Chasing Waterfalls in Alegria: Cambais and Cangkalanog Falls



The Municipality of Alegria, Cebu is famous for its Kawayan Festival. It is a small town located in southern part of Cebu that is rich with biodiversity. The town is surrounded by magnificent waterfalls. Just imagine those crystal-clear waters slowly flowing while pours out from a plunging deep below the surface while you stare in awe. Yay! that’s exactly where you are focusing your eyes if you will visit this town that takes pride in its natural resources.


Alegria has an estimated population of 20,000 with a total 0f 9 barangays. Normally, it will take 3-4 hours travel time to get this waterfalls-infested town from Cebu City.

Here’s a quick peek at some of Cebu’s best waterfalls that can only be found in the small town of Alegria, Cebu, reminding us all that some of the most beautiful things in the world could only be hidden in our every town.


After weeks of planning with my officemate, MJ.I finally got the chance to travel again to the town of Alegria to see and experience the wonderful Cambais and Cangkalanog Falls.And to have something to post on Instagram.Lol!Yay…It was worth it!



The Cambais falls is located few meters away from the road so you have to do some trekking in a 1-kilometer rocky road as past of the short trail on your way to the magnificent waterfalls.


The road to Cambais Falls is really not a joke: After doing a quick Photowalk to their town plaza. We directly rented a motorbike to reach the place. It took like 30 to 45 minutes drive before we reached the magnificent hidden gems of Cambais.

Actually, I was starting to get a little impatient when I still couldn’t see any sign of Cambais after more than half an hour of riding a motorbike.I even almost decided to tell the driver to turn back thinking to bring us to Cangkalanog instead. But the heavens were kind to us because of a few moments later, I saw a small sign by the road. ” This way to Cambais Falls”. Yahhhooo!

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The main road you see on the trail


Upon reaching the intersection, it is better to ask your tour guide if you have or the locals to make sure you are going to the right falls for it is quite confusing.

Anyways, after a few minutes of a short trail trekking, we finally reached the beautiful Cambais Falls.



So, anyway, after the short trek. We make sure that ourselves are ready to get wet since we want to explore the first to the second falls of Cambais. The second falls is quite deep and you can no longer see the surface.


1st level of  the Falls! 🙂

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On my way to the 2nd level of the waterfalls

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The 2nd level of Cambais Falls

Whether you go directly to the second or first falls, what’s important is that make sure you get to both to get a glimpse of the majestic view.

After the excursion of almost 3 hours to the beautiful Cambais Falls. We trailed back down to visit the next spot which is the Cangkalanog Falls.


Since we feel tired and hungry of our explorations, so we decided to check out first Cangkalanog Falls to give some sort of shake. :0 As most of the waterfalls are, we have to do a little trekking again to get to the actual falls but this one only takes just a few minutes.


Cangkalanog Falls: Just by looking at it will bring you an instant nostalgia. It is a complete mixture of Kawasan falls in Badian and Enchanted River in Surigao. A scenic bluish-green color of the water will make you jump and shout for joy.



Aside from the clear waters, the rock formations and the decrepit bridge were just perfect as if they were placed with a purpose. For adrenaline peeps out there, this is the perfect time and place to practice your cliff diving skills.The fact, that the water is deep and there are no rocks anywhere near the diving spot.What an absolute perfection!


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