Bring Me Back To Panglao Island, Bohol Philippines


I’ve been to Bohol, Philippines for how many times already, but my last year excursion in the Island was really a blast. Because that was the first time I visited the pristine Panglao island. As far as I can remember that was really a well deserved trip for me though I was undecided because that was Monday and its the first day of work. My friends really insisted to jaunt with them because they need someone who has the “it” factor and different level of confidence. Lol! They need me the fact that I can simply deal with people and easily negotiate,which is one of the most important factor when you’re traveling. And my traveling soul got tempted so I decided to go. 🙂

Then, I packed up my stuffs in less than 5 minutes and took a bath without scrubbing my body.:) because of excitement. Lol!

While we are on our way to Cebu Port Authority, my schedule shift for that night really bothers me. Upon arriving to Cebu Port Authority, we directly stand in the line to buy tickets. We took MV Starcraft and ticket cost us 600 pesos since we’re 3 (200.00 php/pax). The ferry operates on the route from Cebu to Tubigon and vice-versa.

Then, we arrived Bohol after an hour…..

Touchdown Bohol 🙂

Eventually, we did not go directly to Panglao Island because our main itinerary is their Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) Click here about our “The Rush” adventures.

After visiting CHAP, we directly jaunt to Danao Adventure Park. (more stories about this soon).

Getting Ready to fly 🙂 “Zipline is love:

It was late afternoon when we ended up our excursion of the two adventure parks. I felt no longer fresh or in good condition. Thus, my body needs rest. From Danao, Bohol we traveled almost 2 hours going to Tagbiliran where we planned to find a hotel and stay(I forgot the name of the hotel). This is in preparation for our beach bumming in Panglao the next day. Since, Tagbilaran and Panglao island are close to each other.

On our way to Tagbilaran, Bohol 🙂 From left to right is me, Jzan and Jemson.

When we arrived at the hotel, it seems everyone doesn’t  want to talk with each other because of the whole day dead beat adventure. Aside from that, we are all busy updating our Facebook status, posting pictures and finding those Instagramable captures.:)  After giving an updates with our social media accounts, we went out to look for  an informal spread for us to save some expenses. So, we ended up in a small barbecue restaurant.

After our dinner, we headed back to the hotel and had an early lights off. 🙂

The next morning,a hint of steely light showed that morning was on its way and we prepared for ourselves for our Panglao Island beach bumming, Yay!. Everyone are excited.

From Tagbilaran, Bohol, we took a bus/jeep going to Panglao island with the fare of php 25.00 and it took 30 minutes to travel to get there.

Finally! Panglao Island 🙂

As we arrived in this pebbly, pristine and sandy shore. Everybody are so busy taking selfie and look for a best shot.  Also, we enjoyed walking along the wide shore of the island to look for the best spot to place our tent.

This is how they welcome their visitors 🙂
Very wide and white pebbly sandy 🙂
Hi there! Hello Panglao!
Of course, groupie should never be missed.

Finally, we found the a best spot to place our tent. We had it in front of Hennan Beach Resort and what’s good about in the resort. They will not ask any amount for placing a tent. They just let people to used the placed and put a tent without any cost. We are really expecting to pay something for placing our tent.


Everything has been settled and we are ready to bump off the beach..


While bumming off the beach and having the island vibes. Of course, we added more unpleasant feeling of coldness in the atmosphere.

Chillin @Alona Bar
This Boholana girl is…. 🙂

After that alcohol session, our body displayed the need for food, we’re hungry. So we decided to roam around the island for our dinner,until we found a restaurant that offers fresh sea foods grill.

While waiting for our dinner to be served.
It’s dinner time 🙂


Choose what you want?

After we filled our tummy with those fresh sea food and grilled pork. We went back to the beach to pack up our tent and other stuffs. Then, we headed back to the hotel where we stayed.(This hotel that I’m talking is the one we rented near Panglao). As far as I can remember, the name of the hotel is Hope Homes Panglao.Rate starts at Php750 per night: (Note: Rates may change without prior notice. Please contact them to find out the latest rate)

On our way to the hotel 🙂

Inside the hotel where we stayed, we agreed to go back to the shore and have another red horse session. Unfortunately, the rain poured :(. So we preferred to stay inside the room. Same round happened, the 3 of us are busy updating our Facebook and posting pictures on Instagram. All eyes and fingers are busy with our phones. Until, we concur the same opinion to turn the light off. 🙂

The next morning, we headed back to Tagbilaran City,

The traditional groupie before leaving the hotel. 🙂
On our way to Tagbilaran City.

I thought if we arrive Tagbilaran City, we will go to the port for our trip going back here in Cebu. But, it wasn’t. My friend Jzan wants to visit the man-made forest.

Since, we are here already. We have to make the most of it, she said. So everyone concurred with her opinion. (Our pictures in “manmade forest” will be posted soon).After our quick jaunt in mad made forest. We went back to Tubigon, Bohol, for our way going back to the City.


Panglao Resorts are a-plenty! Most of them converge at Alona Beach which is one and a half kilometer long and of fine white coral sand. The waters are crystal clear; you can see the small colored fishes as they dart in and out of the sea grasses.


Panglao is the southernmost town of Bohol. It is 18 kilometers from Tagbilaran City, the capital and the only city of the Province of Bohol. The island is accessible by two bridges and can be reached in a minimum of 20 minutes.

Travel time to resorts may take longer depending on the barangays where they are located. Rides to the island are available at the Dao Integrated Terminal. Vans-for-hire usually hang around at the Tagbilaran airport and the pier. For a more unique yet bumpy ride, try the local tricycle which will take more or less an hour.

Most of the roads leading to the barangays and to the beaches are still dirt roads but passable. The municipality of Panglao is still in the process of improving the roads for the ease and convenience of its visitors. Geared towards further improvement for tourism pursuits, the Panglao International Airport is now in the process of evolving.

Sans the airport, the town is still accessible from Manila and Cebu through designated routes. From Manila, one can take a one-hour flight to Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol. From the Tagbilaran Airport, and on board a hired van, the trip will take 20 to 30 minutes to Panglao Island.

From Cebu to Tagbilaran, you have two choices, either to take the fast ferry-boat for an hour and a half or the regular ferry boat whose trip will last for four hours. Vans are available at the pier. To economize though, you can take a multi-cab at the pier bound for the Dao Integrated Terminal and board a bus bound for Panglao. At Panglao market, take a “habal-habal” or hire a motorbike to bring you to the resort of your choice.

Stay tune for my Bohol Travel Guide: Budget, Tips and Itinerary soon.

How about you?What Place Would You Love to Jaunt Back? 🙂




















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