A Trip Back In Time: 2016 Year-End Travel Review

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I’ve been reading a lot of articles for the past few days about a year-ender blog post. For some reasons, I found that being in a blogosphere it is good to write a year-end review either personal or business. They say that by doing this such assignment it will boost your blog traffic. For me, this is the best opportunity to post about your “best of” for the past 12 months before a specific year will end.This will also help to establish yourself as an authority because it will build a strong brand and strengthen the relationship to your readers.

However, I did not look for those reasons. All I want is to share my “best of”.

Since 2016 is about to end, let me show you the travel experiences I had for the past twelve months that’s  perfect to remember.

Bohol, Philippines

@Manmade Forest

Camotes Island, Philippines

@Tulang Diot Island
@Santiago White Beach

Siquijor Island, Philippines

Bacolod City, Philippines

@ Mambukal Resort
@Mambukal Hot Spring

Zamboanga Del Norte, Philippines

@Dapitan Church
@Glorias Fantasyland

Palompon Leyte, Philippines

@Kalanggaman Island

Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines

Malapascua Island, Cebu Philippines

Sirao, Cebu City

Sta Ana, Toledo City

@The Labyrinth

@Malubog Lake

2016 is such an awesome traveling year for me. It is not because I was able to mark off some of the places in my bucket list, but because I started this blog! Through this craft, I was able to share my great travel experiences, inspired others and help myself on improving the way I travel.

I haven’t been to many places in the Philippines compared to other travel bloggers but I am happy with what I have accomplished this year because I believe that every big thing starts with small things. So this blog is one of the small things that I hope to get big in time. I am not in a rush to accomplish everything as I need to balance everything that is necessary for my basic life.

I am so glad that I choose to create a blog this year because there are many future jaunts and adventures that will happen which I am excited to share with.

This year, I’ve traveled more of the Country than even before and I am looking forward to more of it this 2017. I love my country so much and I want to explore more of the Philippines!

I hope that my 2017 will exceed my expectations and more fruitful. Happy New Year to all and Happy Traveling!












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