Spartan Trail : Another Challenging Hiking Trails In Cebu City

“Never underestimate a mountains based on it’s difficulty rating”, an extraordinary thought that I always think when climbing mountains. For the past few months, Iv’e always heard about this so called “Spartan Trail”. Many hikers, mountaineers said that it is probably one of the toughest hiking trails in Cebu City.


Toughest, hardest, most difficult, to the highest level: I know that words are powerful, but in this case, that power is not applicable. I have no idea if those words can be used to describe the difficulty of the mountains (especially describing to non-hikers.) I think no one can give the exact description that will fit certain individual’s strength.



This mountain has a minor scale in all aspects (trail class, altitude, and what’s not) but still it is on my Top 1 list (as of this writing). I wasn’t mentally prepared and I underestimated this mountain because of the ratings given by some hikers and bloggers as well.  “Others found it easy and I found it difficult; others found it difficult and I found it easy.” Be Read and Be Prepared!


My adventure trek to the mountains of Banawa, Cebu City was uneasy, really! We hiked and trek in an open established trail under the heat of the sun.


Our scorching hike to the trail of Spartan was started in a slow pace. We passed by some houses in Paseo Arcenas -Subdivision going to Good Shepherd. After few minutes,we endured an almost 1 hour of uphill climb and then the great view of Cebu City surprised us.


Since it was really a tough trek, we quickly look for a shed of trees where we can power up and fueled our body. Few minutes later, we continued our trek going to Manggahan.


There, we made another stop where we can have a quick rest. 15 minutes later, we resumed our trek going to the deeper part of the Majestic Spartan Trail. We passed by a scenic view inside the forested mountains of Banawa.




I never thought that behind those mountains is a wonderful river where I can do some river trekking. We also passed by a mini pool or called”Jacuzzi”. I was not able to take a quick dip because there is another group who took the place first. Thus, we just quickly resumed our hike.



Moments later, the rain began to pour down the forested spot in Spartan Trail. The locals advised us not to stay in the river if the rain will continuously teem down. Unfortunately, rain didn’t stop so we quickly resumed our uphill climb traversing Brgy.Pamutan.



We endured almost 2 hours of an uphill climb before we finally saw the street or path that leads to Brgy.Pamutan.


Moments later, we finally arrived the place called “Bagsakan”. There, we took our lunch. To illuminate our body, we throw some jokes and had some gin in the table.


Our plan is to continue our hike going to Chalet Hills but we’ve changed it. We resumed our trek going to Brgy. Toong. There, we took a habal-habal ride going to Brgy. Punta.


Then we made our way to Brgy. Tisa and enjoyed “Siomai Sa Tisa”. At around 8PM, we separated our ways and when I arrived home I took a quick shower to immerse my body and laid my bed. That was a long hike yet amazing!



07:00 AM- Meet up at Rustans Supermarket Banawa
08:00 AM- Start of Trek
08:30 AM- ETA Good Shepherd
09:00 AM- Resume Trek
10:30 AM- River Trekking/Pictorials
12:00 NN- ETA Bagsakan/Pamutan/Lunch
02:30 PM- Resume Hike to Brgy. Toong
04:00 PM- ETA Brgy. Toong
05:00 PM- ETA Brgy. Punta
05:30 PM- ETA Brgy. Tisa
06:00 PM- Dinner at Siomai Sa Tisa
07:30 PM- Home Sweet Home

7.00 PHP- Jeepney  ride going to Banawa
100 PHP- Lunch and Snacks
20 PHP – Habal-habal ride going to Brgy. Punta
50 PHP- Dinner at Siomai sa Tisa

  1. Make sure to bring sunblock to protect your skin from the sun.
  2.  Bring enough food and water to hydrate your body as you will endure a long hike in an open trail.
  3.  Make sure to wear proper trekking attire to protect you from harsh environment.
  4.  Make sure to contact a guide as the trail is quite tough.
  5. Always practice “LEAVE NO TRACE” principles.








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