Capilla Sta. Ana and The Labyrinth Garden

Toledo City is known as “The Copper City of the South”. Their City has become popular with Mining and Development Corporation. Aside from being one of the getaways to Negros Island, the city is also a home to a private chapel that accommodates the relics of saints. The Capella Sta. Ana. 


It was a Saturday gloomy morning when boredom strikes within the 4 walls of my room. Thus, my adventurous mind and soul came up with a question on where to jaunt? I don’t have any idea on where to go. Suddenly, my friend texted me and asked. Don’t you have any plans to come here and visit the maze and the lake? What maze and what lake, I replied. Then, she explained everything about the Capilla Sta. Ana, the Labyrinth, and the lake. After she detailed everything about the place, it never makes me reluctant to pack up my stuff. 🙂

I arrived Toledo City 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon.While waiting for my friend to arrive, I was able to observe that the city was marked by a relatively high level of water vapor in the atmosphere. Because of humidity, my moisture exuded through the pores of my skin. So, I decided to enter a convenience and buy something cold drinks for refreshment. After a few minutes, Lani has finally arrived.


Finally! Lani arrived 🙂

We then took a motorcycle going to Sitio Sta. Ana, Barangay Ibo, where the chapel was located. We just paid PHP 8.00 fare and it only took 10 to 15 rides to get there, from the city proper of Toledo. As we arrived in the place, the assigned facilitator of the chapel is at lunch.Thus, we waited outside for a couple of minutes. While waiting, I took a quick snap in front of the chapel.


Front view of the Capilla Sta. Ana

Since Showiee (name of the chapel facilitator) is not yet done with her lunch break. The guard allowed us to have a quick tour in the labyrinth. We then grab the opportunity because it is our chance to take wonderful snapshots since there is no other visitors yet in the place.


Before we will start to walk along the maze.


Aerial view of the maze

After few minutes of accomplishing the maze, few visitors arrived and the good thing is, we’re done with walking the labyrinth.


Visitors from Manila and Leyte.

When Showiee has done with her lunch break, she called everyone’s attention. Everybody is really excited about what’s inside the chapel. Since me and Lani are the one who done first jaunting the maze, Showiee advised us to go inside the chapel while waiting for the other visitors before she will start the excursion inside the chapel. Because of that, I was able to take snapshots to the consecrated place.


Inside the Capella Sta. Ana


Everything you can see inside is from 18th and 19th century


Florentine Pieta with the same dimension of Pieta in St. Peter’s Basilica

P.S: The chapel has a lot of religious icons and collections from 18th to 19th century. Taking photos in the rooms situated inside the chapel were not allowed. This is for security purposes. That is why I don’t have photos with the relics and other old collections of the Overs.

About The Capilla Sta. Ana

Capella Sta. Ana is located in Sitio Sta. Ana in Barangay Ibo, Toledo City.It is a private chapel owned by Lillian Yareda, a Toledo native who married a Canadian, Michael Overs. The chapel was built because they are inspired by their European travels. The structure is situated in a quite perfect town, which was designed similar to the old chapels in Europe.

Inside the chapel, you can see 5 rooms. The 2 rooms serve as a prayer room, other rooms are for baptism, a museum where they displayed relics and the last one serves as a class room. In addition, the chapel also served as a multi purpose building for Tesari Charitable Foundation. Where they provide educational, health and livelihood benefits to the registered members of the city.

The chapel has good religious icons, alluring stained glass windows and pleasingly woodwork and European Renaissance paintings and a 1859 Steinway piano.

The entrance fee to the museum is PHP 100 for local tourist and PHP 200 for foreign visitors. On the other side, students entrance fee is at PHP 50.00.

The Labyrinth

Aside from the 18th to 90th-century collections that you can see inside the chapel. The place has also a garden called, The Labyrinth.  It is a maze garden where everyone can pray and meditate. The garden was inspired with the labyrinths in Europe.


Random Snapshots


I made it! 🙂


This is how we smiled when we accomplished the maze!


After the museum tour. Insert: Showie


Upstairs 🙂


Inside the Capilla


Unedited version


Front view of the labyrinth


During the discussion about the background of the Capella.

Have you visited Capilla Sta. Ana Museum and The Labyrinth? Share your experience on the comment section below 🙂

Capilla Santa Ana is at 920 Diosdado Macapagal Highway, Toledo City, Cebu. Call  Jenny Collantes-Gaite at  (032) 4678101.


  1. Great read. Didn’t know that there is so much to see in Toledo City. An aunt’s husband is from there.

  2. oh gosh!! my sis and i really wanted to step foot into this maze!! <3 will surely include this on our itinerary

  3. Hi, bes. We hope to visit Toledo tomorrow. 😀 We’d like to know if we need to have prior reservations to visit this place.

  4. Hello Nhagz,

    Can you by chance give me a “MAP link” to the Maze Garden please? Is it found deep in the town mountains? Or is it just along the main road?

    I’ll be going to Moal-boal next month before Christmas. And I just thought that the Maze Garden might be along the way in Toledo City, so I’d like to drop by and check it out myself.

    Can help me out on this buddy?

    • Hello, there! Nothing to worry because the place is just along the road. Please let me know if you have questions. Enjoy your Xmas vacation here in Cebu,. “0

      • Oh… ok, thanks Nhagz. It’s good to know that it’s along the road. I just hope i could spot it. 🙂 Thanks again.

      • My pleasure. Just let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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