8 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Costabella Tropical Beach Resort

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This year, I  had the pleasure to visit several attractions both inside and outside Cebu, experience several different cultures.On the  run, I had the chance to experience and see  the enchanting and traditional hotel in Cebu, the Costabella Tropical Beach Resort. Together with the fellow Cebu  Bloggers  and  other media groups.

I’ve been  to many luxury resorts in Mactan island, Cebu but this one has the perfect setting to admire Mactan’s enchanting coastline.


What’s in a name?
Costa is a Spanish word of’ beautiful coast” where it  provides  the travelers and guests a perfect setting of  Mactan coastline. This is  a family oriented hotel and perfect for honeymooners.

When the resort  was opened many years ago, they  just started with 16 rooms. As they  continue to kept its tradition of genuine caring, old-fashioned hospitality and world-class service through the years. They have now a total of  156  relaxing and romantic rooms.

And if you’ve never stayed at Costabella Tropical Beach Resort and have been wondering what to expect there, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here Are  The 8  Reasons WHY You Should Stay at Costabella.

1. Accommodating and Charming Hotel Staff


It goes without saying that in a hospitality business, personality is key. How a guest is treated during the stay makes up a huge part of his/her overall experience. Everyone was surprised  how they welcomed us. Costabella Resort obviously pays very close attention to this very important aspect, as evidently seen in the way every member of their staff accommodates and cares for their customers.

2. Hotel Atmosphere


Unlike typical hotels in Mactan that give off a homey yet corporately stiff atmosphere, Costabella Resort stands out by providing a more relaxing and zen-like ambiance all over the establishment.A blissful holiday beach resort that is inviting, cozy, relaxing with direct Sea access.


3. Hotel Furniture


Matching Costabella Resort’s wonderful atmosphere is the establishment’s incredible furniture, naturally. Most would know that Spanish culture revolves around nature… this is the reason why you will find wooden elements and flowers around the area. This helps bring the beauty of nature inside.


You will also notice that the has more of a minimalist design, veering away from huge and heavy ornaments normally found in other hotels. These little things help to avoid overwhelming guests during their stay. I absolutely love how clean, uncluttered and simple the entire hotel is.


4. Architecture of the Hotel


From the outside, structures that seem to resemble gold bars and majestically glitter especially when hit by the rays of the sun. But inside, Costabella Resort is anything but typical. Its wooden paneling and nature-inspired hallways evoke feelings of tranquility and peacefulness.


5.  Cozy  and Relaxing Rooms


Costabella Tropical Beach Resort  is perhaps one of very few hotels anywhere that boasts of rooms that are truly unforgettable, not just because of its beauty and elegance, but because of how the design of the place immediately puts you at ease.


Its tastefully appointed rooms, all 156 of them, beautifully integrate Spanish colonial influences with natural, homegrown materials. Carved woodwork, local art pieces and charming pocket gardens are the hallmark of this timeless place. Many of the guest rooms come with private balconies that offer a breathtaking view that is both peaceful and romantic.

6.  Sumptuous Food and Beautiful Restaurant


Sumptuous cuisine with a good measure of personal service is laid out for every guest’s picking. Costabella’s two main restaurants, La Marina and Brisa are another of the hotel’s treasures worth discovering. Try interesting tastes and delicious flavors prepared by our skilled chefs using fresh and natural ingredients as well as the island’s bounty of seafood.


And just like the entire hotel,  Costabella Resort also brings an air of comfort and relaxation that customers truly appreciate. The entire dining area is pleasantly spacious and boasts of beautiful floral print seats, wooden accents, floor-to-ceiling windows, and ample natural lighting.

LUNA Bar and Tapas

When the sun sets, LUNA, Spanish for Moon, is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy delicious Spanish Tapas and a range of refreshing Cocktails and premium Spirits.


7. Hotel  Amenities /Sports and Recreation/Aqua Sports

SJCM0403-01.jpegWhite sand beach perfect for swimming, sunbathing, sand art, beach games and leisurely promenade


From the incredible swimming pool underneath the sun, to the fully equipped Costabella Fitness Room that is sure to excite any gym rat , to their wonderfully relaxing Lema Spa, you can be sure there is something for everyone at Costabella Tropical Beach Resort.



LÉMA Filipino Spa in Cebu is Costabella’s sanctuary for relaxation, wellness and tranquility. True to tradition, all our treatments and massage are deeply rooted in the centuries-old healing techniques of the East that promote overall restoration and rejuvenation.




Costabella takes great pride in providing an excellent venue for lifestyle and corporate events with our ideal location, first-class facilities, premiere amenities and expansive function halls that can accommodate small to large gatherings. The idyllic coastal scenery and tranquil environment serve as a nice backdrop for social hobnobbing and important meetings.


Discover the hidden treasures of this coral island with our scuba diving trips and lessons! They PADI-accredited instructors that will walk you through the rudiments of scuba diving, from the proper use of equipment to correct breathing techniques. For aqua sports enthusiasts, we offer a wide selection of water sports activities to make the most out of your experience in Mactan Island.



Whatever your idea of de-stressing is, I’m pretty sure you’ll be a happy camper at Costabella Resort.

They also  have the Kids Korner that  is an enriching place for children ages 4-10 years old to experience local culture through creative and interactive made-fun activities. It is not a child-care center. This venue is FREE for children of in-house guests. For special activities, minimal charges may apply. Children of Day-users may avail of the venue for a fee. For safety reasons, only a maximum of 10 children may be accommodated at a time. During peak periods, admission is limited to 2 hours to give opportunity for play to others.

8. The Costabella Way of Greeting Their Guest


This family managed property has kept its tradition of genuine caring service, old-fashioned hospitality and world-class service through the years.


So, there you have it, folks… 8 good reasons why you should stay at Costabella Tropical Beach Resort.  I’m pretty sure you’ll find more reasons to come back again and again once you’ve experienced their signature style of service, luxury and comfort. This uniquely beautiful hotel has so much to offer… and I haven’t even begun to talk about all the awesome attractions, stores and entertainment one can find inside the vast space of Cebu.

Here’s a quick peek for the delightful treat of Costabella Tropical Beach Resort
Explore the wonders of the island and discover your own story at #CostabellaResort

If you would like to know more about Costabella Resortclick here .

I’d like to thank the amazing folk of Cebu Blogging Community  for the awesome experience we had  at the  resort. To Miss Mars,  for including me as part  of the  media group  and of course, Costabella Tropical Beach Resort for the delightful  treat.I look forward to more memorable stays there in the future.

Book now. Come and discover your story at Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel in Cebu. 
Sales and Reservations: (6332) 231-4244
Resort: (6332) 238-270


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