How To Celebrate A Rainy Sinulog Festival 2017

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It’s almost a week now that Cebu is experiencing a bad weather due to typhoon Auring. Everyone are already expecting the same weather for the whole week until the Sinulog festival which will be on Sunday.

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According to the forecast of Accuweather, Cebu will experience mostly cloudy with a shower around or thunderstorm in a day. While at night, mostly cloudy and a thunderstorm in some sport followed by a brief shower.


Because of the weather condition that we have right now, some of us will prefer to stay at home. I know each one of us is taking measures in advance to prevent something dangerous. But, staying at home during the colorful festivity is kinda boring I think, especially when you find out that some of your friends are celebrating Sinulog regardless of the weather condition.

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photo credits: Nurse-issistic Traveller


Here are some of my personal tips that you might consider and this is totally 100 % based on experience on how to enjoy a rainy Sinulog 2017.

1. Prioritize Health Concerns. (Always)

If you have plans to jaunt during the Sinulog Festival, it is better to take Vitamin C before you will start the excursion. The change of climate would instantly affect people whose immune system is weak. ( but you’re the best if taking Vit.C daily ).

2. Wear Trench Coat.

Some of us are comfortable wearing raincoats while jaunting along the streets of the Sinulog parade. But, we have to consider as well that people might not feel comfy wearing it. There are some people who would like to look attractive, fashionable and pleasant during the festivity but don’t want to get a shower in the rain. Well, a trench coat is the best for you. It’s a waterproof heavy-duty cotton comes with various lengths ranging from just above the ankles or above the knee.

3. Wear Sneakers

It’s agreeable that sneakers are the most comfortable pair of shoes to use especially when doing excursions. Sinulog celebration sometimes treated to some people in a funny way as”Alay-Lakad”(Layman’s term: walking or hiking). It is more fun to walk, walk and walk especially walking in the carousel.Because you will have the chance to watch a ritual show of the participating contingents. So, better wear sneakers if you have plans to do things like this.

 43. Bring Waterproof Case Bag For Your Phones.

Jaunting in the streets during the Festival especially to the places where parties are spotted.  Rain or Shine, it is already expected that you will get wet and dirty. Of course, we don’t want to take our phones for a swim with diluted paints and water. So, the best way to take precautions and keeping our handset safe is to use a waterproof case bag for our phones.

5. Moisturize, Crystalize, and Nourish.

Moisturize and Crystalize your body by drinking water. Thus, be sure to hydrate. Drink only protected water supplied and next level drinks always the boiled water and warm water.But if you are comfortable to buy bottled waters in the sidewalk, that is fine too. There are many available bottled water everywhere in the city.

Lastly, always find a way to look food when you’re hungry. Be careful about what you eat; avoid food that is not good to your digestive system; that adds to cooling of the system.

6. Be Friendly

If you have plans to attend an event or parties such as Hyper Wonderland, Spectrum, Invasion Sinulog and etc.Thus, expect a crowded ambiance. Also, set expectations that you will be dealing with people with different personalities. Some might don’t care what they are doing because of fun or excitement. Thus, a possibility that you will get smash if you will be in the crowd. To avoid from troubles,  approach them in a nice and friendly way.

7. Dance, Shout, and Greet!

From the moment I found how to party during the Sinulog Festival. I observed that this is a good way to meet new friends. (Unexpected friends). Party in the street and dance to the rhythm of the drums and shout Pit Señor!!!!Pit Señor!!!!Pit Señor!!!!

Make friends and greet them by saying, Pit Senyor Bai! Pit Senyor Dai!

This is Cebu, This is Sinulog!

See you this January 15, 2017






















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