5 Tips For Finding Cheap Accommodations When Traveling

Every time we travel, we always have to make sure that it is a well-deserved trip. That is why we plan it ahead of time. We save money to buy plane tickets. But let’s admit that we always have this dilemma on where to stay that will not kill our pocket. Lol.

For me, it is not really a big deal to find affordable nor cheap, quality and comfortable accommodations. Here are some of my personal tips to help save your budget when you travel.


If you are the person who is up for an outdoor adventure, camping is indeed the best option for you. When deciding where to camp, consider what amenities are important to you. But if you have an adventurous soul, you can actually hike to a certain mountain and do an overnight stay at the top of it where you can find free restrooms (you know what I mean) and have picnics but make sure you are prepared.  Here in our country, most trekkers love to go on camping where they will trek to a certain mountain for how many hours for them to reach at the top.



This option/tip is the best for me. Home stays are the best accommodation for travelers who are willing to stay with the locals at a very cheap price or even possibly for free. For Couchsurfing, it may sound itchy sleeping on someone else’s sofa, but by doing this you will be able to interact with the locals which is the best way to get familiar with the town/city.


In addition, you will learn more about your host’s lifestyle and customs.Then  you will be able to compare it differently when you will be visiting another town or city.


Finding hostels is an awesome way to save some amount of your money. This option is the most fun of all because you will be able to meet other travelers or solo backpackers and have a great time with them looking for a party at night in the town. You can also jaunt with them for a night out.

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Some of our vacations might last longer for a week. If that’s the case, you have to stay in a short-term apartment or room rental. There is a website that actually offers affordable options for room rental. You might wanna check Airbnb. This type of accommodation will provide you more amenities compared to other tips mentioned. This will give you a private bathroom and kitchen where you can cook your own meals and furnishings. This is also the best if you are traveling in a group where you can share the cost of rentals. (Believe me! This is much cheaper compared to booking a hotel room.)


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If none of the four tips is appealing to you, you can still look for a reasonable accommodation. Check out hotel comparison sites like Hotels.com and Trivago, which often list discounts and deals as well as local activities and sights to see. But price isn’t everything: get a firsthand account of fellow travelers’ hotel experiences on travel review sites like TripAdvisor.



There are also lots of awesome hole-in-the-wall places that aren’t easy to find online but that offer great deals. Ask locals about good affordable spots or ask your fellow travelers for their favorite recent finds and see if you can track down a phone number to book a bed. If you’re travelling in the off-season, leaving some options open in your travel itinerary for these unexpected recommendations adds an exciting element. (But be careful during the busy holiday season—everything books up!)

Happy Traveling!


  1. A backpacker like me, my concern is always about how to acquire the cheapest accommodation whenever I travel to a certain place cause I always wanted to save money on my accomodation. I’m always fine on just a bed to stay without an extra special thing inside the room. These tips is really a help not only for me, but for others equally well, so we could have idea next time.

  2. This would really come in handy since our family tend to travel a lot. Hmmm airbnb would also be helpful in finding cheap apartments to stay in.

  3. My usual itinerary for accommodations is that if it is only an overnight travel, I’d be okay with only using a tent. But if it is multiple-days of travel, that’s when I decide to try other, more comfortable, accommodation.

  4. Tent is good for overnight stays but who am I kidding? We’ve stayed for over a week in a tent at the beach during our girls’ scout camp in high school. LOL throwback.

    I’m curious about couchsurfing. Haven’t tried yet but maybe someday it will be a good option for me. I’d also like to try AirBnb. There are lots of decent and cheap rentals.

    • Hi Rea. I tried couchsurfing or homestay when I went to Bantayan.I just paid 200 pesos to stay in the house. They just let me sleep sa ilang sala.hahahaha 🙂

  5. I honestly haven’t tried most of your tips because I always stay on a tent. Haha! Next time I’ll try for couchsurfing and stuffs. How do you ask locals to couchsurf though?

    • Hi, John. Thanks for dropping. I just did couchsurfing twice in one of the islets in bantayan . Since, there is no lodge or hotels sa island and I have some friends na dili comfi mo sleep ug tent. So we ask assistance to the locals and there is one offered their house. Then didto rami natulog sa ila sala. hahahaha. Home stay or couch surfing mostly happened sa mga places the wala jud mga hotels or inn. 🙂

  6. I always prefer camping because I only have to bring my own tent and pay a small amount for a tent fee. Sometimes, wala ju’y fee.

  7. These tips are great but my parents would rather have a comfortable and relaxing vacation. That’s just them though. Thanks for these tips Nhagz! 🙂

  8. These are really some pretty cost-effective tips! Sometimes when the budget is tight, you gotta make some sacrifices which will still be worth it in the end! 🙂

  9. It’s also handy to have relatives in places you want to travel. HAHAHA! Saves money a lot! But I want to try that couchsurfing thing. I believe you can still do this in a lot of provinces her in the Philippines.

    • Hi, Totem.Yes you can do it man especially to the provinces na walay mga resort or hotel.Nka experience ko in one of the islands in Bantayan .

  10. Ohhh thanks for these tips Nhagz! What I do is really research and research, then ask my travel blogger friends as well!

  11. Thank you for these tips. I haven’t tried couch surfing yet though I heard it many times from my friends who travels a lot. It seems like a good idea though, so I guess I am bound to try it in the near future.

  12. We rarely check in hotels and would rather stay inside our tent or choose a hostel. We even made friends with someone in Davao once and he invited us to stay in his house for nearly a week — for free!

  13. AirBnB is now an in thing to look for cheaper accommodations. I know a couple of people who had great experience with that site. 😉 Backpacking is cool bata naa kay kuyog sa tent. hahaha

  14. I am very picky when it comes to choosing for accommodations to the extent that I end up with expensive hostels. Thank you for this tips nhagz!

  15. Hello

    This was a very well written article with good use of lists. I can definitely see my next travel destination going smoothly with your great tips on where to stay

    Keep it up! Thanks

    Kind regards

  16. Great tips. I’m honestly one that’s picky when it comes to accommodation, I’m also one that watches my budget.

    Thanks again for the advice.

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