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FROM SUMMIT TO SEA– After an overnight camp and exploring the vanishing hiking trails of Mt.Panamao, another paradise astounded our adventurous spirit, the Higatangan island.


Situated in Naval, Biliran, Barangay Mabini, Higatangan island is an island known for its shifting sandbars. The long stretch sandbar is truly incomparable, it has a 200 meter long of white sand.


Higatangan, whose name is derived from “atangan” (waiting), is separated from the main Biliran Island by a narrow channel in the northwest tip of Leyte province. For P1,000, tourists can rent a boat to take around the island and explore its clear waters, coral reefs and rock formations while watching seagulls and flying fish.



The 200-meter sandbar shifts to the left during the summer months or “amihan” (northeast monsoon) and to the right during the rainy months or “habagat” (southeast monsoon).


The water is just so crystal clear and cool and I really had a good time swimming here. Like most sandbars, the shallow areas are only limited to the part connecting to the island while the rest, it can get deeper within a few feet so caution should also be taken when swimming especially near the tip.



The Higatangan Rock Formations


Along with its beautiful sister the famous shifting sand bar, the rock formation is a beauty of its own league littered in the Higatangan coastline, fronting the wild waves.  The spectacular rock outcrop is crafted by nature’s own hands. It is a result of hundred of years of the resulting elements of heat, wind, erosion and the crashing waves. A heritage sculpted by time, earth’s gift to us.  Some says that our rock formations can rival those in the Biri and Camiguin Island.


The rock formations can be found at the back of the Higatangan island, facing the Visayan sea. To get the most vantage point one has to ride a floating device to have the panoramic view.  With the cool green waters and the greenery accentuating the formations it is really nature at it’s best.



Via Ormoc, Leyte

Boats and Fast Craft trip are available daily from Cebu to Ormoc. You can take a fast craft for 2 hours and 6 hours in a boat ride. From Ormoc City Port you will see a Terminal Van that will travel to Naval, travel time from Ormoc to Naval will take 2 hours.


  1. It is better to travel early from Ormoc to Naval for you to have a spare time purchasing your supplies in the island.
  2. You can actually stay overnight on the island as there are rooms and cottages available in Higatangan Island.
  3. There is a Sari-Sari store also available if you will roam around the island.
  4. Make sure to bring enough cash because there is no ATM machine available on the island
  5. Make sure to bring underwater cameras for you to fully enjoy and take photos the underwater natural beauty since Higatangan island is good for an underwater explorations.
  6. Respect the locals and be friendly.

If you want to explore and visit this 200-meter of white sand shifting sandbar in Higatangan Island, you may contact BILIRAN TOURISM.

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