Malubog Lake: Toledo City Secret Destination

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Who could have thought that Toledo City has a secret secluded place where you can unwind and get intimate with nature.

Malubog Lake is situated in Barangay General, Toledo City. This lake has been shunned before with many tourist because of its difficulty of going there. The place is essentially peaceful and extremely a good place to refreshed.

Me and Lani :This is how to get there! “Top Load”

On a coincidental situation, the lake is not made by nature. Because of the existence of the lake, many residence are resentful. The fact, that the community was in a very position especially  when it comes to financial terms.

According to the locals in the place, before the 100-hectares area was hit by a flood and became a dam in 1970’s, then to Atlas Mining Corporations. The families settled in the area really had an income because of their agricultural plants such as rice and corn.

The scenic view of the Dam 🙂

The dam was designed to hold 15 million cubic meters of water, Most of it is used for the operations of the  Atlas Mining Corporation.  Even though the area has been revolve from plant fields to a dam. The government in cooperation with Department of Agriculture, still provided livelihood to the farmers in the area . The filled the dam with milk fish, carp and tilapia, which will be harvested by many residents.

The secluded hidden destination of Toledo City

The lake has a Cruiser where you can take a lunch while on board. Through special arrangement, they can prepared grilled tilapia that will freshly caught from the lake. During, my visit I was not able to do it because the cruiser is no longer active. According to the people residing there, the City Government of Toledo are planning to develop the lake to make it as a tourist destination. They want to build more amenities along the lake and will introduce a lot of activities to make it more attractive.

A well deserve place to become a tourist attraction.

If you want to enjoy and unwind with nature, going to this place is really an advantage because it is not yet crowded with visitors. Despite of the issues that surrounds the lake, this is truly a gift for an individual who loves nature.

This lake can be considered as Toledo’s aces. Aside from its peaceful ambiance and natural beauty. It is unique and perhaps it is the largest lake in the entire island of Cebu .

My Snapshots


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How To Get There?

Getting there is really tough, there is a public jeepney from Toledo City proper to Malubog. travel is 3 times a day. It is good to pass by with the Tourism office and ask assistance with your itinerary. You may reach them at (032) 3225625 for more information.

















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