Quick Castaway in Lost Horizon of the South; Tulang Diot, Camotes Island

When in Camotes Island don’t forget to visit Tulang Diot, it is just a 10 minute boat ride from Tulang Dako which is part of Barangay Esperanza.


Tulang Island is a part of the Camotes Islands located in the province of Cebu. Located east of Cebu Island and west of Leyte Island.

Tulang is a part of brgy Esperanza in the municipality of San Francisco. Tulang islet is known locally as Tulang Diot; it is a five-minute boat ride from Tulang Dako, on the main island of Pacijan.


Tulang DakuΒ (still part of San Francisco) has a twin island, Tulang Diot, which literally means a small islet off of it. Although the beach front of Tulang Daku already very inviting, the sight of its smaller sister across was so tempting you’d be a fool not to cross the ocean that separates the twin at birth.



It’s a sunny day when we arrived the small islet.


How to get there.
1. From San Francisco, Camotes ride a motorbike to Tulang Dako in Barangay Esperanza it will take around 25 minutes to reach Tulang Dako.
2. From Tulang Dako you can ride a motorboat to cross to Tulang Diot, the boat ride will take around 10 minutes fare is Php 10.00 each
3. For added adventure you can rent a motorboat from Tulang Dako for Php 500 to circle Tulang Diot and see the beautiful rock formations of the island.
This small islet is worth it!

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