Mt.Tagaytay |Humble and Charming Peak in Toledo, Cebu

Weekend, Yay! One humble afternoon and I met up again the lunatic group called Tribu Hugawan, Lol! Another hiking adventure that’s full of fun through the mountains of Toledo, City Cebu.


Getting there was a bit extreme motorcycle ride as we crossed the rocky road river. While I am on the ride, I remember the moment when I visited the Marmol Cliff in Tuburan, Cebu.


Getting a good view from the summit of Mt.Tagaytay is not difficult. Even on rainy days, the mountain’s summit will always give you the opportunity to see the entire City of Toledo and also the enchanting Malubog Lake. 

We started our hike at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, which is late, as the recommended time starts in the itinerary is 1:30 PM. The hike starts at Barangay Malubog right next to Barangay Casoy where we took a habal-habal ride.


I could tell that the day was going to be a scorched hike as the heat of the sun really blast. Even at the foot of the mountain which is surrounded by many trees, I was already starting to sweat. The first part of the trail passed a cemented road in a small community, a row of houses, a field where cows were grazing, then a steady but gradual uphill;l climb trail that seemed to wind around the mountain.


Brgy Magdugo- where we took our habal-habal ride going to the jump-off

Because it was a hot afternoon hike, so we did not have a lot of stops to take photos. After of almost an hour hike, we reached the house of Miss Beth Dacuma. She’s actually our assigned guide for this weekend hike and camp-out in Mt.Tagaytay.  There, we cease our hike real quick in order to relax.


After 15 minutes of loosening up, we then resumed our hike going to Mt. Bucau. In this part, the trek was still a gradual uphill trail. As we reached the mountain of Mt. Bucau I instantly grab my camera because of the picture-perfect view. I just can’t afford of not to take photos with the scenic background of Malubog Lake no matter how scorching hike it was.


Reaching the Mt. Bucau will give you the best background of Malubog Lake



The trail going to Mt. Tagaytay wasn’t tough and exhausting. This time, I did a lot of stops to take photos with the natural greenery background. I was so amazed by the surroundings as it will give you the best view of the mountains that surround around Malubog Lake.



Over that scorched hike, we finally reached the expansive field of Mt. Tagaytay. It was an eye-opener for me since that was really my first time to see a pleasant plateau.


Everyone can roll and ramble because it is spacious, really! That was my first time also see a camp site as big as Mt. Tagaytay.


A surprising view at the top of Mt.Tagaytay. It is spacious, really!

Since we arrived Mt. Tagaytay at around 5:00 PM, we quickly pitched our tents for us to chase the sunset. Everyone is really busy preparing their cameras to take a photo of the beautiful yellow-reddish daylight that slowly fades away in the mountain, lucky enough!



From there, I’ve got the best panorama shots of the entire Toledo City. Everywhere in the mountain is really surrounded by the beautiful backgrounds.



After getting those awe-inspiring shots, we then prepared our dinner and had a leisurely talk/socials with the group.


We’re so lucky to get our foot in Mt.Tagaytay as we are the first group to set up a camp in this private and spacious area. Thanks to Miss Beth and RJ for taking good care and organizing this weekend climb!



The next morning is another day to rise up for a new journey to the summit Mt. New Bucau.






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