Cebu Blogging Summit: An Experience That Pumps Up My Craft

Last the 10th of December, I was able to attend a local meetup for bloggers which is the Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0. As a newbie in blogosphere, the event really derives an enjoyment of my craft.

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Cebu Blogging Summit is an annual event for people who are up on blogging and social netizens who would like to know about blogging tips and strategies. Every year, they will be tied up with some world-class Cebu-based top bloggers to share about an efficient way of creating a blog.

This year’s theme ““The Rise of the Millennial ePRENEURS: Responsible Social Media Influencers”. This is to encourage us to strengthen and sustain our passion for inspiring other people through social media.

The event  was co-presented by:

But before I will share more stories, let me draw back how did I start to write a blog. At first, I thought that blogging is just a simple story telling about random a random events happening in your life. So I started to write a simple story about my travels way back 2013 and keep it on my own.

There is one time where I spent my whole night in front of a computer when I saw an ad, says “Create your own website now”.I clicked it right away and tried to navigate the page. Until I found it easy to create my own site and start a blog post.Thus, I created a site and posted one. Until it makes me a habit to visit it every day.When I saw some thumbs up in my post and gain some followers,  I became more eager to have it updated.

When I received some thoughts in some of my posts to one of travel bloggers in Cebu, It makes me more ambitious to become a digital influencers especially when I visited his blog of Lai. It was a pleasure when we started to communicate and discussed basic blogging. He is very helpful and communicative until he introduced some blogging affiliations in the Philippines and advised me to join and sign up one.That’s the time I knew about I  am hesitant to sign up because I don’t think it deserves me since I am new in blogging.But because of Lai, I did sign up.

2 weeks later, an email surprised my afternoon. T’was a notification coming from Rea Alducente of informing me that I did pass the application. (Omg!) I can’t believe it, I read her email many times maybe that was a wrong send. Until I realized that it was for real 🙂  Then, I was scheduled for an orientation and I had chance to meet the Family 🙂

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During the CBC Orientation, it thought me the real meaning of blogging and how it will work.After the orientation and meeting those amazing people, I can finally say that I am a certified blogger.Then, Rea added me to the official page of the group.

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Being Part of CBC is a pleasure, why? because they are not just an ordinary organization. It is a group of bloggers who will help you to reach at the top as a blogger. They are also a group that you will consider as a family either online or offline. Through this affiliation, I had the bigger to learn on how to become more responsible as a digital influencers and promotes social awareness by attending some events and one of this is the Cebu Blogging Summit 🙂

How did really CebuBloggingSummit3.0 pumps me up as a blogger?

As a newbie in blogging, I’ve learned that having a great content it will be more efficient and effectual ads compared to a traditional media. This was discussed by one of the most respected food bloggers in Cebu, but in the Philippines as well, Carlo Olano of

In addition, two photobloggers share their story on how they became successful in their blogging career. Rea Alducente, of talk about how to achieve your goal in blogging since this is a crucial one.

My talk will focus on the basic or key components of a blog that people want to read and share. When your blog is effective enough, people will understand the message and branding you want to imply which will likely encourage them to keep reading your content and share it on social media, Rea said”

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Rea Alducente

 While, Jewel Delgado of talks about her secrets how her photo blog rocks. She specified that a photo will be considered as the important part of the content because it will help your audience to easily understand what you are trying to express in the story.

Jewel, said.Blogging for me is a form of how you express yourself online. Having a space in world-wide web with millions of website. It is a good hobby to show my different side that people would not expect that you are into it.

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Jewel Delgado

Aside from that, Lai of shared some tips on how he was able to mold his name in travel blogging in less than 2 years. He said that his secret is his heart to educate and passion for inspiring people on what he is doing. At the same time, Rome Bonsocan of and a leading social media analyst speaks about the secrets on how to engage your content on Facebook.

Rome said, Driving traffic to a blog is as necessary as creating the blog post. This 2016, we have seen bloggers sharing their content on various social networking sites like Facebook. Due to the constant algorithmic changes of Facebook, we have seen how bloggers update their strategies from time to time.

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LaiAriel Samangka

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Rome Bonsocan

Before ending up the morning session, everyone was able to interact with the speakers. That was the big opportunity to everyone to ask questions.

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After we filled our tummies with the sumptuous food prepared by the organizer. The afternoon session was opened with the thoughts of a certified nomad who traveled with her whole family.Pam Baroro of She shared her personal exploration of recapturing her voice she became a full-time wife and mom. It was followed

It was followed by an inspiring talk of Ka Bino Guerrero, the prominent heritage interpreter in the country. He showed us the power of promoting local tourism, which I also would like to do.He shared some tips on how to promote local tourism effectively.

After KaBino, it was followed by one of my favorite bloggers, Doyzkie of and Aside from having a pretty face, Doyzkie is one of the recognized travel and fashion blogger.He discussed to us his passion for fighting countryside literacy. He showed his passion in helping others and that is Blogging for a Cause. 

Doyzkie Buenaviaje

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It clearly shows that Pam, Ka Bino and Doyzkie has different voices but they have only 1 journey and that is to inspire.

After listening to those 3 inspiring bloggers, it was followed by Marco Diala of and A blog that talks about fashion, lifestyle, and food. Marco, has been recognized for his outstanding curation via Instagram @countocram and @lamikaayo accounts. He talks about his secrets on how to maximize a brand by using IG.

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Marco Diala

Finally, the session was ended by the last thoughts of Tara Desquitado by sharing what is the essential role of bloggers in digital marketing.

I’ve seen how much money bloggers can make, based on what I do now. If there’s one thing I’d suggest, it’s to focus on a niche and work your way up from there. Tara, said.

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After hearing those tips, techniques and strategies from the experts.I felt that I am very fortunate because I know that in blogging it is very hard to find your own voice, cause, and story.Also, because this blogging summit I was able to maximize my learning and pumps up my passion for inspiring.

It is my pleasure to be part of Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0. I am looking forward to more tips and techniques to the next couple of years 🙂

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