Dapitan, Zamboanga Del Norte, Mindanao: Itinerary, Budget and Tips

Shrine City of the Philippines: Historic City of the South; Amusement Capital of the South; Rizal City of the South

Last 28th of October, I jaunted to one of the historical city in the Philippines, Dapitan City, Zamboanga Del Norte where I did my post birthday celebration. I know some of you might think that this trip cost me too much. No! It was just a dime. Lol! I did not have an extravagant budget like others do. Here are the details that I would like to share on how I enjoyed my Php 3,000 budget.


DAY 1: (October 28, 2016)

09:00 AM:  ETD  –  Cebu City, Pier 2

DAY 2: (October 29, 2016)

06:00 AM:  ETA-    Dapitan Wharf
06:30 AM:   ETD-   Dapitan Wharf
07:00 AM:  ETA-    Villa Pilar Inn
07:30 AM:                 Check-in; Rest
08:00 AM:                Breakfast
08:30 AM:                 ME Time ( Bath, Organizing Stuffs and etc.)
12:00 NN:                  Lunch Time
Since it was raining, I stayed at the room until 1:00 PM.

1:00 -3:00 PM   –     Rizal National Shrine (3 hours tour)
3:30 PM:  ETA-         Villa Pilar Inn
3:30-4:00 PM-         Snack Time
4:00-  6:00 PM-       Rest

Since it was raining again from afternoon till the next day, my plan to go to Glorias Fantasyland was moved the next day.

6:00- 7:00 PM-      Dinner Time
7:00- 9:00 PM-      Me Time (Watching TV, Travel Journal update and etc.)
9:00 PM-                  Lights off

DAY 2 (October 30, 2016)

7:00 AM-                 Breakfast
7:00-8:00 AM-      Preparing for my Dakak Day Tour
8:30 AM:-                ETA Dakak Beach Resort and Adventure Zone
9:00- 11:00 AM-   Adventure Ride ( Horse Back-riding, ATV and 1,300 meters Zipline)
11:00-12:00 nn –   LUNCH TIME
12:00-3:00 PM-      Dakak Beach Resort Tour (Unwind with Unlimited Drinks)
3:30 PM –                  ETA Villa Pilar Inn
3:30-4:00 PM          Snack Time/Relax/Pack up
4:00- 6:15 PM-       Glorias Fantasyland Jaunt
6:15 -6:45 PM-        Travel going Dapitan Wharf
7:00 PM-                   ETD, Dapitan Wharf

6:00 AM  (October 31, 2016)- ETA Cebu City Pier 2




Just would like to correct myself for the typo error. lol. It is not trycicle but it is “tricycle”.

P.S: For my Gloria de Dapitan tour, I did not spend any amount since I have a gift certificate worth 1000.00 php that entitled me to unlimited rides. But you don’t have to worry because Fantasyland  has offers/deals for you to enjoy their rides at affordable prices.

Their regular rate for their unlimited rides from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM is Php1000.00. They also offer PHP 500.00 unlimited rides from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. You can also check their website for more promotional deals at http://fantasylandtours.com


  • Dakak is an overrated resort. I was very disappointed because my expectations are very high due to their adsThere are huge crowd in the front desk, waiting for their rooms; the staff aren’t friendly. Their online customer service are not well trained.
  • Be friendly to both locals and foreign.
  • Be practical enough when renting a motorcycle for your tour. Do not take the offer immediately. Ask the locals for fare pricing because there are some drivers who will ask for higher rates.
  • Rizal Shrine and Glorias Fantasyland are just located close to each other. You can take a motorcycle with a fare of 15.00 pesos. Since Dakak is quite far from the town, please expect that the fare is a bit higher.


8 sided house

Heart-shaped rock also called Bato Mi Ritero

A small river inside the Shrine

The Heritage House


Dakak Beach Resort

Dakak Horse back-riding

Dakak Zipline

Gloria’s Fantasyland horror house

Fantasyland Roller coaster

Where to go in Gloria?

Ready for Zimmerman

Welcome to the Magical world

Where to Stay in Dapitan?


Reception Area

Outside my room

Room Rates

Double Bed with T.V. (Good for 4) Php  850.00
Double Bed with T.V. (Good for 3) 750.00
Single bed with T.V. (Good for 2) 600.00
Single bed without T.V. (Good for 2) 500.00
Extra Person 100.00
*Check-out time 12:00 NN
*All rooms properly maintained
*Rates are subject to change without prior notice
Contact Person : The Management of Villa Pilar Pension
Address : Sunset Boulevard, Dapitan City
Tel. No. : +(63) (65) 213 6579
Number of Rooms : 13 rooms
Classification : Pension House

 2D1N- Dapitan City, Zamboanga Del Norte


  1. I have the best time during my visit in Zamboanga Del Norte. I was accommodated well by Dakak Beach Park in which they didn’t fail to run into my expectations. Truly the place is already commercialized and that isn’t my cup of tea to enjoy, but some of the activities they have offered I have sincerely enjoyed it. This is a good travel tips and itinerary that will surely help the first time travelers to visit Zamboanga Del Norte.

    • Yes. I can still recommend man Dakak, However, there are some things lang jud na dili malikayan.pERSONAL EXPERIENCE RA MAN sad ni nko

  2. On the contrary, we had a great time in Dakak. It was probably off-peak season because we practically had the beach to ourselves! As in, we were the only ones swimming in broad daylight and even at night when we were drinking by the shore. I loved their breakfast buffet, huhu! It wasn’t crowded when we went. 🙂

    There were minor issues with our room though because there was a water leak but they immediately addressed it. I also enjoyed our time in Fantasyland and thankfully, we had a free bus ride courtesy of Dakak because it’s really far from the resort. Looks like you had a great time though! Belated happy birthday. What an awesome way to celebrate. 😉

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  4. We (Jay and Gee) like to go back here in Dapitan and experience again the slamming and shouting inside the Gloria’s Fantasyland horror house. HAHA, At night, it is like in Disneyland in Hong Kong. I super miss the fun!-Jay

  5. Thank you for this itinerary budget and tips 🙂 The room rates are very cheap which is good for budget travelers. But I guess, the staff needs more training when it comes to hospitality and management.

  6. Well, I guess this is the reason why my cousins does not want to go back again to Dakak. Lol! This is all-in-one comprehensive post! I wish I could go to Gloria Fantasy Land sometime! Do you have a post on your experience? I want to read it now and get thrilled to be there! #adrenalineJunkies

  7. atleast now I have a rough estimate on how much I have to prepare for Dapitan. Thank you for this Nhagz =)

      • I don’t eat much basta mag travel. Tama lang. So I think doon ako makakatipid. I don’t see it on your post where smoking adds to the budget? Mahal ba cigarettes doon?

      • I see..:0 same here. I don’t eat much basta mag travel. hehehe..kalain i include nko sa budget ang pag smoke.lol..hahahah..Same raman ang price sa smoke didto.

  8. I always wanted to go to Dapitan and think of skipping Dakak but reading the comments siguro mo adto lang gyud during off season. I wanted to visit the place where Rizal stayed during his exile.

  9. Nashock ko sa budget nimo da! Hinuon, naa man kay GC gikan ni thelittlelai. Mayta ikaw na pud ang muhatag niya. Hehe

  10. The downsides caused by there being too much people aside, the expenses seem pretty reasonable for the place. Pretty fun and worth it I would bet if there weren’t too many people and if the staff can manage to accommodate their guests a bit better.

  11. There’re dangers in turning naturally beautiful places into resorts or spots where humans can touch and it’s never a nice thing. Sometimes, regulation is never enough: prohibition is.

    I often read travel blogs that are pretty neutral. Well, at least this one’s really detailed and honest. 🙂

  12. Never been to the place but I should say it would be really great to be there! Vibrant colors and pleasant surroundings! Also, great detailed itinerary Nhagz!

  13. I’ve never been to Dapitan. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this place and would love to visit it one day. Thanks for this post. I’ll definitely check this back if I ever decide to go there soon.

  14. Im planning to go to Dakak this December, I heard a lot of good reviews from my colleagues but upon reading your blog that Dakak Resort is an overrated one, Maybe I will treat those feedback with a grain of salt. But still I want to pursue my trip to Dapitan this December as my exit point after touring some places in Mindanao.

    • You can still consider man gihapon Dakak. It was happened lang na nag.agi ko ug online CS nila..heheheh..But okey ra man.

  15. My partner’s mom (I can’t call her mom-in-law yet) hails from Dipolog and we’ve been itching to visit Zamboanga for two years already. I really can’t wait to check out Rizal’s place; he’s one of my major influences. Thanks for sharing this, Nhagz, hopefully very soon we’ll visit Dapitan, too.

  16. Never been there but i would consider copying your itinerary. I think Dapitan would be a great destination for groups. It is close to Cebu, might consider a trip there next year.

  17. My super laid back hometown. The rates for the stay is very affordable. Now I now which pension house to refer for my friends planning to visit. 🙂

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