7 Churches In Cebu That You Can Visit For Visita Iglesia (7 Churches Visitation )

As part of Roman Catholic Lenten tradition, it has been part of general practice to visit the 7 churches during Maundy Thursday and pray before the Blessed Sacrament and recite the station of the cross during Good Friday.

photo from cbcpnews.com

photo from cbcpnews.com

When I was a kid, I am very active to attend this such activity in our community or even until now. I can still remember the beliefs of my ancestors that completing the 7 churches or sometimes fourteen would grant our wishes.

This visitation will be done after the mass of the Lord’s Supper and travel to nearby churches to pray before the blessed Sacrament.

In Cebu City, we are so lucky to have these churches that are very close to each other to make our visitation easier.And here are the 7 churches that you can visit if you wish to do the Visita Iglesia.

Basilica Minore Del Sto. Nino


The Minor Basilica of the Holy child Jesus also know as Basilica Minore Del Sto Niño is the oldest Roman Catholic church in the Philippines.The church was built by Fray Andres de Urdaneta and Diego de Hererra, both Augustinian friars in 1565. The church was completed from 1739-1740 and was named by the Holy See as ” The Mother of all Churches in the Philippines”.

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral


The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Angels and of St. Vitales also known as Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. It is the ecclesiastical seat of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cebu .The church was designed like a typical Spanish colonial church, namely, squat and with thick walls to withstand typhoons and other natural calamities.

The construction of the church took many years due to lack of funds and other unexpected incidents.

agustinos recoletos.jpg
photo by Agustinos Recoletos

The church is the center of devotion to our Lady of Mt. Carmel in the South part of Cebu. The church was originally named as Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion. Because of this devotion, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel became the patroness of the parish when it was erected in 1971.

The foundation of the church was early as June 1621 when Recollects set foot in Cebu.

This church is also the center of devotion to Saint Joseph, Protector of the Order and Saint Lucy, Virgin and Martyr.

Sto. Rosario Parish Church

photo from cebucitytour.com

photo from cebucitytour.com

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church also known as Sto. Rosario Parish Church Cebu was built in 1933.It is one of the busiest church in the City.

The construction of the church was completed on August 22, 1933. During the 75th Anniversary of the church it has been renovated and the church patron was added to its facade during the renovation in 2008. It is located beside the main campus of University of San Carlos in downtown area of Cebu City.

Redemptorist Church

bride worthy.jpg

The church is known as one of the Prominent church in Cebu City. It was constructed after the liberation and completely renovated in 1954. The designed of the church is similar to the Redemptorist church in Baclaran because of the Gothic Lines. To make the church airy and comfortable, it has large arched doors and the windows are decorated with wonderful stained glass.

St. Joseph the Patriarch Parish- Mabolo

archdioce of cebu.jpg
photo from Archdiocese of Cebu

The Mabolo church also know as St. Joseph the Patriarch Parish was built-in 1866. The church was designed with its classical Gothic architecture with one beautiful bell tower. The church has been damaged by many natural disasters.

Despite of the natural calamities that causes the renovation of the church, the conservation of the original designs are still intact. The aged coral stones, the thick iron grilled windows, solid marble floor and the solid wooden doors are still intact.

San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Church

photo by lagalag.com

Established in 1584, years ahead the establishment of the Cebu Diocese in 1595. San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish is one of the oldest church in the Philippines. The church was considered as the original site of the landing of Legazpi’s expedition on April 27,1565 and became the embryo of a settlement, which Legazpi established and named San Miguel.

The church suffered great destruction and damage on account of a storm in October 15, 1912 and an earthquake in February 29, 1922.

Helpful Tips:

To those people who can’t attend the Visita Iglesia, especially to those people with a virtual career. You can do a “Visita Iglesia Online”.This will also infirm to perform the rite to our Overseas Filipino Workers. For more information click here .

This service was set up by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines .

Things To Ponder

“Lent is a fitting time for self-denial; we would do well to ask ourselves what we can give up in order to help enrich others by our own poverty.”

-Pope Francis 2014 Lenten Message-

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