Sirao Flower Farm Garden in the City-Little Amsterdam in Cebu

“Breathtaking and Extremely Beautiful Place to visit”

THERE is a place up north, far from the monstrous traffic in Cebu City, that offers the best site for selfies and pre-nuptial pictorials.

It is a flower farm in Sirao, a mountain barangay of Cebu City, about 17 kilometers uphill from JY Square in Lahug.

Up there, one becomes a tourist ready to cup a coxcomb or peep through the multi-colored celosia and stage selfies worthy of Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG) likes.

“Enchanting and Fascinating Celosia Flowers”
” Angelic and Abundant Garden”
“Blossoming; Thriving in Beauty”
“An Alluring view”
“A Flower that can promote good spirits of mood”

The privately-owned BJ Farm grows ornamental flowers whose names many selfie tourists may not have bothered to find out.

There are the flame-like celosia, or “burlas” in Cebuano as it is suggestive of tassel, and the “brain celosia” called coxcomb, or “tapay,” as suggestive of a rooster’s comb.

There are also the deep-hued daisy, or gerbera, the solemn-white chrysanthemum, and the playful aster, or what one flower arranger calls baby’s breath. There are roses somewhere, too.

Flaming Flowers (Celosia flower)
Playing around the Garden

The flame-like celosia flowers; in red, yellow, orange, and pink, are in bloom all year round as per the management but the whole hillside is covered by soaring flowers around October to November where there is an abundant supply of water in the highlands. Celosia flowers take three months to grow from its seed and the owners plant them during the month of July making it fully bloom on the months mentioned.

Cafeteria in the Garden

With the tourists raving to visit the flower garden, the management already installed a windmill copying the ones in the Netherlands for their guests to have the Amsterdam vibe. I arrived at the flower farm a bit dismayed because the flowers in the garden were not as many as seen on the photos trended on social media.

Mini Windmill
Feels like in Netherlands;Magnificent View



Private Vehicle
: You can take the road from JY Square Mall, Lahug and just straight ahead. (You can always ask the locals or residents for the exact location since they are very familiar with the place.)

Commute: You can ride a habal-habal motorcycle with a fare of200 pesos back and forth. (Don’t be fooled by drivers asking for the overpriced fare.)


Since Sirao Flower Farm is currently a one stop destination for almost everyone, the owner asks for a payment of 50 pesos. 

Reminder: Please be advised that the first flower garden is not the Original Sirao flower farm garden. They just copied the concept of the original Sirao Garden which is located after the first garden. That is why the owner puts the name on the garden “Little Amsterdam”. BJ Farm is the names of the farmers.
So if you are planning to visit the Garden and will take habal-habal. Please do tell the driver to bring you to the Original Sirao Garden.

Thanks to: Maria Elena Sy Chua- Owner of the Original Sirao Flower Farm Garden


27 comments on “Sirao Flower Farm Garden in the City-Little Amsterdam in Cebu”

  1. Celosia is a small genus of edible and ornamental plants in the amaranth family, Amaranthaceae. The generic name is derived from the Ancient Greek word keleos, meaning “burning,” and refers to the flame-like flower heads.

    I just had to look it up because it got me curious. hahaha.

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  2. I wish we all stop using the terms “Little Amsterdam of Cebu” or “Little Baguio of Cebu.” It loses our identity as Cebuanos or Filipinos. Just my opinion lang. Oh well, it is very difficult to erase colonial mentality sa Filipinos. Part na gyud siya sa atong psyche.

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  3. Hi!! Thanks for the tips on your blog! May I ask if the flowers are still blooming around december? I’m about to go to Cebu this December and would love to visit this place! 🙂

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    1. Hi, Elle. Yes December is one of the best season to visit the Garden.Also, we dont have any plans to harvest the flowers this year because we want to give chance to other people who want to see the blooming flowers.I am one of the admin in Sirao.Just send me email if you have further questions. Thanks 🙂

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    1. Hi, Jullian. Thanks for dropping by. Yes the flowers are still looks blossoming but if it is raining please expect that the celosia flowers are not that firing same on what you can see on social media. Also, there are a lot of citizens who are visiting there until now :0


  4. I’ve been to the first flower farm, the one you’re warning us about. I camped at Sirao peak and went there early morning. Didn’t know there was another one and the ‘original’ maker of the concept. Too bad, that I didn’t know this beforehand.

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  5. Super nice ang flowers. But am I the only who haven’t visited this yet? LOL. I haven’t been… even after the hype and trend. If someone forces me to go, then I’ll probably go too. Hehe. Nonetheless, it’s a great tourist destination Cebu. 🙂

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