14 Perfect Words That Express The Unspoken Feelings of a Traveler; Nhagzventures


To travel is to live. It gives us life-long memories; brings us closer to ourselves; beautifies our travel diaries, and, all in all, it makes us grow. One should pack their bags and venture into the world of endless beauty and mysteries while they are young and able. Money to survive can be made by doing odd jobs on the destinations. That is the whole point of travel anyway.

@ Our Lady of Assumption Church- Bohol, Philippines
@Twin Lake-Mambukal, Bacolod, Philippines
@Hidden Beach-Aloguinsan Cebu Philippines
@ Pulang Diot-Camotes Island, Philippines
@Lazi Convent-Lazi, Siquijor Philippines
@Larena, Siquijor Philippines
@Apo Island- Zamboangita Negro Oriental
@Panglao Island, Bohol Philippines
@The Ruins- Oslob Cebu, Philippines
@Mabukal Resort-Mambukal, Bacolod Philippines
@Kagusuan Beach-Lazi, Siquijor
@Tingko Beach-Alcoy, Cebu Philippines
@Hermits Cove-Aloguinsan Cebu, Philippines
@Lambug Beach- Badian, Cebu Philippines

Wanderlust must be consuming your heart now. Isn’t it? 

Credits to: https://storypick.com


12 comments on “14 Perfect Words That Express The Unspoken Feelings of a Traveler; Nhagzventures”

  1. WOW.. those words are simply not included on my vocabulary list. I am glad to know them through this blog.I am not sure how to pronounce them though, but you have a very good article over there. This is very helpful for everyone especially for a teacher like me.( too shameful, I didn’t know about those words ) hehehe. Keep it up, mah blogger friend.

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      1. Well, you did a pretty good job my friend, if that’s the case. I’ve seen Mambukal Pics over there. Glad to know you’ve explored my hometown too.Bacolod.Hope, you come back …

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah.Its just few blocks away from my office though.Is it open na ba?you know,because of the weather these days, I might see myself outdated.

        Liked by 1 person

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