Boljoon’s Granitic Ili Rock


Upon driving to the Southeastern part of the province of Cebu, the heritage town of Boljoon , Cebu. Visitors and residents will be surprised by the scenic white limestone cliff called Eli or Ili Rock.


Once you do a final turn on the winding highway up to the view of Boljoon’s church. The Ili rock mountain will be the one that will greet you first.


On my way up to the Eli rock mountain

The Eli rock mountain has been part of Boljoon’s history. It was declared a natural heritage site by the town’s municipal heritage council several years ago.


The rock mountain was ideally created after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Cebu and Bohol last 2013. Thus, Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) started the excavation project when some parts of the mountain collapsed. This is to prevent a future landslide.


According to the residents, the earthquake causes a landslide that left the road impassable for the whole day. There is also one motorist was almost killed when some rocks fell on the road that day.


Perfect spot for sight seeing!

When traveling to Cebu Island, Philippines, leave plenty of time for sightseeing – you wouldn’t want to miss out on top attractions like Eli Rock!


Eli rock experience is the best!

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