Explore And Discover Dayhag Falls in Boljoon, Cebu



The majority of the southbound road in the southeastern part of Cebu is packed with beautiful beaches and various chasing waterfalls.

Aside from the Aguinid and Dau waterfalls in Samboan, Kawasan falls in Badian and Tumalog falls in Oslob. Boljoon is also known for their Kan Amno waterfalls, but who could have thought that they have another hidden magnificent waterfalls called Dayhag. This waterfalls became trending in social medias when Sun Star News wrote an article about the place. According to it, tourism officer Ronald Villanueva was the once who discovered the waterfalls after receiving information from locals in the area.


Dayhag Falls was named after the cascading flow, it is situated in Sitio Ylaya , Upper Becceril. The waterfall is one of the hidden gems in Boljoon 12 kilometers from the town center.It will take 30-45 minutes ride on a motorcycle away from the town and around 100 meters walk downhill

Level 1

If you want to take a deep breath, unwind and stay away from the civilization, the falls is a perfect place for you. It will really reconnect you with nature and take you deeper into the forest under the huge trees and fresh air.

Level 2 

The waterfalls have 5 different levels, past a stream coming from 3 springs which flow into the waterfalls. And this will take you to the 3rd level which is the highest and smallest of the Dayhag waterfalls.

Level 3

The falls is perfect for reconnecting with Mother Earth. Taking you deeper into the forest under huge trees and away from civilization, it’s a 30-45 minute ride on a motorcycle away from town and a 100-meter walk downhill, past a stream coming from 3 springs that flows into the waterfalls and chirping cicadas. This takes you to the 3rd level, which is the highest and smallest, of the 3-level Dayhag. The second level is 20 minutes away from there. Sun.Star describes it as the grandest among the three levels. From there, the lowest level is 10 meters away.

Level 4

For me, the level 4 is the best among them all because of the rock formation located below the flowing waters coming from the level 3. It has a picturesque view and with ice -cold water.You can’t resist diving in under the scorching hear.



A pose for an Indie travel documentary 🙂


I was awestruck and mesmerized by the natural beauty of this hidden gem.

My way to Level 5


At the end of each leg, a visitor may go down to the edge of the stream for a closer view. Stairs have been carved into the rocks and a bamboo railing installed to help visitors keep their balance.

Level 5

Since the place is still a new tourist destination, it still lacks man-made structures such as cottages, washrooms, dining areas and the like.But they have 1 or 2 cottages in each level that the visitors can use. Better prepare beforehand or just indulge the way our ancestors did. Just remember to only take memories and leave only footprints.



Since my Dayhag falls exploration ended up early in the afternoon, I decided to check out the beautiful farmland just situated a few more kilometers in the highlands.The farmland is like little rice terraces, quiet and cool with winds brushing off your hair.

It looks like a replica of Banaue Rice Terraces


A scenic view of Sitio Dayhag rice fields

If you are planning to visit, I recommend doing a day trip or visit the place early in the morning since there are still no lodging house in the vicinity. But if you are an adventurous type of person, you can do camping at Ablayan peak just located few kilometers away from Dayhag.

Getting There:

By Bus

From Cebu South Bus Terminal get on a via Oslob Bus. Tell the driver or the conductor to drop you off at the Boljoon town market. Fare is around 130 PHP. When you reach the town market, take a habal-habal to reach Dayhag falls,Barangay Lower Becerril. (Fare is 150 per motorcycle good for 2 pax. Travel time will take 20-30 minutes). Enjoy Dayhag Falls!

By Private Vehicle

Drive all the way to the town of Boljoon, right after the Boljoon town market be on the look for a bridge. Right after the bridge, you will find a road that will lead you up to Boljoon’s mountain barangays.Turn right and keep driving straight until you reach a small roadside chapel in Dayhag  Falls,Barangay Becerril. Enjoy!


There’s more to visit in Boljoon!

Stay tuned for my Historical visit and my Eli Rocks jaunt:)





















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