My 8 Favorite Pinoy Travel Bloggers of 2016

I am very obsessed with reading travel stories especially travel blogs. Since I’m always facing on a computer whether at home or at work, I’m always looking for travel blog post to satisfy my thirsty adventurous soul. I read many travel blogs since I started blogging this year and most of them help me to find few gems.

Since it’s almost end of the year. I want to showcase and share the blogs I started to follow and read often this year.



Angel Juarez is the man behind this inspiring travel blog. From the year I became a travel addict I always read about his adventures the fact that almost all of his jaunts has something to do with a budgeted travel. I remember when I started my blog this year, I featured Lakwatsero on my ABOUT section as my guide and inspiration on why to go on a solo travel.

Pinoy Adventurista


Mervz is the man behind Pinoy Adventurista. He is the most daring travel bloggers I’ve every known. Aside from being an adventure seeker, he is a food lover. Before I started blogging, Pinoy Adventurista is already familiar with me. Since I always saw trending post about his adventures. What I like most about his blog, it features all the beautiful places in the Philippines the fact that he already visited all the provinces of the Philippines.

Jauntingandmusing The Little Lai: Beyond Limits


The Travel Blog I hated the most and who bothers me a lot 🙂 I hate why this travel blog exists because it boosts and embolden me to travel and inspires me to join in the blogosphere.  It bothers me because this encourages me to write and write and write and keep going. Lai is the man behind this craft who cheered me up when I’m about to give up and stop blogging. His beyond limit travels strengthen me to continue to inspire others.



The first photo blog I’ve known.I became a fan of this blog not because of her photos really rocks. When I first checked her craft it astounded me because I saw how she incorporate her photo blog and adventures. (It’s a photo and travel blog, this is amazing!). Rea is the woman behind this blog.

One of the reasons why I admire this blog it is because of her goal. She said,” I want to look beyond imperfections by appreciating the beauty of what’s around us and to discover and tell untold stories through meaningful and powerful photograph”.

Suroy Pilipinas


As a Cebuano, we always used the word “Suroy “which means to jaunt, stroll or travel. I don’t have any idea that there is a blog that exists with a title Suroy Pilipinas until I saw his blog that was featured on Jessica Sojo way back 2013, where it features the beautiful Bukidnon. When I checked his blog, I was surprised that it has a lot of travel tips anywhere in the Philippines. It has become my favorite when I saw that it has a lot of write ups about his travel in Visayas.

Pinay Traveller


The first Filipina solo traveler I’ve known when I joined the blogosphere. Her craft features how she traveled solo around the world. Pauline is the woman behind the blog. One reason why I like her blog because she was able to travel in different parts of Asia and Western Europe for business and leisure which is one of my goals in life too. I like how she managed to travel while doing business.

Hey Miss Adventures!


If I will compare this blog to an animal, I can say that this is an endangered one. Her travel blog is truly uncommon, Why? Where can you find a mountaineer and camper who carries a baby girl as her backpack? Pam is the millennial Mom behind Hey Miss Adventures where it will encourage parents to explore the beauty of the world with the whole family. I was amazed her story on how she recaptured her voice as a digital nomad while taking responsibility as a full-time mom and wife.

Take Off Philippines


An all in one package travel blog. This blog features Philippine events, travel to new places and exciting destinations and where to dine in the country. This craft is composed of two intellectual people, Miyo and Gab. They are both having outgoing personalities and good communicator which is the reason why I included this blog as one of my favorites.


These 8 Travel Blogs are the ones I always read the most. All of them are being recognized in differents blogging awards. They are my inspiration and motivations to write and continue doing what’s in my heart. I want to become a successful blogger like them.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”
-Steve Jobs-











  1. Thank you so much for including me in your list Nhagz! I’m thrilled and inspired at the same time. People like you keep me going in my blogging endeavor. Thanks for reading my blog and for sharing it. Keep blogging, traveling, and wandering. Cheers to a great 2017! 🙂

  2. Hello Nhagz! It’s an honor to be included in your list, blogger like you inspire me to continue on writing as well. I always looked up to your bravery and you’re such a driven person and that’s your big plus and advantage in the blogosphere world. Continue writing and always chooses to practice what your inner self dictates. Whatever hinder you to stop motivating yourself, put it aside and just follow what your heart says.

  3. Hello Nhagz! Thanks for including me in this list. Wish you more amazing travel and adventures this year and beyon!

  4. Wow! I am so proud with all of you guys! I am glad that I was able to find this post and site 🙂 Keep on blogging and inspiring other bloggers mga Kabayan! Mabuhay!

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