CAPTIVATING ISLAND IN NORTHERN CEBU|A Thrifty Ultimate Destination For Barkada Getaways – ( Travel Tips + Budget )

Carnaza Island is a 173.5-hectare turtle-shaped island located north of Malapascua Island which itself is north of mainland Cebu in the Philippines. Carnaza is then the northernmost offshore part of Daanbantayan. The island is bordered on all sides by the Visayan Sea

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CARNAZA ISLAND / One of the best and hottest summer destination right now in Cebu. It is a tiny beautiful island situated at the tip most Northern Part of Cebu. This island has a lot to offer either you travel alone or in a group. It will surely give you pleasure with your adventurous soul and will make a trip unforgettable.


The Carnaza Eco Park

Before jaunting to this beautiful islet, I heard a lot of a bit heart-stopping stories or experience with the waves. So as we arrived at Tapilon Port, I couldn’t imagined the strong waves rippling the shore and I began to felt nervous. I had thought all the possible scenarios about our trip.


As we began to sail, the current movement was really rocking the swift and my heart beats so faster. Good thing, we got a high skilled boatmen and brought us to Carnaza Eco Park safe and sound.


We arrived CARNAZA ECO PARK at around 9:00 AM and we stayed at the same place. The group rented and occupied 4 wooden cottages since we are eighth all in all and per cottage will cost 200 pesos for 2 pax good for an overnight stay.

Find me at Room #4😉

There’s nothing much to tell about this area besides its cave, emerald waters, and the oddly placed helipad.


The wave-battered shorelines of Carnaza meant tons of seashells and pretty beach stones. Upon arriving the island, I was filled with gladness. Like I live in a place with precious pieces in the world! And i guess the group felt the same happiness as I am as they started to take snapshots.


CARNAZA ISLAND really captured my adventurous soul, from day and night. Stargazing here is really wonderful as there’s no noise pollution and you can clearly see the stars in the sky. I’ve never seen that many stars before.

Five Billion Star Accommodation


There are number of places that you can jaunt and explore in the island of CARNAZA.

➡ Carnaza Eco Park (where we stayed)

Delightful Afternoon with T-Boy at the Beach front of Eco Park

➡ Pantao- Pantao / Rock Climbing (ideal for cliff diving)

Pantao – Pantao Rock Formation

➡ Skull Cove and Helipod

Looks so creepy but it’s not.
Chasing for Sunset at the Helipod area.

➡ Kang Gorio Beach and Twin Beach (Barrio proper)

➡ Kang Helina Beach ( 50 PHP entrance fee)

Coron Feels! ❤️

➡ La Manok island

Welcome to La Manok Island!

In our part, we hired a habal-habal for 150 pesos per head. We did our island tour Saturday afternoon which is the day we arrived Carnaza Island. I had some disappointments during our tour because of the garbages that I saw in some parts of the places we visited.

A very surprising trail ever! 😔

I even saw plastic cups and candy wrappers along the trails when we are on our way to Pantao-Pantao and it saddened me, really! Yes, we can’t force people to the right thing but it’s the right thing to do and it’s a matter of discipline. How come that there are some tourist / visitors can afford to throw away their trashes anywhere especially to untouched and pristine places like Carnaza? If you can’t discipline yourself just stay at home and watch your favorite K-DRAMA with your Mom! Be a responsible traveler, buddy!

On our way to La Manok Island!

Anyway, getting rid of LNT. Lol! On the next day, we had our LA MANOK island adventure.
This Island is an islet near Carnaza. People visit it for its long sandbar and snorkeling area. Getting there was really rough and the waves are really huge. We took a 30 minutes of another thrilling boatride experience before we arrived in this stunning islet.

The Pretty long and beautiful sandbar of La Manok!

After couple of minutes of fighting the beachcomber, it has been paid of. We had this real island vibe experience, for real! Yes, you heard it right “REAL ISLAND VIBES”.

Experience the real island vibes!

Thats because, you can’t see any locally-owned house and any mini stores in the island. Thus, you have to bring all necessary stuff that you need when you visit La Manok.

We had our lunch there, we grilled pork and fish and everyone enjoyed it,really!

Our La Manok Island adventure was one of my best island tour so far. I had so much fun and amazed with the clear and cold as ice waters.

Carnaza Island may not be the destination for you and to your Friends/Barkadas for a comfortable and relaxing beach vacation. But if you’re into camping and adventure, then Carnaza is one of the beaches you should visit in Cebu. For me, this is one of the best beach destinations so far that I can see in Cebu. Aside from its very affordable cost, it satisfies my adventurous and wandering soul.


➡ Ride a bus from North Bus Terminal via Maya- Bagay and inform the driver to drop you off at Tapilon Port. Travel time will take 4 to 5 hours.
➡ Upon arrival in Tapilon Port, ride a boat going to Carnaza Island. First trip is from 7AM to 10PM. Travel time going to Carnaza will take maximum of 2 hours depending on the sea condition.


154 Php- ( Non- AC) North Bus to Daanbantayan Public Market
217 Php- (Airconditioned Bus) Tapilon to North Bus
20 Php- Tricycle fare from DB Public Market to Tapilon Port
400 Php Boat transfer Tapilon Port – Carnaza – Tapilon Port (200/way)
2500 Php- La Manok island tour ( Divided by 8 persons)
200 Php- Entrance Fee Carnaza Eco Park
200 Php- Wooden Tent good for 2 pax ( 100 each)
150 Php/pax- Island Tour and Guide Fee
500/pax- Food ( Lunch- Dinner- Breakfast and Snacks)

Total Expense: 1,904 PHP
(* All prices listed above are subject for change)


1. The more people who is joining the merrier and most of all the cheaper.
2. Bring enough food and drinks because the Eco Park kitchen is mostly out of stocks. So you need to go to the Barrio Proper to buy some foods needed.
3. Bring tents if you have because you pitch a tent everywhere.
4. Make sure to bring extr batteries or powerbank because you phone might be running out of battery so fast due to picture taking.😂
5. Be friendly with the Locals.
6. Make sure to bring enough cash because there is no ATM machine in the island.
7. Signal is not stable.
8. Make sure to contact first some people in the island who is responsible for the tour so that everything is organize one you’ll get there.


Kalali (tour) – (0930) 201 2745
Ate Diana (Eco Park) – (0999) 860 9761
Tirso (Boat service) – (0948) 078 7894
Alshenie (Passenger Boat Service) – (0936) 073 656
Coun. Gegi Camino (Homestays) – (0918) 547 5143
homestays (price range from 250-300 per person) 🙂


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