Siquijor Travel Guide:Itinerary,Budget and Tips

Last September of this year,I went to the third smallest province in the country, Siquijor Island and jaunt for one whole day.Who could have thought that this town we always believe creepy and full of mysterious stuff is also a paradise. The town with an idyllic place.  I was amazed when I saw their chasing waterfalls, beaches and churches.


07:00 AM: ETD – Dumaguete Port
08:00 AM: ETA-  Siquijor Port
09:00 AM: ETA- Capilay Spring Park San Juan, Siquijor
10:00 AM: ETA- Enchanted Balete Tree and Fish Spa
11:00  AM: ETA- San Isidro Labrador Church and Convent
12:00 NN:  ETA- Cambugahay Falls
12:00-01:00 PM- Lunch

01:00- 02:00 PM- Swimming Time in the Falls
02:30 PM:  ETA- Kagusuan Beach Lazi, Siquijor
03:30 PM:  ETA- Salagdoong Beach Maria, Siquijor
05:00 PM: ETA-  Siquijor Port
06:00 PM: ETA-  Dumaguete City

Home Sweet Home 🙂



  1. Renting a motor bike or tricycle with a driver for your coastal island tour will cot you  1000.00 php. But if you have a driver’s license they will allow you to rent a motor bike for only 300.00 php (you have to drive your own).
  2. Be friendly to both locals and foreign.
  3. Mobile signal is not consistent so be prepared 🙂
  4. ATM Machine is available only in the town proper.
  5.  Siquijor Island (specifically in the port) is a non-smoking area.
  6. Be responsible enough, don’t throw your garbage anywhere



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