There’s no such thing as “SUMMER” in the Philippines- But Many Are Still Saying We Have The Best Summer Destinations. Why?

Couple of Photos from travel enthusiasts that will remind you that our country is truly the best of the bests! Even if it’s Dry or wet season, our country has countless spots to choose fron. ❤️


Technically, there is really no “summer season” in the Philippines—or in any other tropical climate country in the world, for that matter.
Summer, being one of four seasons, is only experienced in temperate regions like in northern Asia, Europe, the United States, and Australia. Their summers are characterized by warm temperatures and dry conditions.

Sine the Philippines is close to the equator, it receives a relatively consistent amount of sunlight—and overall warm climate conditions—throughout the year, and the change in daytime is insignificant.

So the Philippines doesn’t really experience summer. At least, not in the way that other countries in temperate regions experience them Instead. , the country experiences annual changes in climate patterns that we have come to call “seasons”: the dry season and the wet season. – source : GMA News

But Why is it that there are many foreign people /tourist saying that we always have the best summer destination?

There are a number of places you can visit during your stay here in the Philippines. You can either stay in some provinces in Luzon and get in love with the rice terraces/paddies in Benguet, enjoy the Sky Ranch in Tagaytay, indulge yourself with the breathtaking view of Batanes and much more.
You can also jaunt the islands located in Visayas and Mindanao.

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We have countless destinations to choose from—from short-hour drives, long road trips, to remote island destinations.

Here are some of awesome photos from our travel enthusiasts that all beauty in the world you are looking for are all reachable. There’s no need for you to book a flight out of the country to see spectacular destinations. We all have that, right here in our country, Philippines!

Photo credits: Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure Badian
Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure – Badian, Cebu | Photo credits: Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure Badian
Oronggan Beach in San Remigio, Cebu | Photo credits : Lieve Polentinos
Stunning Sunset in Bantayan Island , Cebu Ph | Photo credits : Jabam Mason
Another Sunset Sesh in Bantayan island | Photo by Mark Adayo
Perfect Candid Shot in San Remigio, Cebu | Photo credits :Idas of @LaagSparkles

Officially, we herald the start of the dry “summer” season once the cool northeast monsoon winds or “Amihan” finally wane and are replaced by the warmer Easterly winds. This typically happens some time in the middle of March.

An Awesome Photo of a family enjoying the newly opened, Boracay! | Photo credits : Bambie Paolo
A Clear and Clean Lagoon in Palawan | Photo credits : Byahe Ni Misai
Picturistique view of the stunning Mantigue Island in Camiguin | Photo credits : Robert Christian Tan of @KUYACHRISBYAHERITO
A Dream destination to 104 Million Filipinos, Batanes! Photo credits : @ByaheniMisai

So what terms should we use to describe the seasonal change in weather? In Filipino, we use tag-init or tag-tuyot. In English, we can use “dry season.” But, inaccurate though it may be, the term “summer” is here to stay: no other word rolls off the tongue in quite the same way, especially when used in the context of summer classes, summer getaways, summer breaks, and summer outfits.

Spectacular view in one of the beaches in Siquijor – Photo credits : John Chris Bayhonan
One of the must do activities in Coron, Palawan – Photo credits : Zefren Suan
Almost Cotton Candy sea of color | Photo credits : Reymund of Idol Wanderer
Garin Farm in Iloilo City | Photo credits : Zefren Suan

Thus, “summer” is just a term we now commonly used to of feel the season – if not of the season itself.

Bring out the sunscreen and the beach mats, ‘cos summer season is finally here. And if you are a sun chaser, beach bum, thrill seeker, honorary mermaid, or simply a weary soul looking for a break from daily routines, summer (and this article) calls upon you now to heed the call of adventure.

I would like to thank the following travel enthusiasts for making my life so simple with the help of your awesome photos. ❤️

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