed even though it’s not my first time seeing the tarsiers. Yes, it could be a simple experience for me but still it is very rewarding.

The tarsiers are just flat out adorably cute. They had found 5 on the day I was there. I also like the facility. They try hard to keep people from molesting the tarsiers and they don’t interfere with their behavior. They go out in the morning to find them, then put a small barricade around them for their protection and keep at least one staff member there to help the visitors and protect the tarsiers. If they find four, we get to see 4. If there is only 1, the visitors only see one. Plus all of the staff members are super friendly.

Just some tips and things to remember. Quiet is mandatory. It is for the safety of the tarsiers.


Also don’t molest the tarsiers or get too close. Take some bug repellent. Bring some cash for souvenirs, they are cheap and tarsier themed. Also, when you are on the road take some toilet paper, as not all rest rooms have it, not sure about here, but just a general rule.

Photo taken 2 years ago

It is always nice to walk in the woods and discover the small animals, sleeping on the trees but so close to you .

Right after our close encounter to the tarsiers, we instantly headed straight to Bilar, Bohol where you can see the long stretch of about 2 kilometers Mahogany trees. Obviously, you know what I’m talking about!


Travelers going to Chocolate Hills from Loboc will not miss this. The canopy of a lush Mahogany Trees forest whose branches curved overhead will truly make your head look up.
Before entering the Bohol man-made forest, one can see the variety of trees and giant ferns along the road.

The trees breathe, creating a breezy atmosphere that is much cooler than the outside. No matter how hot the day is, it remains comfortable in the company of these hardy yet nurturing soldiers.

What Made The Mahogany Trees Stand Out and became a Popular Tourist Destination in Bohol?

This 2-kilometer stretch of mahogany trees that carpet the sloping ground where the municipality of Loboc meets Bilar were completely grown uniformly like a platoon of giant soldiers. It stands out because of its uniformity in heights where the leaves have blocked out the sun.
When you are in this mountainous area you will rarely see the sun and once you see it you still don’t feel the entire heat due to the shades from the branches and leaves.

Again, I apologize for the major throwback photo. We are not able to get some pictures because of the rain that day we went here.😊😅

However, we are so unlucky that time because the rain pouring down in buckets unexpectedly. It was quietly disappointing because we are not able to take some photos.

The trees breathe, creating a breezy atmosphere that is much cooler than the outside. No matter how hot the day is, it remains comfortable in the company of these hardy yet nurturing soldiers.

Additional Information:

Either from Tagbilaran or Tubigon, Bohol, there are numbers of tour operators and agencies offered a group tour. (But I highly suggest to look in Tagbilaran). There are are also van or motorcycle that you can rent for a day.
If you preferred taking public transportation- There’s a bus terminal in the town proper. However, it will consume a lot of time and might mess up your itinerary.

Note: Please remember that this area is part of the highway. There are some vehicles who are passing through the forest are very speedy. Always keep safe and BE CAREFUL!

Despite of the wonders of rain, we didn’t dashed our plan to continue our road trip and instantly headed to Sevilla Hanging Twin Bridge to get some Adrenaline Injection.

This is my second time to step and cross the Hanging Bridge of Sipatan River. Though, it’s not my first time here but I still wanted to cross the bridge and have some fun with friends. It didn’t gave me that much excitement for the fact that I’m not afraid into heights but I just enjoyed the moment by frightening my friends. Lol!

Three of my friends ( Angel, Rocky and Robert) were really scared of crossing the bridge and one of them was totally screaming the whole time. They were moving slowly because as I keep on jumping to shake the bridge. The sound of the bamboo floor make them more scared because it sounded like it’s going to crack.

This guy was the one who’s shouting like a crying baby! Lol! Isn’t it obvious that he is really scared? 🤣
Congratulations for making it! 😂

I arrived first on the other side and they followed after a few minutes. It was an achievement for them as they were able to cross the other side and managed the way back.


Bohol are one the things you must experience. Not really scary but the bridge does wobble a bit. These days its been reinforced with strong wire rope so its perfectly safe. There is an entrance fee of Php35.00 to walk across the bridge (Update as of 2019). On the other side there is a small Sari Sari store which also has some souvenirs. great for taking selfies and pictures. Walk across one bridge and walk back on the other. Local guides will offer to take your photos and sell to you if you want.

What Makes The Place Worth To See?
– Perfect Survey of the scenery
-It is a rickety bridge made of steel cable covered with a weave of split bamboo.
-It crosses the river at a height of about 10-15 metres. As you step on the bridge it moves as with every subsequent step.

SAFETY TIPS: Wear good shoes here because if your wearing anything with a slight heel its going to go through the bottom you may even loose your shoes.


Getting here in a public transport is a bit difficult. I highly suggest to arranged a tour from a travel agent. There are numbers of Van in Tagbilaran offered a group tour services and Motorcycles to rent.

While our adventure continues the temperature, rain and drizzle continues also to come our way. – More Rain on the way!!!

It’s not the fun yet that I’m talking about! 😂

We didn’t think of umbrellas or any other rain gears but we reshaped the way we view with the weather condition. We played like small potatoes and sung under the water that lashes down our skin. We had fun and laughed without limits.

I can’t help but think of all the good things that come with rainy day travel. It may seem like I’m romanticizing, or reflecting through rose-tinted glasses, but these aren’t my only positive examples of rain-punctuated travel. I’ve also enjoyed hiking in the rain, wine-tasting in the rain, and fly-fishing in the rain.


Right after our priceless experience crossing the rickety structure of SEVILLA HANGING TWIN BRIDGR, we headed our way to Bilar Public Market to grab some food for lunch.

Amid the torrential downpours we’ve been having down in the town of Bilar,wondered what food to eat. So we ended up to count raved about the homely goodness of a bowl of soup. Our lunch was perfect because the soup was served so hot. We really cradled the bowl and warmth our mitts.

After Lunch, we gear up and get ready for another road trip adventure – We instantly headed our way to Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen, Bohol

Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen is 55 km from Tagbilaran City and the most famous tourist attraction of Bohol. There are thousand cone-shaped hills spreading out on a natural open plateau, looking like mystic mounds.

When my friend and I traveled there las 2 years ago , the view deck was under construction and it took away from appreciating the beauty of the hills. It was near impossible to take decent photos of the hills as they can be seen in postcards or the web due to this. I’d recommend you skip the climb, (and take photos on the parking side if you insist on going). Best to take the ATV ride around the Chocolate Hills, this I really enjoyed and where I truly appreciated the beauty of the hills and the surrounding environment.

Since it’s my second time here, I’m so glad that to see that everything was totally organized already. They have shuttle service where visitors can ride after a tour and sightseeing with the wonderful background /scenery. The shuttle service will pick up the visitors from the waiting atea going to their parking space.


This attraction is a must see. You will wonder how these hills were formed. You can only see this in Bohol.

This is far from Tagbilaran Airport, maybe a one and a half hour travel. So it would be convenient if you’ll rent a car to reach there and so that you can also easily go to the other tourist spots.

The highest viewing deck is located in here. You have to pay Php25. 00 as am entrance fee. It would take more than a hundred steps to reach the top.
It’s somewhat tiring to reach the top but the view is worth it.

Of course, don’t forget to have an obligatory grouo photo! Always keep memories! ❤️


Visited 4 spots already, from Corella to Chocolate Hills was a long tiring hours of travel. Plus the weather was not that cooperative that time. But everything was paid off becaused of the breathtaking view.

Right after our visit here, I was expecting that we will be goibg back home to get some rest. Hell, No! It wasn’t the end our road trip. We instantly headed our way to LOBOC ECOTOURISM ADVENTURE PARK

All of my friends including me didn’t grab any rides and i don’t know what’s their reason behind. Maybe because all of us are on a budget that time of maybe they are scared. Me, personally I’d really love to try at least 1 ride just to indulge my thirsty adventurous soul. However, I was on a BudgetTravels that time as well.

The Magnificent Loboc River

Since there’s no chance for me to get some rides, I just look up with Ziplines passes above the river and took some photos and videos.

A view from the Lobby

The Loboc river that you can see from up above when riding a Zipline!

Meanwhile, the Loboc Adventure Park has its own Lobby that is situated at the mountainous part of Loboc where visitors can enjoy watching the scenery Loboc River.

They offer zipline and cable car rides with exhilarating heights of 120 and 100 meters respectively. This will let you take a good look at Loboc’s wonderful mountainous slope while enjoying the ride. Have a great time viewing Loboc’s lush green trees together its ravishing clean river.

Here is a short video of their Zipline! ❤️

Full video will be posted soon on my YouTube channel.

All I can saw is AWESOME!!!! Even though I just watched the people riding on thier ziplines, I can really sense that it is a nice rush of Adrenaline!


Zipline – PhP 350/pax

Cable Car – Php 250/pax

All Ride (Zipline + Cable car) – Php 550/pax

Combo ride (One-way Zipline + One-way Cable car) – Php 350/pax

Open from 8:30 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.

Anyway, in any case, Bohol is safe, friendly and the definition of adventure. If it’s your first time in Bohol,I highly recommend you stay for a few days.

Getting in Bohol is really simple. The travel time from Cebu will only take roughly 2 hours via ferry.
Bohol has also many ferries connecting it to other ports nearby, specially in Cebu island. The most popular route is definitely between Tagbilaran and Cebu City, with several connections per day.😊

Stay tuned for the full details ( Itinerary, Tourist Attractions, Budget and Tips -|Part 3

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A WALK THROUGH THE ISLAND OF BOHOL | – Itinerary, Tourist Attractions, Budget and Tips -|Part 1

BEHOLD BOHOL– This island in Visayas dominates the ownership of those breathtaking chocolate hills and fascinating small creatures which is the tarsiers. Bohol also owns the alluring captivating landscape shots on several Philippine movies and telenovelas.

There’s no doubt why this island is one that atop most travelers bucketlist whether local or foreign tourists. Simply because it can accommodate all people with a different lifestyle – From food trippers, beach lovers and adventure seekers.

Being in Bohol does not only engage you with the wonderful creations of nature. It will also attached you with the breathtaking commemoration of history in the Philippines, the Blood Compact.


Recently, I jaunted Bohol for the fifth time around with my Coolest friends ever, the Goaliath. Armed with plan but little time, our goal was to hit many places as we can over the weekend. So we hopped into a small light truck and rode off into the sunset.



Dauis is one of the two towns on the island of Panglao, Bohol.

There are 2 existing bridges in Dauis; the Songculan Riverside Bridge, which is made of timber and the Dauis Bridge also known for “Causeway” made of reinforced concrete.This bridge connects Tagbilaran City to Dauis town which will eventually be an access to the New Bohol Airport.

The bridge is about 10 to 15 minute ride by tricycle from the downtown of Tagbilaran City to Mansasa.

I’ve been to many different places in the region and chasing sunset is always my favorite part of the itinerary. Lucky we are because we stayed in a place that’s just few walks away from the causeway. When we got to the bridge, I was so amazed with the clean waters that continously running under it. I feel so relaxed while sitting on the concrete benches built along the bridge. It is really a perfect place to unwind. During daytime, you will see beautiful sceneries of Tagbilaran and Dauis and during night time, you will see many people gathered on different spots. Truly, it is a perfect to meet your friends to get some relaxation and discussions.

Below are the snapshots that was taken around Dauis.

-Glorious Morning-

Photo credits to Robert Christian Tan of KuyaChrisByaherito

-Delightful Afternoon-

-Awesome Evening-


There are several old churches that can be found in Bohol like the Loon Church, Baclayon Church, Maribojoc Church and Loboc Church that can be found nearby the Loboc River.


This Church in Dauis also known as Our Lady of the Assumption located in the island of Panglao stands as one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines.
The church was built in a variety of styles, influenced by Neo-Gothic and Neo-Classic architecture.

Photo credits to Rocky Charles

On the ceiling inside Dauis Church are wonderful paintings made by Ray Francia and Canuto Avila in 1916.

It is said to possess miraculous powers just like the Birhen sa Simala in Cebu. This church is also know for its well that is visible inside the church and continues to provide water to the people living nearby.


Dauis Church became one of the “Pambansang Palatandaang Pangkasaysayan” or Country’s Historic Symbol.

Getting here is easy. If you love to hike, you can reach Dauis Church from Tagbilaran City by foot and it will take 20 to 30 minutes walk. You can also take a public jeepney or tricycle.

To add more spice when visiting this beautiful town, don’t forget to roam around outside the Dauis Church because there is one spot there with a panoramic view where you can unwind and take great photos.

Below are some of my Snapshots!

The Municipality of Dauis has 2 major spots that includes Our Lady of The Assumption and the Hignadanan Cave.
Meanwhile, there are numerous resorts are established, both for cost saving and high class accommodations, keeping you close to the relaxing view of the beach.

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They Look So Cute, Weird and Funny But They Are Fragile|I Felt Sorry For These Poor Tiny Creatures, Why?

As humans, we always love to see things that are worth seeing to our eyes. Put me on the island of Bohol, Philippines- Firstly, we all know that this island is popular for its famous yet amazing cholocates made of soil, the Chocolate Hills. And secondly, one of the four islands in the Philippines where we can catch the glimpse of a shy little creature. I am talking about the tarsiers.


We are so lucky that we have conservation areas for this little furry creatures. In fact, tarsiers captivity are quite tame. There are only five species of the tarsier exist: four can be found in Indonesia and the species, Tarsius Syrichta, lives deep in the woods of Bohol islands.


Over the weekend and for the 5th time around , I had an another magical trip to this amazing place. And of course, a quick glimpse of tarsiers shouldn’t be miss to make my Bohol jaunt complete.


However , this post is not all about my experience but some facts about this world’s smalles primate. It was fascinating to see the worlds smallest primate but I felt quite sorry for the poor creatures being a spectacle for loud, annoying tourists who cant follow instructions to be quiet despite the stress it causes the animals. ( Bohol Travel Tips and Experience will be posted soon).


Part of our itinerary is to visit the TARSIER CONSERVATION SANCTUARY. For a small fee you can wander around the premises and see a few of the little primates as they sleep. You will be lucky if you will catch them with their eyes open.

I am the WORLD’S SMALLEST PRIMATE that belongs to a 45-million-year old animal family called as Tarsidae. We are only few now and predominantly found in South East Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia and you’re lucky that I am here in your country.

My eyes are fixed into my skull and I cannot turn my eye sockets. But my neck allows me to rotate my head up to 180°.

Photo from Google

I am SOLITARY, SHY and TERRITORIAL. I want to live a hidden life. We need at a big place ( male tarsier need at least 6 hectares and female neee at least 2 hectares). We fight for our territories if we can see other tarsiers in our territory.

Photo from Philippine Tarsier Conservation

I am NOCTURNAL. I will be active only during night time and this is the only time where our path crosses with other tarsiers especially when we hunt for food.


I am living a life full of Threats – The dwindling of the forest which is my natural habitat truly posed a significant threat of my survival. I dont move and do well when in captivity since I can easily and quickly turn suicidal.

When I hear too much noise, get exposed to the sunlight and having physical contact to foreign things, I will be over-stress. And if feel to stressed , I can break free! I want to bash my head in something hard and it will bring me to death. (So Be Quite, I’ll Appreciate that!)


I am not blaming you as a human but sometimes you are the reason why I can commit suicide.


So please help me because I want to live a long life!

If you get to Bohol there are couple of Tarsier Conservation Sanctuary that you can visit. They are worth seeing and the guides are helpful and knowledgeable. Make sure you visit especially if you haven’t seen one. Make your contributions to hell out and wish them well as they are already an endangered species. Just don’t make any loud noises and keep the flash turned off on the camera.

Photo taken last year in one of the Tarsier Conservation Areas in Bohol

-My Final Thoughts

I’ve been to three tarsier sanctuaries in Bohol. First was in Loboc, second was in Tarsier Botanika and the most recent was in Corrella, Bohol. I’ve done a little research about these three sanctuaries and I have found out one of them are making us fool (not to mentioned) as I didn’t want to visit where the Tarsiers are kept in cages. (I hope that the other sanctuaries are not doing this). I’ve learned that these poor creatures are kept in cages overnight and put in the trees when the park opens. Its a real shame that this attraction is not as genuine as it would appear on first sight. I hope that the other Conservation Areas are truly “conserving” the tarsiers. Because according to the law, owning a tarsier is definitely illegal unless if it’s for educational and conservation purposes.

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I Have No Friends – But They Exist!

How Do You Make Friends as an Adult? How Friendships Change Over Time? How Do You Develop a Healthy Friendship? These are some of the questions that I’ve got inside my mind when I met few people that I may and will considered as my real true friends.

#Goaliath celebrates Sinulog 2019 @ Happy Beach, Cebu PH

Friendship is the gift that keeps on giving, which is why it can feel so utterly demoralizing when it is not forthcoming.

Goaliath Sharing Love – Christmas 2018

I met new set of friends from books I read, movies I watched and crafts that I love to do. (Thanks to Jabam for building this companionship) We get to know better day by day and sometimes they keep me awake at night. When I have problems and trying to solve it, they are there seated on a round table with beer and great foods on the center. They never fail to give me the right message.

Because we are #Goaliath

More to that, we shared each other our personal goals and dreams. We bullied and make fun with each other. I define them as the people who pushes me to become better and aide me when I need them. I trust them and I believe they have my best interest in mind.

Who’s the prettiest of them all? Of course both! 🤣

Few months ago, I experienced a major emotional trauma and I tried to hold some deep hurt within my unconscious mind. Feeling lonely and the Loneliness was pretty unbearable . It seems that there’s no one I can call a true friend.

Fast forward to this date, I tried not to stay in touch with the group. I tried to examine some possible situations what are the things I can do without them.Because I could not confide them about my situation for the fear of adding emotional burden to them. I even blocked or preventing new friendships from forming. I gave blunt replies and neglected them to make any attempts at prolonging the discussion.

Goaliath always look for time to see each other.

And since I have no one to seek counsel with, I opened myself to more room for learning. I’ve been focusing my digital career, I read books more than I ever did in my entire existence. – But this situation gave a limited perspective.

But why I did this? Maybe because I have been let down with many people from the past or I am desperately trying to prevent that same feeling of hurt from happening again? I’m afraid of betrayal or disappointments? Or I just want an independence and self preservation in which I don’t want to rely on other people (Goaliath)- including friendship or fun? .Lastly, maybe I have some unresolved personal issues.

From that moment of not communicating them, I miss the feeling of being invited to eat outside. I miss the small chit chats. I miss the feeling of having friends.


1. I Realize That No One Can Motivate Me Better Than Myself!

Goaliath at Sky Water Park Cebu with Jabam and Clifford

As a human, we sometimes look for other’s approval before we commit ourselves to something. Personally, I always look for encouragement from others like my friends to evaluate if I am heading to the right path even though we don’t know what the outcome would be.

But because of what I did, I realized that I have to follow my intuition. If there’s something that I desire that does not violate the law of God and nature, Go for it! I need to hear my own without asking to someone else’s approval.

2. I Got To Know More About My Weakness and Strengths.

Goaliath just love to Party!

When I am surrounded by people who are always willing to help me, it makes me rely on them so much. But when I have no one to ask for help, it opens new areas for learning.

Since no one is there to help me. I had to turn my weaknesses into strengths. I discovered myself and it gives me the chance to know myself even further. – It is a time to create myself.

3. I Learned Anything What My Heart Desires

Before we celebrate Christmas Eve at home – We can’t afford not see each other first.

Everything in life has a purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us has a purpose.

I learned how to get in touch with the silence within myself. I found out that I can learn anything if I have the determination and persistence to do it. I learned without guilt and courage to do something better without reservations.

4. I Have Stronger Faith Than Ever

Sinulog 2019- Goaliath jaunts the streets of Cebu with Bert!

Because of the emotional challenges, I learned how to look at on a positive side. It makes me believe that tomorrow is going to become better than today.- Everything happens for a reason.

When there is no one to cheer me around, it removes my doubts and fears of the unknown. It fuels my determination to soar higher than my current situation.

And what’s more surprising?

5. I DISCOVERED WHO MY REAL FRIENDS ARE ( and Who’s Just Pretending)

In this mechanical life, it’s difficult to know who your true friends are and who’s just pretending. Many people out there trained to put on a pleasant face ( they are called “plastic”) and then leave you as soon as the going gets tough.

More often than that, if you’re a successful person, others want to connect to you for selfish reasons. There are some people want to be in your company especially if you have a circle of friends with great bond. Essentialy, they want to use you.

Goaliath Celebrates New Year 2019- Charlton, we missed you here.

Because of my decision, I discovered who are my real friends and toxic people in many unexpected ways.

#GOALIATH – These People Helped Me To Celebrate My Accomplishments

Goaliath Celebrates Success Together – CMS Dos with James

I didn’t expect that the people who are much closer to me are the people who are toxic.

I am the type of person who is very outgoing and sociable. I used to share both of my failures and success stories especially to the people I treated as real friends. But these so called “Real Friends” are the people who can’t find room in their hearts everytime I accomplished something.

Luckily, I found these unexpected beautiful creatures who lift me up and want me to shine!

#GOALIATH- They Listen And Support Me When I Feel Pain And Hardship.

Happy New Year!

We all have ups and downs but these people never leave me when I get through something tough. Through difficult time (unemployment) they are the only people who check in with me and ask “How Am I Doing”. They helped me to work through it and don’t want me to suffer alone.

#GOALIATH – They Challenge Me To Grow ( And Grow With Them)

Goaliath Celebrates our adorable Breanna- With some special celebrity guests. 😁

I am so lucky to have these people in my life. They are the ones who motivate and inspire me to continue growing as a person. They call me up and point me out when I am not living into my values.

We expect the same level of LOVE and RESPECT other.

Through this reciprocity, we grow each together-no matter what factors impact our relationship.

What’s good about being with GOALIATH – We all have the same goal which is to make our friendship A LONG-TERM INVESTMENT.



Having friends is FUN, of course. Having someone to share happy moments with and someone to share a shed with. Having someone to laugh with the silliest jokes.

I am so thankful i did an experiment, it helped me to value the importance of friendship.
Learn how to value of giving and taking- Don’t be selfish!

If you want to gain friends, you should figure out how you might be standing in friendship. You have to address the issues you have uncovered.

Small things like this can build a strong bond together.

It takes time and determination to build those bonds of companionship, but once you have, the rewards are great.

Thank you guys for accepting me to be part of your life and letting me in into your humble hearts. I am very lucky to met you all guys. There’s nothing I could ask for more since you guys are the real people who truly love and care about me.

Nhagz, Angel, Charlton, Rocky and Robert”


Jabam, Audie, Clifford and Berto”

-To more great stories to share with and memories to make-

There’s no such thing as “SUMMER” in the Philippines- But Many Are Still Saying We Have The Best Summer Destinations. Why?

Technically, there is really no “summer season” in the Philippines—or in any other tropical climate country in the world, for that matter.
Summer, being one of four seasons, is only experienced in temperate regions like in northern Asia, Europe, the United States, and Australia. Their summers are characterized by warm temperatures and dry conditions.

Sine the Philippines is close to the equator, it receives a relatively consistent amount of sunlight—and overall warm climate conditions—throughout the year, and the change in daytime is insignificant.

So the Philippines doesn’t really experience summer. At least, not in the way that other countries in temperate regions experience them Instead. , the country experiences annual changes in climate patterns that we have come to call “seasons”: the dry season and the wet season. – source : GMA News

But Why is it that there are many foreign people /tourist saying that we always have the best summer destination?

There are a number of places you can visit during your stay here in the Philippines. You can either stay in some provinces in Luzon and get in love with the rice terraces/paddies in Benguet, enjoy the Sky Ranch in Tagaytay, indulge yourself with the breathtaking view of Batanes and much more.
You can also jaunt the islands located in Visayas and Mindanao.

Also read: 10 Facts About Cebu

We have countless destinations to choose from—from short-hour drives, long road trips, to remote island destinations.

Here are some of awesome photos from our travel enthusiasts that all beauty in the world you are looking for are all reachable. There’s no need for you to book a flight out of the country to see spectacular destinations. We all have that, right here in our country, Philippines!

Photo credits: Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure Badian
Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure – Badian, Cebu | Photo credits: Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure Badian
Oronggan Beach in San Remigio, Cebu | Photo credits : Lieve Polentinos
Stunning Sunset in Bantayan Island , Cebu Ph | Photo credits : Jabam Mason
Another Sunset Sesh in Bantayan island | Photo by Mark Adayo
Perfect Candid Shot in San Remigio, Cebu | Photo credits :Idas of @LaagSparkles

Officially, we herald the start of the dry “summer” season once the cool northeast monsoon winds or “Amihan” finally wane and are replaced by the warmer Easterly winds. This typically happens some time in the middle of March.

An Awesome Photo of a family enjoying the newly opened, Boracay! | Photo credits : Bambie Paolo
A Clear and Clean Lagoon in Palawan | Photo credits : Byahe Ni Misai
Picturistique view of the stunning Mantigue Island in Camiguin | Photo credits : Robert Christian Tan of @KUYACHRISBYAHERITO
A Dream destination to 104 Million Filipinos, Batanes! Photo credits : @ByaheniMisai

So what terms should we use to describe the seasonal change in weather? In Filipino, we use tag-init or tag-tuyot. In English, we can use “dry season.” But, inaccurate though it may be, the term “summer” is here to stay: no other word rolls off the tongue in quite the same way, especially when used in the context of summer classes, summer getaways, summer breaks, and summer outfits.

Spectacular view in one of the beaches in Siquijor – Photo credits : John Chris Bayhonan
One of the must do activities in Coron, Palawan – Photo credits : Zefren Suan
Almost Cotton Candy sea of color | Photo credits : Reymund of Idol Wanderer
Garin Farm in Iloilo City | Photo credits : Zefren Suan

Thus, “summer” is just a term we now commonly used to of feel the season – if not of the season itself.

Bring out the sunscreen and the beach mats, ‘cos summer season is finally here. And if you are a sun chaser, beach bum, thrill seeker, honorary mermaid, or simply a weary soul looking for a break from daily routines, summer (and this article) calls upon you now to heed the call of adventure.

I would like to thank the following travel enthusiasts for making my life so simple with the help of your awesome photos. ❤️

KALYE 648 |An Ancestral House Turned Into An Instagramable Restaurant

Wonder what made this old house in Brgy. Tisa turned restaurant stand out?

KALYE 648 Located in Brgy. Tisa, City of Cebu, an old house built in the 60’s turned into an Instagramable restaurant. Purely Filipino and true Cebuano design shines through antique finds, recycled pieces, and unique details.

The old house turned into a restaurant. They renovated the premises and some old stuffs was still sitting inside of the house.



The name KALYE 648 is the street address of the exact location of the house and turned into a diner’s name.



From the moment you step in, you’ll be able to soak in the ambiance of this old ancestral home.


KALYE 648 survived the wear and tear of decades. The restaurant is decorated with Cebu City’s mementos and old photographs. Inside the premises, you can really feel the blend of old Filipino family tradition, hospitality and modern and efficient services.


They have also converted the second floor of the house where people can have a group meetings.


They serves affordable and great foods to everyone. From rice meals, burgers, fries, sizzling snacks, shakes, chiken wings and many more. Most of their rice meals were serve for only Php 120.00.

Their best seller, Kalye Burger is a classic and personalized recipe for only Php 120.00 and the Kalye Ribs which is Php 140.00.


Their chiken wings serves in various flavors but most diners always wanted the Spicy Chicken Wings. They also have a personalised recipe from their Mom which is the Sizzling Sisig ni Mommy.


And if you can’t get enough with that, they have Deep Fried Oreos and various flavors of ice blended shakes.
And here’s even more- they serve beers!👌


KALYE 648 is located at Pacana Street, Brgy. Tisa, Cebu City!
They are open from Tuesdays to Sundays- 4:30 PM to 11:00 PM

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