Mt. Naupa, City of Naga, Cebu | A Friendly Mountain To Climb


I’ve always heard great stories about this 8th tallest mountain in Central Visayas because of its beginner-friendly mountain to climb. I didn’t expect that this mountain was tagged as one of the easiest mountains to trek in the Province of Cebu. This mountain has become popular to many mountaineers, trekkers, and hikers because of the perfect natural setting and greenish backdrop when you reach the summit of Mount Naupa standing at 584 meters above sea level.



The beautiful scenery that you can see along the trail going to Mt. Naupa

After the successful Clean-up drive of our group (Tribu Hugawan)at Mt. Lanaya in Alegria, Cebu. I had the opportunity to climb and camp out in Mt. Naupa just to chill out and kick back ourselves from very busy and stressful days of work. When one of our groupmates, Micahel organized a group hike and camp out together with his other friends at the summit of Mt. Naupa, I was not hesitant to say “Yes” when I received the invitation.


It was on a gloomy Saturday afternoon when we had this trekking activity.From Cebu South Bus Terminal we took a bus ride going to Naga, City and drop off at Sitio Rikio to ride a motorcycle going to the jump-off point of Brgy. Cogon.And this is where our adventure begins.



Lover in Naupa 🙂

Going to the jump-off point of Brgy Cogon where we have to start our trek was not an easy ride. I remember riding a motorbike in a rocky rough road river at Marmol, Cliff in Tuburan, Cebu. The road was not that established, really! Because of that, 2 of our friends accidentally fell during the ride but the good thing was they didn’t endure any wounds and scratches.



Our sexy ladies just having fun walking under the rain. 🙂

After of almost an hour in a bumpy motorcycle ride, we had a quick stop over nearby the Cogon Chapel to meet the group and to power up before we start the trek. The first 20 minutes of the trail was relatively easy because it has an established path and it’s just like a walk in the park. As we reached close to the summit, we took a quick power up before proceeding to the summit. Unfortunately, the weather became unfriendly and the heavy rain was pouring the entire mountain. Thus, the trail becomes steep and darkness enveloped the surroundings which added an extremely tiring and demanding part of our climb.



This is what Mt. Naupa can offer! 🙂


After 45 minutes of a steep ascending trail, we finally reached the summit of Mt. Naupa. Though the weather was not good we are still lucky enough because we were given a clear view of the green scenery settings of the neighboring mountains of Mt. Naupa.




Preparing our dinner after reaching the summit of NUAPA


After dinner, we had the social nights where we got to know a little bit of each other with the other groups. We played various games and all of us had so much fun. After the social nights, I slept like a baby till the break of the dawn because of cold tempreature.


Few minutes later, the majority of the group woke up and prepared breakfast with non-stop teasing on each other of what happened last night during the socials. Lol!


After breakfast, the heat was bit unbearable so everyone decided to break the camp and pack our bags. The other group took the trail via Barangay Lanas while me and the rest took a back trail to Barangay Cogon.


Everyone bid then a goodbye to the beautiful and perfect scenery of Mt. Naupa. We directly rode a motorcycle going back to the highway.



This is what we’ve got after that rainy hike! 🙂

Before going back to our own realities, the group decided to drop by at the back Sampaguita Suites, where you can found these mouth-watering streetfood, the Pungko-Pungko. That was a weekend well spent, indeed!



The Campsite with the background Naupa Peak!

My Final Thoughts:

The mountain of Mt. Naupa is very friendly and the trail is relatively easy. It can be accessed in a wet or dry season. The trekking part is just short but it can still make your heart’s pumping. The mountain is now one of the mountaineers destination.

How To Get There:

There are many ways on how to get to Mt.Naupa. You can took a bus from South Bus Terminal or via KMK Bus Transit. Then, you can drop off at the bakeshop located just in the corner of Rikio, Minglanilla, Cebu. Take a habal-habla ride going to the jump-off point of Barangay Cogon, fare is PHP50. And then from the chapel of Brgy. Cogon, you may hire a guide or just follow the trail going to the mountain of Naupa.








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