I’ve Got Lost In Alburquerque! Not in Spain But in Bohol – Trust Me, It’s Paradise!

Bohol is renowned for its amazing Chocolate Hills and stunning beaches in Panglao and Anda. Obviously, it is an island with many beautiful white sand beaches. But aside from these two popular beach resorts, there’s a “UNFAMILIAR”public beach resort in Bohol that’s worth visiting if you want to have some dose of Vitamins Sea. It […]

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Bohol is renowned for its amazing Chocolate Hills and stunning beaches in Panglao and Anda. Obviously, it is an island with many beautiful white sand beaches.

Outside one of the famous resorts in Panglao – Hennan Resort

But aside from these two popular beach resorts, there’s a “UNFAMILIAR”public beach resort in Bohol that’s worth visiting if you want to have some dose of Vitamins Sea.

It was an exhausting day for me since we took off a road trip the whole day prior we arrived here. From Corella, Bohol, Bilar, Loboc and lastly here in the town of Alburqueque, officially known as “Albur”. I wasn’t expecting of seeing something special or exciting aside from getting a close encounter to the Largest Phyton in Captivity which can be found here in Albur.

The entrance of Bohol Python in Albur- Details will be posted soon.

But before that, few months ago before our visit here in this astounding town of Alburquerque, Bohol. Charlton ( who grown-up and raised here), showed us a sneak peek of a spot that this town could offer. Upon checking the video, I saw this Mangrove Garden and a white sand beach that I can also found in my hometown of Cebu. Thus, I didn’t gave too much attention about it because it seems that there’s nothing more special about the place.

If love can move mountains but in our case, rain can’t ruin our adventure!

Going back to our road trip; Started a day of wet lashes down our body to a sunny summer afternoon, we headed our way straight to Albur from our quick Jaunt at Loboc Adventure Park.

The entrance of the resort doesn’t says what’s inside in it. From Google photos

When we got to the entrance of Sta. Filomena Beach Resort, I wasn’t pleasantly surprised because it’s like an ordinary beach resort that can be found or see in many towns both in Bohol and Cebu. It was also low tide that time where I just saw a lot of see moss or algae and tiny mangroves. I thought of the time was being wasted here.

The end point of the passage going to the beach

When everyone got off from the cab, all of my friends instantly made their way to the beach that is few walks aways from the parking space. Since i found the place nothing is interesting, I was planning to just sit on the cottage and wait for them to come back. But when Charlton said that ” Mga Patay nga Mangrove ato makita didto” ( There’s a Mangrove dieback on the other side), I instantly followed them. He also added that there’s a nice spot where we can take some photoshoot.

As I followed my friends and walked into the man-made path leading straight to the beach. I was pleasantly surprised litle by little of what I saw and when I finally got to the beach, I was blown away with the view. I can see blue light scattered everywhere and seems like I am getting closer to the horizon from the place where I stood up.

Look at the scenery, I believe that even a blind man can sense the tranquility of the place.

I was filled with amazement with the teal water lapping onto its wide and pretty long powder white sand. As I walked into the sand going to the Mangrove Sanctuary, it reminds me of Kalanggaman tour. I was like walking in a beautiful and pretty long sand bar.



From Google photos

Walking straight to the other side, as I am getting closer to the Mangrove Protected Area, I saw some group of friends gathered there. When we finally got to the side of verdant mangroves, I was like open-mouthed for a few seconds. The place was truly quiet and peaceful.

Yes, they are mangrove diebacks but the looks so alive! ❤️

The tall mangroves look so amazing even though it has been dieback. Trust me, it’s a Paradise!

I quickly ran and wander, look for a spot to take photos. I climbed the tree and strike some pose. Lol!

The floating cottage that is tied up few meters away from the seashore and mangroves makes it more attractive and serene. The place is a perfect respite of a tiring day.

Of course, my friends don’t want to be left behind in striking a pose!

Here’s our random snapshots:

The place is truly a perfect spot for those who seek a warm embrace of nature as it is a home of various marine species and shore birds.

Do you think the view will look much better without the model? 🤣✌️Lablab this girl so much! – Truly an Angel! ❤️

It could be an alternative option if you had enough with some beaches in Bohol. The place is also perfect to avoid crowds without giving up any natural beauty.



I was really grateful and thankful that afternoon for I followed what’s in my heart. I’ve got the opportunity to see God’s wonderful creations. For God made this world so wonderful. The beach, the raging sea and the stream where I can dream of the things I want to be.



The Municipality of Alburquerque, Province of Bohol is one of their tourists destinations for its existing tourist destination, the Sta. Monica Church and their famous Prony- Largest Python in Captivity.

I hope all visitors coming here will give care that our nature’s needed most. #LEAVENOTRACE From Google Photos

This Municipality has natural wonders to offer such as the STA. FE BEACH RESORT AND MANGROVE PROTECTED AREA.

The beach resort is situated next to Tagbuane River, nearby the Poblacion of Alburquerque. It is 13 kilometres away from the town proper of Tagbilaran.

The beach resort is open to the public who wants experience tranquility and can rent a cottage for only Php 100. It is very populat to the locals in the town of Albur. There is a floating cottages available for the visitors to use but you’ll need to ask some permission to the beach resort personnel. The beach resort is currently managed and operated by the local government of Alburqueque.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Marine Sanctuary was established in year 2000 where the beach resort and Mangrove Protected Area are situated. This area was designed with a purpose. The sanctuary is a big help to the locals to rising fish stocks and corals. However, it was destroyed by some of the illegal fishers. There are couple of activities that everyone can enjoy since the municipality has been considered as a diving site. If you love hiking, you can trek up to Tagbuane River that will passed through the Forestal Reserve Zone.


No matter how many places you have seen and visited, always open your mind and suck in the experience. Our life in this world is hungry where we come to feed. We travel to different places and searches for something we haven’t tried before. So never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite & never outstay the welcome. Its Probably Worth It! Trust me, It’s Paradise!

Oh, before I forgot – I’ve got annoyed when I arrived here because of this plastic /trash I saw here. What’s even more disturbing-  I saw some locals who were there prior to us and they wasn’t able to pick this small piece trash.

Since I run with the blood of eco-tourism warriors and with a humble heart of Leave No Trace -I just picked this small piece of trash instantly and put it inside my bag. 💕👌

I hope that the locals will have the initiative to maintain the cleanliness and give a little care in this pleasantly amazing spot.

I would like to thank Charlton for bringing us here. It was a pleasure visiting your humble town. Looking forward to seeing more attractions in Albur! ❤️


From Manila, one can take a one-hour flight to Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol. From the Tagbilaran Airport, and on board a hired van, the trip will take 20 to 30 minutes to the town of Alburqueque.

From Cebu to Tagbilaran, you have two choices, either to take the fast ferry-boat for an hour and a half or the regular ferry boat whose trip will last for four hours. Vans are available at the pier. To economize though, you can take a multi-cab at the pier bound for Baclayon-Alburquerque or hire a motorbike to bring you to this humble town of Albur.

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