End Of The Year Night Photowalk

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From the moment I became part of the blogosphere. It has been my part of my goal to communicate social awareness to each individual and to use my captures as a way to show people how significant the things that surround us. Thus, a right angle is my best friend to get the perfect photos to share with.


Photowalk: A gathering of people who are camera enthusiast that will walk around while taking pictures of the things that interests each photographer.

Human interest /LG-G4/Snapseed


I wasn’t aware that there are such activities happening in the community where we can see people that are camera enthusiast will gather and walk around to take photos.One of the best photo walks I know is the “Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk”. Honestly, I don’t even know who Scott is. It has become my interest to research about it when I saw some of my blogger friends posting about this Worldwide Photowalk on social medias last year. Since then, I wished to join photo walking.


Since I didn’t see any opportunity yet where I can join a photo walk. I tried to do photo walking all by myself while waiting for any activity or organize Photowalk events thatI can be part of.

A  sample photo of my first photo walk.


And before 2016 has ended, Herbert Kikoy of http://www.driftstories.com granted my wish. An opportunity that I’ve been longing for has come. I had a chance to join his organized photo walking event which is called #EOTYNightPhotowalk.  When I’m about to dock the Cebu Heritage Monument which is our assembly area and starting point to take photos, an extraordinary happiness is and excitement is what I felt.

Shoot # 1
Location: Cebu Heritage Monument
LG-G4 Stylus
Editor: Snapseed


I truly agree that your emotions and personality has something to do with your photo. It is one thing that makes a great photo. Emotion in a photograph or any work of art is what helps a viewer connect with a piece if that emotion is prevalent in the viewer.

Shoot # 2
Location: Yap-San Diego Ancestral House


 Happiness and joy, sorrow and despair, these are some of the easier emotions as they are universally felt, at one time or another, by all on this planet.My point here is you can’t guess which mood people will be in when they view your work.

Shoot # 3
Location: Colon Obelisk



When I look back through my travel photos I will often notice a dip here and there in the number of photos taken on a particular day.The quality is also off and I can remember just what I was feeling that day. In most cases, I had that, “Just not feeling it today” blah that comes and goes for us all. And it shows in my work.

Shoot # 4
Location: Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
SJCamera 5000+


Shoot # 5
Location: Basiclica Minore Del Sto. Nino
SJCamera 5000+


Shoot # 6
Location: Basiclica Minore Del Sto. Nino


Often a singular emotion gets lost in a busy scene. This goes for photos as well. Simplify the main subject of the image before hitting the shutter release. A wide angle view of a festival in the streets might show the size, which can be impressive in its own right, but the feel of that party is best conveyed on the faces of those dancing or performing in the crowd. Zero in on the action.


As we proceed to our next spot, I tried to take a photo of a guy standing outside the church who is selling balloons. Unfortunately, he hides out when he noticed that I am about to focus his face.

I realized that is is better to ask permission before taking a picture of the stranger, especially head on. Again, remember your mood will possibly influence theirs and if you are trying to capture them as naturally as can be (without being a sniper hiding in the shadows), keep your demeanor as neutral as can be.

Shoot # 7
Location: Juana Osmena Street
SJCam 5000+


Shoot # 8
Location: Tabo Sa Banay


Shoot # 9
Location: Colon Street
SJCam 5000+


If you are shooting a subject which you can return to, do it. The same street or beach or room will have a different feel on different days, especially if the weather changes often. And your mood can shift as well from day to day. Return to a location with an open mind for a second look and you may be surprised to find not only are the characters involved different, the feel of the place is different too.

Conveying emotion in photography is a surefire way to help your work connect with those viewing it. It will help lift the quality of your work and give it more punch. Before you hit the shutter release next time, think to yourself, “What emotion am I trying to convey?”












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  1. Glad to know you were able to join Nhagz. I wasn’t able to join anymore because I had to go home. But I’ll definitely join next time I’m available. Hmmm, I agree it’s good to ask permission. I do that especially when I attempt to take portrait shots. But if I’m just distant, then I take photos candidly. Keep it up! 🙂

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