Tres Aguas Falls: The Three Mesmerizing Flowing Waters


My travel buddy, Gari!

After an adventurous of limb trekking and climbing in Alto Peak. My guide, Jeramil decided to cool down ourselves in one the possible tourism destination in Brgy. Cabintan, Ormoc City, the Tres Aguas Falls. I asked him, “why waterfalls”? He looked at me with his small eyes, after sip of Cola in the store, started talking. Because it was really a tiring day, I need to chill, he declared.


That was a wonderful afternoon because Iv’e got the privilege to meet with the two members of Cabintan Local Eco-Guides, Dong and RJ. They joined our excursion from Cabintan Hot Spring, Ormoc Vege Farm and all the way to Tres Aguas.


According to them, the place doesn’t have a name before. The named Tres Aguas was given by their Mayor, Richard Gomez. They are very thankful that their Mayor visited this water site in the Brgy. Because it has been has been developed and the Government are currently working in the area to make it more easier for the tourists who are planning to visit the place.


Luckily, the trail going to these three mesmerizing falls is very easy and it is ideal for family and friends who would like to spend quality time with nature.

A water dam supplying the needs of Brgy. Cabintan

As soon as you enter the premises of the waterfall, you will be dumbfounded with the water dam.I never thought that Ormoc City has a lot to offer in terms of water escapes. I thought to myself that this is an incredible summer adventour.


As the Local Government of Brgy. Cabintan with the help of Ormoc City Goverment they are currently doing some developments in the area. They believe that this place is an another gem of Eastern Visayas. Its cold as ice waters and powerful downpour  of water is a delight that you cannot miss when visiting Ormoc. The mesmerizing of three  downpour of waters rushes to the azure waters down below.

1st waterfall
2nd waterfall
Lastly!the 3rd one

The third waterfall creates picturesque tiers that create a mystifying allure. Soak in its cool waters to wash down the heat of the sun.


The 1st tier of waterfall with bursts of water coming from the dam. It is where people can swim and soak cool down.


I am pretty sure that Tres Aguas Falls will be another destination that intrepid wanderers can experience as they explore the mountainous Barangay of Ormoc City. The water is really cool as cool as the weather temperature of Barangay Cabintan.


With the CAKEGUID: RJ, Jeramil and Dong


When visiting Ormoc, don’t miss to visit this wonderful water attractions in Brgy. Cabintan.

Here’s a sneak peek on how I indulge this newly possible tourist attraction in Eastern Visayas, the Tres Aguas Falls!

“This is one of Gods natural gifts.Lets give value of sustaining these gifts for our children and grandchildren so that in time, they will remember and thank their grandparents for taking care of these resources.”

-Pocholo Aragones Franco-

#Leave No Trace

This sponsored travel would not be possible without the help of  Mr. Pocholo Franco, the VP of Ormoc City Tourism Council. Ormoc City Tours by Fran-con Viaje International , Supercat by 2Go Travel , Cabintan Local Eco Guide especially to the Morales Brothers and family. Most of all, to Mayor Richard Gomez and Ormoc City Government for making this adventure possible.

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    1. Hi. Yes it is. If you wish to visit the place just let me know so I can recer you to a person where you can stay if you want to venture out community because theres no Hotels or inn available in the area.


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