“When In Moalboal”-White Beach Basdaku

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“My 1st Underwater Snap Experience”

In Moalboal, Cebu Province, there is a popular one-kilometer long stretch of white sand beach.

Along the coastline of this beach you’ll find various sorts of establishments and facilities that cater to guests’ needs who come to enjoy the beach and the sea.

Basdaku Beach Resort is its popular name. The name “basdaku” (or “basdakoo) is the Cebuano (Visayan language) transliteration for the word ‘big sand’ (bas for sand, daku for big or wide). I think it is somehow a poetic name coined to describe this long stretch of amazing white beach.

With Aia and Yang

Basdaku is not only a white sand beach but, of course, it has crystal clear pristine water. The beach is very much available to the public and great for most activities allowed by the management that watches over and maintains its natural environment.


The place was totally amazing, awesome and remarkable. The crystal clear water and coarse-grained sand swiveled my toes around it as I sat peacefully near the ocean water. You can shake the sand from your shoes but it will never leave your soul. Nice place for family, friends and couples and we enjoy the rest of the day.
Review by: Luzile Dy


Getting there

You can choose to drive or commute by bus to Moalboal. Buses leave for the southwestern town of Cebu several times daily from the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City.

Bus fare is a little over a hundred pesos. Passengers pay a fee of five pesos each at the terminal.

If you have time, take a side trip to Barangay Matutinao in Badian. It is one town farther away and home of the popular Kawasan Falls.



Moalboal’s Basdako or White Beach is a long stretch of coast covered with fine white sand. It hosts a lot of cottages and resorts that offer a range of accommodations, from spartan to luxurious. (Photo by: Aia Vanessa Paraiso)


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