Friendship Climb|Mt.Kapayas , Catmon, Cebu

Mt.Kapayas is one of Cebu’s highest peak located at Catmon, Cebu, Philppines. The mountain is known as the second highest peak in Cebu towering 800 MASL. This mountain is also called Torre by the locals. According to our guide, it is used to be the hidden place of General Maxilom during the World War II.


That was the last day of September when I hosted an event called” Pundok Bandana-Friendship Climb”held at Mt. Kapayas, Catmon, Cebu. It was a gathering of individuals who are mountaineering enthusiasts. I was surprised with the particpants who joined the event and we had so much fun.


Our journey started at 8:00 AM at Cebu City North Bus Terminal. Joining this event was all strangers. I am bit nervous that moment because I don’t even know most of the partcipants, really! After almost 3 hours on a bus ride, we finally arrived at Catmon proper and met the other participants who arrived first at the town.


Our Friendship climb to Mt.Kapayas was a great experience because we are able to share great thoughts about our climbing experiences and we had a great time during the socials.


What’s more cool about this was, were able to catch up a Fiesta Celebration at Brgy. Tabili, Catmon, Cebu.  We had lunch in one of the residences in the community and that was an amazing welcome treat to us.


After enjoying our sumptous lunch, we quickly took our habal-habal ride going to the jump- off point of Agsuwao trail. We started our steepy and muddy uphill climb at around 2:30 in the afternoon.



Along the trail, I made a lot of stops and took pictures of the beautiful scenery sorrounded by greens. The trail going to the camp site was not that really tough. But since it was raining during that time the trail was quite steep which made the trek quite challenging.



After almost 2 hours of ascending climb, we finally reached the house nearby the campsite. Kyno (our guide), advised us to just let our cooksets and foods to the house because we will have our dinner at the place.


According to him, they wont allow people to cook at the campsite. This is to maintain the cleanliness of the mountain.



Thanks to Nanay and Tatay for accomodating us “)

After a few minutes, we quickly headed uphill to the campsite. And I was surprised with the natural background.


The area awas really clean and we had enough space to set up our tents. After pitching our tents, we headed back to the house which is located just few meters away from the camping area. There we prepared our dinner.



After we took our main meal of the day, we instantly headed back to the campsite and had a great socials.


The nature gave us a great and friendly weather the next morning! We were able to catch a great sunrise over the horizon.


After eaten our meal in the morning, we then prepared our trek going to the summit/peak of Mt.Kapayas. Our journey was started with a simple thanksgiving and short prayer.



Along the way, we saw lots of farm animals and great floras. We only took few rest because we are catching up our time because we were after all our sidetrip to Tinubdan Falls.




After 1 hour we finally reached the summit with great rock formations. There, we took a lot of photshoot. We had and amazing view of Mt. Kanlaon and the Northern parts of Cebu.



After spending 1 hour of taking photos, we descended back to the house nearby the campsite to pick up our packs and had lunch. Few minutes after, we made our descending trek back to Brgy. Agsuwao for opur sidetrip to Tinubdan Falls.



Sidetrip at Tinubdan Falls

This is the second time that I’ve jaunted the beautiful Tinubdan Falls. The mesmerizing cascades always made me a surprise. Everyone really enjoyed the flowing waters Tinubdan Falls of . We had a great experience and took a lot of photos.



Photo by Joseph Baya

Moments later of indulging ourselves, we quickly drove going back to Carmon proper and had dinner.



The participants  of Pundok Bandana Friendship Climb. Photo by: Joseph Baya


How to get to Mt.Kapayas?

  1. Took a bus ride from North Bus Terminal going to Catmon, Cebu. Inform the driver to drop you off at Catmon Bag-o Municipal Hall. (Bus fare is 70 php for non-aircon and 80 php for airconditioned bus.)
  2. From Catmon town proper, get  a habal-habal ride going to Agsuwao trail. Fare is around 100 pesos one way.
  3. Make sure to contact a guide and get a trekking permit to the local tourim.
  4. Respect the locals and the environment.
  5. Always practice Leave No Trace principles.

DAY 1- September 30, 2017, Saturday

08:00 am- Meet up North Bus Terminal
09:00 am-ETD northbus terminal
12:00 NN- ETA Camton proper
12:30 am -Lunch at Brgy. Tabili
2:00 pm – ETD Brgy. Tabili going to Agsuwao jump-off
02:30 pm -ETA Jump-off via Agsuwao trail
05:00 pm -ETD Camp site
06:00 pm -Prepare dinner
07:00 pm -Dinner
08:00 pm- Socials
10:00 pm- Lights off

DAY 2- October 1, 2017, Sunday

05:00 am- wake up call
06:00 am- Prepared breakfast
07:00 am- Breakfast then breakcamp
08:00 am -Started trek going to the summit
10:30 am- ETA Mt. Kapayas/SUMMIT
11:30 am – ETD Mt.Kapayas back to Brgy. Agsuwao
12:00 nn- Lunch
02:30 pm -ETD Tinubdan Falls
03:30 pm -ETA Brgy.Tabili
04:30 pm- ETD Catmon proper
05:30 pm- Early dinner at Catmon proper
06:30 pm- ETD Catmon proper
08:30 pm- ETA Cebu City
Home Sweet Home

Camping Permit – Php 640 ( divided by 20 ) = Php 32
Reg Fee + Guide Fee = 250 per head
Brgy. Permit = 20
Fare going to Tinubdan Falls sidetrip ( roundtrip)= 350

Total Damage = Php 650.00

Note: This is not yet included for the Bus Fare going to Catmon from Cebu City.

“An awesome way to spend the weekend is by a satisfying a camp at moutains. Got lots of cuts & bruises but it was super worth it. I got to experience God’s wonderful creations. Thanks to everyone who joined the event and made it more fun. Congrats to ALL of us”!


If you want to experience and conquer the Mt.Kapayas. Make sure to get a permit from the local tourism of Catmon, Cebu. Let us all respect the town. For guideships and permit processing you may call or text Kyno Lim Dumlao at 09993259621.


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