Minalungao National Park of Nueva Ecija This October 28

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Who could have thought that Nueva Ecija is more than just a vast greenery rice fields but the home to a natural wonders such Minalungao National Park. Far ahead from the countryside of the province hides a great masterpiece by nature sculptured in the center of the scenic Peñaranda River. The distinction of the Minalungao National Park is the marvelous 16-meter high limestone bordered the narrow river which boasts the pristine calm emerald water along the Sierra Madre mountain range.

The park covered 2018 hectares and was recognized as a protected area on 1967. It is located in the Barangay Minalungao at municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija. The nearest town is the Gapan which will be your gateway to this incredible natural attraction.

A local guide is readily available around the area, even kids can be your guide. You have a choice to see the entire national park by foot or by boat. Glide along the side of the towering limestone formation through a shrilling trail. It is really advisable to hire a tour guide for they know where you should stride your feet. For a much easy and relax trail, you can rent a bamboo raft. Both trails will lead you to a shallow swimming area with refreshing and cool waters of the river.


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