5 Reasons Why I Keep Going Back To Malapascua Island


Last week , I received an invitation for the opening in one of the resort in Malapascua. I did not hesitate to refused when I knew it will be held at there.

I headed back to Malapascua island last 10th of December . This would be my third trip to the Cebu’s best kept paradise since I first visited in 2013. So why do I keep going back to Malapascua island?

For sure there are practical reasons, such as island hopping and diving. But there must be other reasons for revisiting the island. Here are some of them.

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1. Glorious and Spectacular Sunrise

The morning sunrise over Malapascua Island in Cebu is one of the most stunning and beautiful sunrise I’ve seen in all of my travels. Every time I  will travel to a certain place, I always look for a spot where I can see a magnificent sunlight. This photo was taken fronting in one of the resorts in the island.

2. Blazing and Tropical Sunset

I had the opportunity to catch the sunset on the horizon of the island since the event that I have attended starts at 4:00 in the afternoon. I had the chance to observe the commanding view of the tropical sunset and neighboring islets nearby Malapascua island.

I was able to sit back, relax and muse over the day’s happenings and commune with nature. I was in love and really appreciate the sunset on the horizon.

3. To Walk Along the Long White Sand

Almost one kilometer of fine white sand surrounded with tall coconut trees,and waters so clear . Dig your toes into the soft sand and have some drinks in the view of white, green and blue.

Walk the entire length of the sand to take in the complete view.If do you prefer a beach with a less crowd, go on the back portion of the island.

4. Locals Are Friendly

I always travel all by myself, that is why I always look forward on how can I interact with the locals to the specific place. Thus, being a friendly is very important if you are traveling solo.

This is the first time I visited the island all by myself so I need to deal with the locals if I have questions. As I observed, they are very entertaining, warm and companionable. I’ve met Leo, the guy in red (see picture above). He is an easygoing guy and communicative. He answered all my questions and he handles everything during my quick trip to Kalanggaman Island .

5. Sumptuous and Delectable Food

There’s a lot of bar and restaurants that you can see along the beach or even in the middle part of the island. Some are expensive-looking  but if you will check on their menu, you will be surprise.

Mabuhay restaurant, is my favorite place to dine in within the island. Perfect place for a romantic dinner and guaranteed affordable.


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Watch this video for you to see how I enjoyed my third visit in the Island


How about you? What place would you like to visit again? Share it here by commenting below :0
















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