A WALK THROUGH THE ISLAND OF BOHOL | – Itinerary, Tourist Attractions, Budget and Tips -|Part 1

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BEHOLD BOHOL– This island in Visayas dominates the ownership of those breathtaking chocolate hills and fascinating small creatures which is the tarsiers. Bohol also owns the alluring captivating landscape shots on several Philippine movies and telenovelas.

There’s no doubt why this island is one that atop most travelers bucketlist whether local or foreign tourists. Simply because it can accommodate all people with a different lifestyle – From food trippers, beach lovers and adventure seekers.

Being in Bohol does not only engage you with the wonderful creations of nature. It will also attached you with the breathtaking commemoration of history in the Philippines, the Blood Compact.


Recently, I jaunted Bohol for the fifth time around with my Coolest friends ever, the Goaliath. Armed with plan but little time, our goal was to hit many places as we can over the weekend. So we hopped into a small light truck and rode off into the sunset.



Dauis is one of the two towns on the island of Panglao, Bohol.

There are 2 existing bridges in Dauis; the Songculan Riverside Bridge, which is made of timber and the Dauis Bridge also known for “Causeway” made of reinforced concrete.This bridge connects Tagbilaran City to Dauis town which will eventually be an access to the New Bohol Airport.

The bridge is about 10 to 15 minute ride by tricycle from the downtown of Tagbilaran City to Mansasa.

I’ve been to many different places in the region and chasing sunset is always my favorite part of the itinerary. Lucky we are because we stayed in a place that’s just few walks away from the causeway. When we got to the bridge, I was so amazed with the clean waters that continously running under it. I feel so relaxed while sitting on the concrete benches built along the bridge. It is really a perfect place to unwind. During daytime, you will see beautiful sceneries of Tagbilaran and Dauis and during night time, you will see many people gathered on different spots. Truly, it is a perfect to meet your friends to get some relaxation and discussions.

Below are the snapshots that was taken around Dauis.

-Glorious Morning-

Photo credits to Robert Christian Tan of KuyaChrisByaherito

-Delightful Afternoon-

-Awesome Evening-


There are several old churches that can be found in Bohol like the Loon Church, Baclayon Church, Maribojoc Church and Loboc Church that can be found nearby the Loboc River.


This Church in Dauis also known as Our Lady of the Assumption located in the island of Panglao stands as one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines.
The church was built in a variety of styles, influenced by Neo-Gothic and Neo-Classic architecture.

Photo credits to Rocky Charles

On the ceiling inside Dauis Church are wonderful paintings made by Ray Francia and Canuto Avila in 1916.

It is said to possess miraculous powers just like the Birhen sa Simala in Cebu. This church is also know for its well that is visible inside the church and continues to provide water to the people living nearby.


Dauis Church became one of the “Pambansang Palatandaang Pangkasaysayan” or Country’s Historic Symbol.

Getting here is easy. If you love to hike, you can reach Dauis Church from Tagbilaran City by foot and it will take 20 to 30 minutes walk. You can also take a public jeepney or tricycle.

To add more spice when visiting this beautiful town, don’t forget to roam around outside the Dauis Church because there is one spot there with a panoramic view where you can unwind and take great photos.

Below are some of my Snapshots!

The Municipality of Dauis has 2 major spots that includes Our Lady of The Assumption and the Hignadanan Cave.
Meanwhile, there are numerous resorts are established, both for cost saving and high class accommodations, keeping you close to the relaxing view of the beach.

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