Tinubdan Falls in Catmon, Cebu: A Roaring Cascades That Bears Great History in the Town.

Tinubdan “Power” Falls also known as Tinubdan falls is one of the natural heritage in Catmon, Cebu. During the World War II, it was developed by the Americans in order for them to have an electricity supply for their camp at combat in Agsuwao, Catmon.

Situated in northern part of Cebu. Catmon, is a small happy community that has deep roots in religion. The town was founded by the Augustinian Recollects and was named after the Catmon tree during their native settlement site along with a river. Since the town is bounded by the municipalities of Sogod, Carmen and Tuburan so it is largely mountainous and hilly which makes the town subsistence in Agriculture.

Aside from being quite and quaint from Cebu’s creeping urbanization, the town is famous to many travelers because it has the second tallest peak in Cebu which is the Mt. Kapayas and vast of natural waterscapes such as waterfalls, rivers and springs.

And Yeah! I was able to jaunt with one of the spectacular waterscapes in the town which is the Tinubdan Falls situated in Brgy. Tabili Catmon, Cebu.

One month ago, I contacted my friend who lives in Catmon if she knows someone who can assist or guide me in exploring caves in the town. However, she doesn’t know anyone and she even doesn’t know the place that I am referring to.

After a month of searching for the right person to contact with. Luckily, an angel sent from above (Guide Master, Kyno Lim Dumlao).My caving exposure plan has been changed to visiting the mesmerizing cascades in the town.  After planning, and an itinerary was proposed to me and I decided to published it on social media so many can possibly join the adventure.  Surprisingly, 3 travel bloggers in Cebu joined the weekend jaunt. Lai from www.jauntingandmusings.com, Gly-Gly of www.chasingpotatoes.com and Demy of www.wanderwithaceanddemi.wordpress.com .

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This is how the Tinubdan welcomes us! 🙂

For almost 2 hours drive from Cebu City to Catmon and 5 to 10 minutes of hiking before we got the place.Obviously, it is quite exhausting but it has been paid off after we heard the peaceful, relaxing and soothing sounds of the waterfalls.


As we continue moving in the direction in which a stream or river flows.I can see the next ravishing cascades that are so enchanting and It seems that I am in another world.



What we did not expect is the surprising adventure that lies ahead after the first short trail. We trek, swim, rock balance, crawl and rewarded with one of the best weekend getaways. (To check the surprising adventures Click here.)

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Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor, nature and water

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All thanks to the adventurous people who I’ve shared such splendid memories in Catmon, Cebu.

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Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor, water and nature

An awesome way to spend the Saturday afternoon is by a satisfying river trek. Got lots of cuts & bruises but it was super worth it. I got to experience God’s wonderful creations. Thanks to everyone who made it more fun!