Durhans White Beach; Pristine and Stunning Sand


One of Cebu’s finest places to enjoy a day under the tropical sun is located in northern part of Cebu province. “Durhans White Sand Beach Resort in Tabunok, Tabuelan Cebu.

This resort is also known for being hospitable. They can serve guests both local and tourist.This is really a truly remarkable place to stay.


The resort has a lot to offer other than a place to stay and relax on the beach front. They have a restaurant-sari sari store in one that offers a variety of goods, a videoke machine for those who want to sing their frustrations out or for those who just love to sing. And for those who just cannot leave their work behind, WiFi is available in the restaurant.

Mini Camp Site

Travelers and vacationers will have a relaxing stay in Durhan White Beach Resort where they can access the world through our FREE WiFi Access and equipped cable TV’s while in Air-conditioned Rooms.

Their affordable rooms

The resort has a number of air-conditioned rooms, nonair-conditioned rooms, cots, and tents. Air-conditioned rooms range from Php1,500 for double occupancy to Php2,000 for six people. Nonair-conditioned rooms have varying costs, from Php3,000 for 12 persons and Php1,000 for 4 persons. Cots are also available at Php500 for 5 persons and Php800 good for 8 persons. Rental for a big tent that accommodates 20 persons cost Php1,200. A small tent good for 15 persons is worth Php800. A charge of Php400 is charged for every excess person for aircon rooms and Php200 for every excess person for non-aircon rooms.

Stunning wide white sand

Just imagine what a romantic atmosphere a walk on the beach shoreline in the middle of the night can lead to? A group of friends or a family with a bonfire by the sea? Picture it out! It’s the perfect place for a getaway!

Beach vacations are for Families, Couples of all ages, Professionals, Companies, Group of Friends who want to relax their mind and body.


Enjoy the great cottages that are made of bamboo and nipa materials while feeling the fresh sea breeze and the coldness of air coming from the trees will give you a feel of nature at its finest.


What I like most of the resort is their Sta Cruz Chapel that celebrates its Patron Fiesta every 3rd of May annually.
A family heritage since the1920’s and was built by Antonio Duran for the people of Tabunok, Tabuelan Cebu
Note: Guests can also request for Mass if they want to.



  • From Cebu North Bus Terminal, you could ride a bus (Ceres Liners – bound to Bacolod via Tabuelan or Minibuses – bound to Tuburan via Tabuelan). There’s also a van that would take you directly to the resort which only available at 9 in the morning. Normal vans will only take you to the Tabuelan Terminal. The travel would take about 3-4 hours to arrive at your destination and fare rates are between Php90-Php140.
  • Once in Tabuelan terminal, you will ride a habal-habal (motorcycle) going to the resort for about 15mins at Php15.


Air conditioned rooms:

PHP 1500.00- good for 2 pax (with cable TV, hot and cold shower)

PHP 1500.00- good for 3 pax (cable TV)

PHP 1800.00 -good for 4 pax)

PHP 2000.00- good for 6 pax

Non-Airconditioned rooms:

PHP 3000.00- good for 13 pax (gas stove, refrigerator, and electric fan)

PHP 2500.00- good for 8 pax (gas stove, refrigerator, and electric fan)

PHP 1000.00- good for 4 pax (toilet and bath)

Cottages rates:

PHP 500.00- good for 5 pax

PHP 600.00- good for 6 pax

PHP 800.00- good for 8 pax

NOTE: Entrance fee is Php 20.00/head



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