La Terrasse De Montenova Hills:Experience The Island Way Of Life

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La Terrasse De Montenova Hills is one of the places I wish I could have stayed forever,because of the people who are working there.  The place is very comfortable to stay with.Let me get back to my memories and show you how unforgettable the place is during my stay in the resort.


Last week, I received a call coming from an unknown number offering me an assistance to be their social media partner of the event which is the SunsetEvents Opening Party. The event is a way to introduce to the public the newly opened inland resort which is situated in the middle of the secluded island of Malapascua. 

The resort has an incredible story because this placed does already exist before prior they changed the name to La Terrasse de Montenova from just simply Montenova.And I had the pleasure of staying here for 2 nights and 3 days. I’ve been to Malapascua for how many times, and I usually stayed to a beach front resorts. In which, it is expected that we have to pay a higher cost. If you do research about on where to stay in Malapascua, most of the resort that will come up are those expensive one.

As I arrived at the resort accompanied by James Rey (one of the guy behind SunsetEvents).It was freaking astounding from the moment I entered their gate. I can really see that people who are working there will treat me like a real close friend and I was not mistaken. I was very  at ease when I spoke with the guys (Gretchen and Bjorn) who are on duty in the reception that day. Water was served immediately which is very impressive. The check in was quick and efficient, the staff was amazing. They did everything to make my stay as perfect as possible. 


When James brought me to the room where I have to stay, I was overwhelmed and surprised, because they gave me the room that was newly constructed. Air conditioned and electrical outlets are still wrapped with plastics. Obviously, I was the first creature who stayed in that room. Lol!


Everything at the La Terrasse De Montenova Hills is extra-large. My home for the next 2 days was very spacious. It was pretty much breathtaking because the resort is surrounded with trees. Spotless clean and comfortable. Honestly, this was the biggest room I have stayed in all of my travels.  



It was extraordinary: All  room that are big and fully air-conditioned.They have rooms with 2 beds, 3 beds and even a single bed. The bathroom had a great rain shower (hot and cold).



Words can’t tell how fabulous this place was.Because, aside from the standard rooms They have  dormitory rooms that is ideal for backpackers and solo travelers. 


The room was beautiful and spacious like all other rooms. Big enough for  double-deck beds. There was something about the room I realized from the time I had entered the door. The smell. Everything smelled so incredibly fresh and good. The towels, the bed sheets, the pillows, the shower gel, OMG seriously what was that? It was addictive. 🙂


Most people would think that most of the resorts in Malapascua Island is mostly for divers, but actually La Terrasse De Montenova Hills is not just simply a resort where you can stay. They have a mini bar which offers cocktails and local beers. 

One thing that I would like to highlight about the resort is their TENNIS COURT. This is the only resort in the island where you can play this kind of sports. 


Aside from that, they have hammocks tied up in the trees where you can embrace and feel  the  beauty of nature if you feel bored inside the room.

In addition, the management are planning to add more activities in the place such as amazing race, survivors and paintball. Which is perfect for team buildings and ideal for a group tour with friends.

Christel, the marketing manager of the resort said:” I have plans as well to add more activities in the resort such as amazing race, survivors and paintball.This to to give more fun in the resort especially for the people who will travel with a group”.

“I came up with this idea because I was a previous call center agent and my team always conducted team buildings. Since, our resort is also ideal for group of travelers that is why I added this type amenities which is good for team building”, she added.

On my last night, the resort organized an event. The Sunset Events Opening Party which is the main highlight and purpose of my travel. I was surprised when I realized that a lot of tourist are waiting and excited for the said event. 


An amusing and enjoyable event made possible by SunsetEventsPH and La Terrasse De Montenova Hills Resort. The party was opened from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM in front of a white sand beach, where you can see the magnificent and lovely sunset with music played by an international DJ.

After everyone witnessed the flaming sunset, the party was recommenced in La Terrasse De Montenova Hills. The event was even amusing and enjoyable when it was resumed in the resort.

While listening the music played by the DJ with beer in their hands. There are some group of friends came from different parts of the world who are having fun playing billiards.

When time reached the middle period of the night. Everyone in the party really had a great time while listening, dancing and enjoying the elegant colored lights.

As people enjoyed the party, there seems to be a monthly trend in the party seen in La Terrasse in the future.

” We are planning to do this type of enjoyment every month in the future. Possibly, by next year”, James said.

In addition, the management of the resort are planning to construct a disco tech within the vicinity  of the resort.A dance room that is fully sound proof.

” Why disco tech?, because we want to avoid any disturbance to the public during night time.We want to give an extra fun or leisure to the people both locals and foreign who are visiting the island”,  James added


There is so much more I could say about the Sunset Events and La Terrasse De montenova Hills, bu most important 2 days weren’t enough! It was overwhelming in a positive way. A resort where treat you like a family.

The management and staff were amazing, friendly and welcoming, it seemed they clearly love to work there.

Obviously, the resort is not an expensive one compared to other resorts in the island. My stayed in the resort was worth it as I left relaxed, with a big fat smile and still thinking back about the fantastic times Iv’e spent there.

La Terrasse De Montenova Hills Resort

An inland resort situated in the middle of the Cebu’s best kept island,Malapascua. The resort was formerly owned by the Barangay Chairman and for some reasons,it is now currently managed and being handled  by a team of dive masters and instructor. Thus,they can possibly teach and guide you if you are intereseted with diving.

The resort has two dormitory fully air-conditioned room. Each room can accommodate 14 people with a daily rate of PHP 300 per person. Each room has a hot and cold rainy showers. They also have a restaurant that will served delicious foods inspired by an international recipes.

Aside from that, they also have private rooms that can accommodate  with the maximum of 4 to 6 persons  for only PHP 1,600 per night.

For bookings: click here .
You may also contact 09171041161 and look for Christel
You can also get in touch with them via email


1 comments on “La Terrasse De Montenova Hills:Experience The Island Way Of Life”

  1. I would definitely stay here if I’m going visit Malapascua soon. I like how the simplicity of each room design and the whole set up.

    I as well like how you captured the stunning sunset just like how you took the beautiful scenery at night with the fun that you guys had and purely an awesome experience. I should have joined this party, maybe soon if there’s another chance.

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