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KALYE 648 |An Ancestral House Turned Into An Instagramable Restaurant

Wonder what made this old house in Brgy. Tisa turned restaurant stand out? KALYE 648 – Located in Brgy. Tisa, City of Cebu, an old house built in the 60’s turned into an Instagramable restaurant. Purely Filipino and true Cebuano design shines through antique finds, recycled pieces, and unique details. The old house turned into

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CANDIEZ CAFE | A Charming Cafe in the Heart of Cebu ❤️

The First Christian Cafè in the heart of Cebu – It is located at North Park Building, U.N. Avenue Mandaue City (at the back of Maayo Hotel) The building shares the same parking lot with Maayo Hotel.

Chill | Party | Laugh @ Ubeertime Comedy + Music +KTV

It is very essential to anyone who lives in a fast pacing lifestyle, working in a stress environment and living in various problems to laugh. Spontaneous laughing despite of predicaments is a great gift to each oneself. Laughter is a part of human behavior regulated by the brain, helping humans clarify their intentions in social

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8 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Costabella Tropical Beach Resort

This year, I  had the pleasure to visit several attractions both inside and outside Cebu, experience several different cultures.On the  run, I had the chance to experience and see  the enchanting and traditional hotel in Cebu, the Costabella Tropical Beach Resort. Together with the fellow Cebu  Bloggers  and  other media groups. I’ve been  to many luxury resorts in Mactan island,

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Canyoneering in Kawasan, Cebu For The Second Time Around

Canyoneering in Badian is one of the most thrill and extremely fun adventure in Cebu. It is now one of Cebu’s biggest tourist draws. And for the second time around, my adventurous spirit took another challenge of trekking, jumping and swimming. It was 2 years ago when I tried these exciting adventure in Cebu. There were

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10 Facts You Shouldn’t Love About Cebu

There are a number of places you can visit during your stay here in the Philippines. You can either stay in some provinces in Luzon and get in love with the rice terraces/paddies in Benguet, enjoy the Sky Ranch in Tagaytay, indulge yourself with the breathtaking view of Batanes and much more. You can also

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Bring Me Back To Panglao Island, Bohol Philippines

I’ve been to Bohol, Philippines for how many times already, but my last year excursion in the Island was really a blast. Because that was the first time I visited the pristine Panglao island. As far as I can remember that was really a well deserved trip for me though I was undecided because that

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How Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise Can Whip Up your Dishes with Dips?

The Magic of Mayonnaise We all know that most chefs and restaurateurs always find ways to make dishes more exciting for their customers. We always look for what is new and what is the best seller, right? These kitchen wizards have concocted magical dips that make fritters even more delightful. Lady’s choice real mayonnaise made

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