80 Minutes Jaunt;Street Phoneography @ Bantayan Public Plaza


I always agree that Phoneography is the best. No matter where you go, you’ve got a camera.Not just any camera, but a camera that lets you share your photos in that same instant with all your friends.

Here are my samples of street phoneography during my visit @ Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines.

  1. Control your Exposure: One easy-peasy way to do this with your built-in camera app is to tap the screen in the lightest or darkest area and watch the changes that occur.
The Heritage

2. Have fun with your Phone’s Flash: Your phone’s flash is made to fire right when you snap a photo, which can make the results hard to predict.If you’re a fan of the classic toy camera look, you can easily splash some color into your phone’s flash too! Grab some Color Flash Filters and hold them in front of your camera’s flash for a filmy look that’s unpredictable & fun.

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church

3. Practice Symmetry: Imagine yourself as a designer for the day! When you go out photo-shooting, be on the lookout for repeating lines, patterns, and other shapes you can use to turn your photos into art.

Take me anywhere

4. Pair your photos together in a split frames: Combine multiple photos to show action sequences, zoom in on details, and make interesting comparisons!

Serene View

5. Shift like a Pro: Tilt/Shift is a blur effect you can apply to your phone photos that mimics the way 4″x 5″ film cameras focus selectively. (It has the power to make giant things look miniature, too!)

Where to go?

6. Cellphone Lenses:  Cell Phone Lenses are your phone’s best friend!They’ll help you magically get closer than your eye can see (macro) and fit an entire room into one snap (fish eye.)



7. The Double Filter Trick: One of our personal favorite secret photo-editing weapons! Filtering a photo twice can give you unexpected results – kind of like cross-processing film!

HDR to Velvia Shot


8. HDR Camera Shake:  When your phone takes a photo in HDR mode, it’s really taking several photos at once and averaging them all together to make one “perfect” picture.Since we’re mad photo scientists, naturally we got to work playing with this feature seeing what kinds of art we could make by breaking it.

The Plaza

9. Double your Exposures In-App: Another sure-fire way to get pro results that’ll blow your viewers away is to combine multiple photos in one!

I’m a Wanderer


10. Anything can be a Lens Filter: One of our fav parts about Phoneography is that you don’t need tons of professional equipment to get amazing results.


In love with your new photos?You should be! Try Phonegraphy now.

I wrote this article to inspire other bloggers who are using camera phone for taking photos that they can use to their articles.

Credits to: https://photojojo.com




5 comments on “80 Minutes Jaunt;Street Phoneography @ Bantayan Public Plaza”

  1. You have just stated the advantages of using a mobile camera. There’s always this thought when you travel “the updates”, and that includes pictures to post in your social media account while you’re traveling. Your post reminds me of seeing the art of photography through a mobile camera. This is such an inspiring post to also educate and help others that photography is not about using expensive camera, sometimes”Mobile Camera” is more than enough. Amazing mobile photography tips by the way. A good read.

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