Temple of Leah;Built for Undying Love

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9 foot Bronze Statue portrays here composure when she was crowned

The construction of the Temple of Leah is a tribute of  Teodoro Adarna, owner of Queensland Hotel and grandfather of actress Ellen Adarna, to his wife Leah Albino-Adarna. “This Temple was constructed in the year 2012 A.D as a symbol of my undying love for her and my ceaseless devotion to Leah Villa Albino Adarna” as stated in the statue.

The Entrance
Feels Like in Greece
Scenic view of the Temple
What makes the place more interesting aside from its romantic story is its Roman inspired architectural design. A Rome scenic structure right here in Cebu!
The temple is also an art gallery and museum for the collections of Leah. You’ll also enjoy the mesmerizing view of Cebu since it’s in the upland area, magnificent floor design, the statues, especially the gigantic gold lion on either side of the temple, sculpture of armoured people, and the huge image of Leah Albino-Adarna, seated at the center of the staircase.
Looks Like in Taj Mahal
The place is also popular for photo shoots like prenup and pre-debut. I must agree, I wish I had had my pre-debut photoshoot here lol!. The site is just astounding!
Once you enter the place, you’ll be in awe with the majestic design on the floor and the massive staircase that makes you feel like you’re transported back to Ancient Rome with the different gods and goddesses at your side. You can also see the different sculpture of armored people or people with wings. There is also a huge image of a lady that is seated at the center of the staircase with the inscriptions. This is said to be the icon of Leah Villa Albino-Adarna.
Dramatic Pose

The finishing touches of the temple are  on going  but its visitors continue to drop by more and more each day. It gives the tourists a warmth welcome and a delight experience of the impressive scene.





The site is regularly open for 24 hours. No fees are collected when visiting the place. Agreeably, one must observe proper decorum to show respect not only to the place but, also to other tourists.


Going to the Temple of Leah is easy. You can either bring your own car and drive straight to Roosevelt Street in Brgy. Busay or hire a motorcycle outside JY Square Mall in Lahug for a fee of 50 PHP or less depending on your negotiation with the driver. The temple is just few meters away after the Mountain View Nature’s Park. The travel time is just about 15-20 minutes from the downtown.

Entrance fee: 50.00 PHP

For more information, visit their Facebook page:
or contact them at (032) 233 5032





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