A WALK THROUGH THE ISLAND OF BOHOL | – Itinerary, Tourist Attractions, Budget and Tips -|Part 2

BEHOLD BOHOL– This island in Visayas dominates the ownership of those breathtaking chocolate hills and fascinating small creatures which is the tarsiers. Bohol also owns the alluring captivating landscape shots on several Philippine movies and telenovelas.

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The main purpose of our Bohol trip was actually to celebrate a barrio fiesta (An annual religious activity a certain community). But as we all know that Bohol is packed with amazing natural blends of natural wonders, we can’t afford to kick off a road trip.

Right after we had a great drift in Dauis, we were packed with a vague plan but our goal was to engaged as many road and activities.


To kick off our road trip, we headed first at the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary in Corella, Bohol. I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the sanctuary because I wasn’t aware that there is another area in Bohol conserving the little primates. (I’ve been to Loboc Sanctuary and Tarsier Botanika).

For us to wander around the facility and a close encounter with these tiny little creatures, we paid Php60 as an entrance fee.

As we entered the sanctuary and started to jaunt around the lush green scenery. I feel so blessed even though it’s not my first time seeing the tarsiers. Yes, it could be a simple experience for me but still it is very rewarding.

The tarsiers are just flat out adorably cute. They had found 5 on the day I was there. I also like the facility. They try hard to keep people from molesting the tarsiers and they don’t interfere with their behavior. They go out in the morning to find them, then put a small barricade around them for their protection and keep at least one staff member there to help the visitors and protect the tarsiers. If they find four, we get to see 4. If there is only 1, the visitors only see one. Plus all of the staff members are super friendly.

Just some tips and things to remember. Quiet is mandatory. It is for the safety of the tarsiers.


Also don’t molest the tarsiers or get too close. Take some bug repellent. Bring some cash for souvenirs, they are cheap and tarsier themed. Also, when you are on the road take some toilet paper, as not all rest rooms have it, not sure about here, but just a general rule.

Photo taken 2 years ago

It is always nice to walk in the woods and discover the small animals, sleeping on the trees but so close to you .

Right after our close encounter to the tarsiers, we instantly headed straight to Bilar, Bohol where you can see the long stretch of about 2 kilometers Mahogany trees. Obviously, you know what I’m talking about!


Travelers going to Chocolate Hills from Loboc will not miss this. The canopy of a lush Mahogany Trees forest whose branches curved overhead will truly make your head look up.
Before entering the Bohol man-made forest, one can see the variety of trees and giant ferns along the road.

The trees breathe, creating a breezy atmosphere that is much cooler than the outside. No matter how hot the day is, it remains comfortable in the company of these hardy yet nurturing soldiers.

What Made The Mahogany Trees Stand Out and became a Popular Tourist Destination in Bohol?

This 2-kilometer stretch of mahogany trees that carpet the sloping ground where the municipality of Loboc meets Bilar were completely grown uniformly like a platoon of giant soldiers. It stands out because of its uniformity in heights where the leaves have blocked out the sun.
When you are in this mountainous area you will rarely see the sun and once you see it you still don’t feel the entire heat due to the shades from the branches and leaves.

Again, I apologize for the major throwback photo. We are not able to get some pictures because of the rain that day we went here.😊😅

However, we are so unlucky that time because the rain pouring down in buckets unexpectedly. It was quietly disappointing because we are not able to take some photos.

The trees breathe, creating a breezy atmosphere that is much cooler than the outside. No matter how hot the day is, it remains comfortable in the company of these hardy yet nurturing soldiers.

Additional Information:

Either from Tagbilaran or Tubigon, Bohol, there are numbers of tour operators and agencies offered a group tour. (But I highly suggest to look in Tagbilaran). There are are also van or motorcycle that you can rent for a day.
If you preferred taking public transportation- There’s a bus terminal in the town proper. However, it will consume a lot of time and might mess up your itinerary.

Note: Please remember that this area is part of the highway. There are some vehicles who are passing through the forest are very speedy. Always keep safe and BE CAREFUL!

Despite of the wonders of rain, we didn’t dashed our plan to continue our road trip and instantly headed to Sevilla Hanging Twin Bridge to get some Adrenaline Injection.

This is my second time to step and cross the Hanging Bridge of Sipatan River. Though, it’s not my first time here but I still wanted to cross the bridge and have some fun with friends. It didn’t gave me that much excitement for the fact that I’m not afraid into heights but I just enjoyed the moment by frightening my friends. Lol!

Three of my friends ( Angel, Rocky and Robert) were really scared of crossing the bridge and one of them was totally screaming the whole time. They were moving slowly because as I keep on jumping to shake the bridge. The sound of the bamboo floor make them more scared because it sounded like it’s going to crack.

This guy was the one who’s shouting like a crying baby! Lol! Isn’t it obvious that he is really scared? 🤣
Congratulations for making it! 😂

I arrived first on the other side and they followed after a few minutes. It was an achievement for them as they were able to cross the other side and managed the way back.


Bohol are one the things you must experience. Not really scary but the bridge does wobble a bit. These days its been reinforced with strong wire rope so its perfectly safe. There is an entrance fee of Php35.00 to walk across the bridge (Update as of 2019). On the other side there is a small Sari Sari store which also has some souvenirs. great for taking selfies and pictures. Walk across one bridge and walk back on the other. Local guides will offer to take your photos and sell to you if you want.

What Makes The Place Worth To See?
– Perfect Survey of the scenery
-It is a rickety bridge made of steel cable covered with a weave of split bamboo.
-It crosses the river at a height of about 10-15 metres. As you step on the bridge it moves as with every subsequent step.

SAFETY TIPS: Wear good shoes here because if your wearing anything with a slight heel its going to go through the bottom you may even loose your shoes.


Getting here in a public transport is a bit difficult. I highly suggest to arranged a tour from a travel agent. There are numbers of Van in Tagbilaran offered a group tour services and Motorcycles to rent.

While our adventure continues the temperature, rain and drizzle continues also to come our way. – More Rain on the way!!!

It’s not the fun yet that I’m talking about! 😂

We didn’t think of umbrellas or any other rain gears but we reshaped the way we view with the weather condition. We played like small potatoes and sung under the water that lashes down our skin. We had fun and laughed without limits.

I can’t help but think of all the good things that come with rainy day travel. It may seem like I’m romanticizing, or reflecting through rose-tinted glasses, but these aren’t my only positive examples of rain-punctuated travel. I’ve also enjoyed hiking in the rain, wine-tasting in the rain, and fly-fishing in the rain.


Right after our priceless experience crossing the rickety structure of SEVILLA HANGING TWIN BRIDGR, we headed our way to Bilar Public Market to grab some food for lunch.

Amid the torrential downpours we’ve been having down in the town of Bilar,wondered what food to eat. So we ended up to count raved about the homely goodness of a bowl of soup. Our lunch was perfect because the soup was served so hot. We really cradled the bowl and warmth our mitts.

After Lunch, we gear up and get ready for another road trip adventure – We instantly headed our way to Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen, Bohol

Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen is 55 km from Tagbilaran City and the most famous tourist attraction of Bohol. There are thousand cone-shaped hills spreading out on a natural open plateau, looking like mystic mounds.

When my friend and I traveled there las 2 years ago , the view deck was under construction and it took away from appreciating the beauty of the hills. It was near impossible to take decent photos of the hills as they can be seen in postcards or the web due to this. I’d recommend you skip the climb, (and take photos on the parking side if you insist on going). Best to take the ATV ride around the Chocolate Hills, this I really enjoyed and where I truly appreciated the beauty of the hills and the surrounding environment.

Since it’s my second time here, I’m so glad that to see that everything was totally organized already. They have shuttle service where visitors can ride after a tour and sightseeing with the wonderful background /scenery. The shuttle service will pick up the visitors from the waiting atea going to their parking space.


This attraction is a must see. You will wonder how these hills were formed. You can only see this in Bohol.

This is far from Tagbilaran Airport, maybe a one and a half hour travel. So it would be convenient if you’ll rent a car to reach there and so that you can also easily go to the other tourist spots.

The highest viewing deck is located in here. You have to pay Php25. 00 as am entrance fee. It would take more than a hundred steps to reach the top.
It’s somewhat tiring to reach the top but the view is worth it.

Of course, don’t forget to have an obligatory grouo photo! Always keep memories! ❤️


Visited 4 spots already, from Corella to Chocolate Hills was a long tiring hours of travel. Plus the weather was not that cooperative that time. But everything was paid off becaused of the breathtaking view.

Right after our visit here, I was expecting that we will be goibg back home to get some rest. Hell, No! It wasn’t the end our road trip. We instantly headed our way to LOBOC ECOTOURISM ADVENTURE PARK

All of my friends including me didn’t grab any rides and i don’t know what’s their reason behind. Maybe because all of us are on a budget that time of maybe they are scared. Me, personally I’d really love to try at least 1 ride just to indulge my thirsty adventurous soul. However, I was on a BudgetTravels that time as well.

The Magnificent Loboc River

Since there’s no chance for me to get some rides, I just look up with Ziplines passes above the river and took some photos and videos.

A view from the Lobby

The Loboc river that you can see from up above when riding a Zipline!

Meanwhile, the Loboc Adventure Park has its own Lobby that is situated at the mountainous part of Loboc where visitors can enjoy watching the scenery Loboc River.

They offer zipline and cable car rides with exhilarating heights of 120 and 100 meters respectively. This will let you take a good look at Loboc’s wonderful mountainous slope while enjoying the ride. Have a great time viewing Loboc’s lush green trees together its ravishing clean river.

Here is a short video of their Zipline! ❤️

Full video will be posted soon on my YouTube channel.

All I can saw is AWESOME!!!! Even though I just watched the people riding on thier ziplines, I can really sense that it is a nice rush of Adrenaline!


Zipline – PhP 350/pax

Cable Car – Php 250/pax

All Ride (Zipline + Cable car) – Php 550/pax

Combo ride (One-way Zipline + One-way Cable car) – Php 350/pax

Open from 8:30 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.

Anyway, in any case, Bohol is safe, friendly and the definition of adventure. If it’s your first time in Bohol,I highly recommend you stay for a few days.

Getting in Bohol is really simple. The travel time from Cebu will only take roughly 2 hours via ferry.
Bohol has also many ferries connecting it to other ports nearby, specially in Cebu island. The most popular route is definitely between Tagbilaran and Cebu City, with several connections per day.😊

Stay tuned for the full details ( Itinerary, Tourist Attractions, Budget and Tips -|Part 3

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