How To Travel More, Spend Less This Summertime!

2017 is a year full of new adventures on your calendars. And since we’re still on the fourth month, it is best to start early with planning and budgeting for your vacations. After all, the earlier the better.

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It’s summertime! Traveling can do your life wonders experience different cultures, pick-up new traditions or customs, learn new languages, meet people and many more! Before getting that adventure of a lifetime. Be a smart “bakasyonista” by learning a few tricks to go traveling on a budget!

Here are travel on a budget tips to make your travel money worth spending:

Write down your bucket list of places you want to go.

Much like a financial plan, write down the list of places you want to go. Include the months when you can file your vacation leaves and plot those with holidays as well. From there, narrow down your top five or top six destinations of your choice. Then, write down the corresponding budget you’ll need to allocate on each of the vacation spots. The good thing with planning is that you’ll have a clear itinerary of your wanderlust travel list for 2017.

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Know the season of the places you want to visit.

Take note of the peak seasons of the countries or places you are visiting as peak seasons are expensive.Meanwhile, take advantage of discounts during off-peak, because even tho seasons change, the experience do not. Plus,off-peaks are the best as there are fewer crowds.


Have a travel buddy or join a group travel.

Ideally, you can save by sharing an accommodation and food costs with someone. A good number of travel buddies are a pair to a group of four. Keep heads up, because some hotels check the number of guests within the room. If you travel in large groups, it is highly suggested to have someone arrange your accommodation to avoid extra bed charges.


When travelling alone, use free travel accommodation networking sites  to save on accommodation.

Accommodation is where the bulk of costs come from. Social networking sites like Couch-surfing provides free accommodation for travelers. This is one popular way to save a lot of money while traveling.
Also, bring local snacks and give it to your couch surfing hosts as a form of gifts. Save some for your flights as well, because the money spent for in-flight meals, can serve as a budget for gifts to new friends on the destination your heading.


Ask the locals.

Finding your way in a foreign country eats chunks of your time and money. Prior to your travel, have some plan route by downloading  subway map apps and other map applications to get through your way.While you come prepared, don’t entirely rely your way on technology, back it up with primary sources, and go ask the locals instead. If you have a locally trusted friend, have them take you to places ad show you the easiest way.


Final word

Don’t forget to enjoy. While travelling is something you want to brag on your social media accounts, it is the life experience that counts.

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