15 Strategies To Promote Your Blog


I strongly agree with one of Casandra Campbell’s articles Iv’e read that a blog should always start with quality.

My purpose of sharing this is to build a brand in my blog, establish expertise, answer questions and to encourage individual’s loyalty. As what Ms. Campbell’s said that of the best strategies to promote a page/blog is to share it on a social media. The fact that I strongly agree that the more blogs will be published, the more traffic it is.

I admit that I am just about creating new blogs, but I am not new in traveling alone.Before I created my blog page. I make sure that I’ve got the great content and I do!

Until I discover fifteen easy and effective strategies on how to promote a blog;

  1. SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA– post it in social media. Regardless if its your personal or business account.
  2. BUILD AN EMAIL LIST- Keep on sending emails that was added in your page about helpful and interesting blogs.
  3. DO OUTREACH – If you don’t have a social media or emails in your list, try tapping someone else’s audience.You may be able to get other bloggers.
  4. CREATE A LINK  Sometimes links can attract audience by flaterring their egos.
  5. LEAVE COMMENTS ON OTHERS BLOG- Leaving comments to someone ele’s post can build a relationship with other bloggers.
  6. PARTICIPATE IN FORUMS –  Another thing to promote your blog offsite is to promote it in forums.
  7. ANSWER QUESTIONS Answer questions that is related to your blogs post.
  8. USE A SOCIAL LOCKER – You can encourage blog readers to share your content as they’re reading it with a social locker. A social locker hides part of your content. In order to access the hidden content
  9. POST ON REDDIT When you have a new blog post to promote, share it in a relevant subeditor. The key to success here is to make sure you’re starting an interesting or helpful discussion, not just dropping a link.
  10. BE ACTIVE ON FACEBOOK GROUPS –Facebook’s Groups are another excellent place to promote content. You’re likely a member of some Facebook groups related to your industry already, but if you’re not, do a quick search and find some to join.
  11. RUN A CONTEST – Running a contest is a great way to promote your blog. You can use a tool like Gleam or Raffle copter to host the contest right on your website.
  12. SUBMIT A CONTENT –There are many websites that focus on curating content on a specific topic. Most use a system of upvotes and downvotes to decide what’s most popular.
  13. ANSWER A HELP A REPORTER OUT QUESTIONS- Whenever you see a request you can help out with, send a thoughtful reply. If your response is used in the article, it will typically include a link back to your blog for people who want to read more.
  14. SYNDICATE YOUR BLOG –While guest posting requires you to write completely new content, you can also publish your existing content on other websites. 

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