Sulpatara Peak: A Peak That Stands Majestically Below Alto Peak


After almost 2 hours of steep descending trails from Lake Janagdan, another secluded mountain that is really an eye-opener especially to those mountain climbing/trekking enthusiasts.

The exit point of Mt.Janagdan:Looks could be deceiving, indeed!. It seems so near yet it was still an hour away.

When we left the majestic breathatikng view of Lake Janagdan I was really happy when I finally saw the target road only to be mortified that it is still about 1 hour away. OMG! thanks! (I am not good in descending trails really!)

My happy face when when we finally reached the target road to Sulpatara Peak!
Selfie! With the PNOC Drill area background 🙂
This segment of the trek is somewhat exposed to the sun. I saw a lot of wild strawberries, called “binggit” by the locals,abound especially during the summer months. This part also could be your way going to Alto Peak.
A welcome treat!
The geothermal potential of this place is manifested by the sulfur vents beneath, and the volcanic soils that mat the campsite area. The entire trek beyond Janagdan takes around 4-5 hours (slow pace). But for me it only took 2 hours – and brings you in full view of the majestic Alto Peak.
A surprising trail to Sulpatara Peak!


The trek proper going to Sulpatara Peak will take you to even more secluded and majestic that is similar to the summit assault of Alto Peak. The trail going to Sulpatara area is only gradual, which is good! The trail is set on a forest with an impressive array of flora and fauna.



After 30 minutes of a relax hike, we finally reached the area where sulfur vents beneath, and the volcanic soils that mat the campsite area. I smell something mephetic that is really stinking my nose. So if you have a sensitive nose, make sure to bring a mask to cover it up.

Sulpatara Area: It is not yet the peak!



The rocks withing Sulpatara Area was surprising. Since it is my 1st time to be in a place like this, Iv’e got dumfounded how the trees looks like in here! It’s like they were burn by humans but isn’t it.


Here you go! I was surprised that there is also a campsite in here! Who could have thought that this place can be suitable for camping.



This area is where campers can also see the entire view of the majestic Alto Peak! (I apologize, I don’t have any pictures for that because the area was fully steamed up)


Behind this campsite is the area where you can see the mud bath area. It is where you can see a boiling soil/mud that’s really showing that there is a volcanic activity in here.



This is one of the best hikes!


The area around Ormoc City is really mountainous and could serve as one of the next frontiers of Philippine mountaineering. Sulpatara Peak is a technical name for Sulfur mountain. This is 1100 meters above sea level situated below Alto Peak. So if you want to see the majestic view of Alto Peak (Mt. Amenduin) this place is the best!

If you are planning to do a summit climb to Alto Peak or Sulpatara Peak. You may contact Cabintan Local Eco-Guide  (CALEGUID).

“This is one of Gods natural gifts.Lets give value of sustaining these gifts for our children and grandchildren so that in time, they will remember and thank their grandparents for taking care of these resources.”

-Pocholo Aragones Franco-

#Leave No Trace


This sponsored travel would not be possible without the help of  Mr. Pocholo Franco, the VP of Ormoc City Tourism Council. Ormoc City Tours by Fran-con Viaje International , Supercat by 2Go Travel , Cabintan Local Eco Guide especially to the Morales Brothers and family. Most of all, to Mayor Richard Gomez and Ormoc City Government for making this adventure possible.

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Lake Janagdan: A Breathtaking Crater Lake Occupying the Caldera of Mount Janagdan

On the 2nd day of my Ormoc Summer Adventure in Brgy. Cabintan. I took another limb trekking and climbing going to the breathtaking scenery of Lake Janagdan. The lake completes Ormoc’s three lakes.  If Lake Danao is the biggest lake in Ormoc. Lake Janagdan is the smallest of the three and is accessible only by foot.


Since I’ve got the idea on how to get there because the house of my poster parents is just situated fronting Mt. Janagdan. Thus, I thought to myself that it will be another day of an interesting hike. Lol!

The stunning view of Mt. Janagdan

At exactly 6:00 AM, Dennis (my guide) fetched me in the house where I stayed. We started to trek going to the trail of Mt.Janagdan at around 6:30 in the morning. The stunning view of Mt. Janagdan was really dumbfounded!


The first 10 to 15 minutes of the trail was just normal. When we reached the assault of the mountain, it was surprisingly more difficult than the summit trek to Alto Peak. I didn’t know that Mt. Janagdan was also considered as the highest peak in Ormoc at 1,120 meters above sea level.

My view upon reaching the assault of Mt.Janagdan

The place was really a typical limb trekking and you need to be careful with the steep ascending trails. Part of the trail, you will be encountering interesting insects fluttering around the bushes and heard various murmurs of animals because it was really forested.


The paths are almost not visible and the tress heavily cramps the trail.


When we finally reached the middle part of the mountain, the weather becomes unfriendly and the fog started to cover up the scenic view.  Unfortunately, the rain did not stop until we’ve reached the summit of Mt. Jananagdan.

This welcomes us!

After 1 hour and 30 minutes of bushwhacking, we finally reached the summit of Mt. Janagdan. A portion of the lake peers through a small opening in the tree.


The weather was really cold at the top of the mountain and I was totally freezing. Also, I didn’t have the privilege to see the entire charming lake because it was also covered up with fog. So Dennis, decided to stayed at the top for 30 minutes before proceeding to the crater lake. Sadly, we already stayed at the top for almost 1 hour but still the lake didn’t appear.:(

The crater lake of Mount Janagdan

So we decided to go down and proceed to the crater lake. And the descend trail going to the lake was really tough. When we reached the crater lake.Regrettably, we have the same situation. The breathtaking scenic view of the lake was really fogging up.



I told my guide to just stayed at the crater lake for 30 minutes. As I am still hopeful for the chance to see the clear view of this magnificent and mystifying lake hidden within the peak of Mt.Janagdan.


I was really unlucky that time because I didn’t get the chance to take more photos of the charming lake.

The most spoiled dog in the country, Gari. Also strike a posed

Since we cannot do anything about it. So we took another challenging trail traversing to Sulpatara Peak. From Lake Janagdan, the ascending trail traversing to Sulpatara Peak is just around 30 minutes. Most of the time are all descending trails. But swear, that was not easy!

Trail Runners of Ormoc: Benjie and Jed of Traverse-Ph

On our way to Sulpatara, Iv’e met these 2 adventurous people. They are actually on a trail run. Iv’e got the opportunity to speak with them and exchanged our social media accounts for us to keep in touch.


After 2 hours, we finally got the Sulpatara area.( Sulpatara Peak adventures will be posted soon.

Photo from google

About Lake Janagdan

Mt. Janagdan is the highest peak at 1,120 meters above sea level situated at Brgy. Cabingtan, and is about 19 kilometers northeast of the city. Hidden within this peak is another magnificent and mystifying lake, Lake Janagdan. The smallest among the three Ormoc lakes, it has an area of about 3 hectares This Lake is accessible only by foot, about two hours hike from the jump-off point at the barangay proper. Despite its size as compared to Lake Danao and Lake Kasudsuran, it can exude the same charm and excitement to the adventurers. It rises at a height of 1,080 meters, offering a challenging climb to those who want to be captivated by its beauty, concealed amidst a rugged terrain and thick forest cover.

How To Get Here?
From Ormoc City, ride a jeepney going to Brgy. Cabintan via Ga-as at the Terminal across Public Market and Ormoc Port. The travel time will take more or less 1 hour. Tell the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Cabintan Proper. Register at the receiving center get ready of your 300 PHP for the guide fee. You can also hired a habal-habal for only 200 PHP from Ormoc City going directly to Brgy. Cabintan.

If you wish to visit the place, you may contact the Cabintan Local Eco Guide (Caleguid) on Facebook.

The breathaking scenic view of the crater Lake Janagdan (Photo from Lake Janagdan FB Page)

“This is one of Gods natural gifts.Lets give value of sustaining these gifts for our children and grandchildren so that in time, they will remember and thank their grandparents for taking care of these resources.”

-Pocholo Aragones Franco-

#Leave No Trace

This sponsored travel would not be possible without the help of  Mr. Pocholo Franco, the VP of Ormoc City Tourism Council. Ormoc City Tours by Fran-con Viaje International , Supercat by 2Go Travel , Cabintan Local Eco Guide especially to the Morales Brothers and family. Most of all, to Mayor Richard Gomez and Ormoc City Government for making this adventure possible.

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Miranda Falls in Ormoc City: The Historical Water Escape in the Philippines

Aside from its famous Sayahan Falls, I didn’t expect that there is another water escape destinations in Brgy. Ga-as. After my three days adventures in the Community of  Cabintan, Province of Ormoc. Iv’e got the chance to visit again the community of Ga-as and see the place where Lt. Blas Miranda of Guerrillas ( Philippine resistance movement ) hid during the Japanese war, the Miranda Falls

This way to Miranda Falls, Goodluck !

Going to Miranda Falls is not a joke really! For you to catch the glimpse of the mesmerizing waterfall you have to trek and sometimes climb. It took me 30 to 45 minutes to do it before I chase this untouched yet historical waterfall.

Ist part of the trail.

But before that, I had the opportunity to meet,spoke and heard some stories with the most significant people of the place. Iv’e met Tatay Segundo Pelicano, the son of Pelagio Pelicano. His father is the personal body guard of Lt. Blas Miranda. Also, I was able to speak with Nanay Conchita, wife of Tatay Segundo. She shared me some stories about their parents during the Japanese war. Upon hearing those heart melting stories, I instantly gave Nanay Conchita a warm hug.

It is an honor to meet these two 🙂
An inspiring snapshot with Nanay Conchita and Tatay Segundo Pelicano

According to them, During the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, Lt. Miranda has another plan that was totally different from Ruperto Kangleon (A Filipino military figure and politician) which caused Miranda’s ditachment in the group.  And it has been said that Miranda betrayed Kangleon and since Kangleon was the leader of the Resistance movement during World War II, he has the power and with complete forces who can help him to pave away Lt. Miranda.
When Peligio, noticed that the soldiers of Col. Kangleon were searching for Lt. Miranda, he immediately look after him to tell that he must be aware about it. Thus, Lt. Miranda left the mountainous community of Matungao (the origin of Peligio).

I can imagined how Lt. Miranda ran and hid with the mountains 🙂

He immediately ran off and hide together with his family in a small cave in Sub-on (now called Miranda falls). When Miranda heard that he was already surrounded with the soldiers of Kangleon, he was felt hopeless and cannot do anything to escape. So he asked his wife to kill their 7 months old child. And he quickly jump off together with his another son in the waterfalls that measures around 75 meters.

(After Lt. Miranda and his son jump off the cliff of Sub-on now called, the Miranda Falls. They were reported as missing.)
The place where Lt. Miranda jump off the cliff of Sub-on, now called the “Miranda Falls”

Going back to my own adventure, the place is really a typical waterfall trek that one has to take: steep descending trails but once you get to the base, it;s a leisurely walk to the waterfall over the man-made pathways. Since it is still untouched, it is really forested and one can see several interesting insects fluttering around the bushes and flowers. The place has been currently developed by the community in headship of Danny Villas (Brgy Ga-as Secretary) and his son Judy Villas.


When my guide, Judy told me that it will take 30 to 45 minutes to get there and the descend trail is most likely similar going to Sayahan Falls but different from Alto Peak.  I thought to myself that it is not that easy. This should be an interesting hike!

20170508_085824-01.jpegIt was also raining that time and the first part of the trail was just gradual. It’s like a typical walking in the park. After few minutes, I fully realized the steepness and just as we started our descent via an iron stairway. I’ve also encountered a 80 degrees slopes where you have to do rappelling for you to get down.



But as far as the descent is concerned, it is really that long way down. Once you get to the waterfall level, it’s a leisurely walk along an established trail.


It’s a cool walk and you should watch out for beautiful and interesting life forms. Along the way, I saw different kinds of insects and heard various birds singing and that was lovely!


There is also an established man-made rock formation in the center where you can sit and watch nearby the waterfall.



It is one of the stunning waterfall with an interesting story that is because of its historical component in the country. I supposed to swim at the times I was there but I am feeling cold and the water was bit murky because the community are still working on the trail.


With my guide Judy and his buddy Jimwell

Here’s a sneak peek on how I captured the beautiful and stunning historical Miranda Falls.

Jaunting Tips: To fully Enjoy your visit.Make sure to check the weather before going to the Miranda Falls. If it rains or has just rained, the trails can be slipper. (But the local government community are currently working on it). Make sure to keep the environment clean and bring water and enough food.

Make sure to prepare yourself to go trekking! 🙂


Getting There: From Ormoc City, ride a jeepney going to Brgy. Lake Danao at the Terminal across Public Market and Ormoc Port. From Lake Danao you can ride habal-habal going to Brgy. Ga-as. Once, you’ve reached the Brgy. you can see a big sign that says “Welcome to Miranda Falls”.
Register at the receiving center and the entrance fee is 25 PhP per pax and 300 PHP for the guide fee. You can also hired a habal-habal for only 200 PHP from Ormoc City directly to Brgy. Ga-as. 

If you wish to visit Miranda Falls, you may call 09128653322 and look Judy Villas. You may also check their Facebook account by Clicking here

According to google maps it takes 51 mins. From Ormoc Jeepney terminal going to the place

Currently the local government is working on improvements for a better access to this hidden treasure. Rest assured, a true beauty is waiting.


“This is one of Gods natural gifts.Lets give value of sustaining these gifts for our children and grandchildren so that in time, they will remember and thank their grandparents for taking care of these resources.”

-Pocholo Aragones Franco-

#Leave No Trace

This sponsored travel would not be possible without the help of  Mr. Pocholo Franco, the VP of Ormoc City Tourism Council. Ormoc City Tours by Fran-con Viaje International , Supercat by 2Go Travel , Cabintan Local Eco Guide especially to the Morales Brothers and family. Most of all, to Mayor Richard Gomez and Ormoc City Government for making this adventure possible.

Special thanks to Judy Villas and Brgy. Ga-as Secretary: Danny Villas for being so kind. To Nanay Conchita and Segundo Pelicano, thanks for sharing  to me some stories!

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KAPLAG Festival 2017

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and indoor

“Kaplag”which means finding in Cebuano, recalls the discovery of the image of Snr. Sto. Nino by Spanish soldier Juan Camus on April 28,1565. He found the image burned inside the nipa hut after Spanish forces set fire to the village.


Without the Kaplag Festival, there will be no Sinulog. The festival was celebrated more for its history and religious ties due to the commercialization of Cebu City’s Sinulog Festival.



The first Kaplag celebration was held in the late 1990’s. Meanwhile, a first festival organized by the vendors of Taboan Public Market on 1994 and will offer discounts for dried fish during the festival.

Image result for kaplag buwad festival
photo from Choose Philippines

What is the connection of Snr. Sto Niño and Dried Fish?


Kaplag Buwad Festival, a combination of two celebrations in Cebu, commemorates a historical event and the other is a thanksgiving for the blessings received through their main livelihood.


Kaplag Buwad Festival is celebrated every last week of April at Brgy. San Nicolas, Cebu City. Hundreds and even thousands, both foreign and local tourists, gather to witness the yearly revelry in honor of Cebu’s patron saint, Señor Santo Niño.

Kaplag” is a Visayan word for “discovery” while “buwad” is a local term for “dried fish.” From the 2 words, you already get the idea on what the festival is all about.


Kaplag is the celebration of the finding of the Señor Santo Niño image 40 years after the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan died. It is focused more on the second expedition in 1565 of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi in the Philippines where the Señor Santo Niño was found in the fire ruins at San Nicolas.

Image result for dried fish in cebu
photo from google

Buwad is a thanksgiving celebration of the abundance and benefits received from the dried fish industry bestowed by the Señor Santo Niño. The barangay is known as a major supplier of buwad and you’ll find baskets full of these being sold at Taboan Street.



In celebration of the Kaplag-Buwad Festival, vendors sell their products at a lower price. The dried fish and dried pusit are marked down or at a discounted price. There are also free tastes of buwad for customers.


Don’t forget to buy pasalubongs. The usual favorites are dried fish, dried squid and dried mangoes.


Disclaimer: Article about What’s the connection of Sto. Niño and Dried Fish was originally written by Belle Piccio of ChoosePhilippines


What else to see in CEBU? 10 Facts You Shouldn’t Love About Cebu

15 Reasons Why I Left My Heart In Ormoc

Isn’t it surprising to see places that you’ve never thought to have existed at all? Thatthere’s such a beauty in this world. It’s a wonderful feeling to see these kinds of places especially when it can be found in our very own country.

My unplanned trip to Ormoc City last month can be considered as one of the best. It is also one of God’s greatest gift in my passion of traveling. Traveling has become one of my ” cravings”. I love the idea to see new places and go for an adventure. Visit places that I can get intimate with mother nature. When O saw beautiful landscapes, ocean view in the pictures I immediately fell n love and hoped to visit it as soon as I can.

Actually, when I arrived at Ormoc I was disappointed because I was under the impression that it has the same atmosphere of some provinces that I have been such as Camotes, Siquijor, Zamboanga and etc. But it was not! It seems that I am still in Colon, Cebu City. Then, when I finally jaunt the tourist attractions of Ormoc the next day…wow! I was surprised. And because Ormoc astounded my spirit, I really left my heart in Ormoc and here are the reasons why.

















End Of The Year Night Photowalk

From the moment I became part of the blogosphere. It has been my part of my goal to communicate social awareness to each individual and to use my captures as a way to show people how significant the things that surround us. Thus, a right angle is my best friend to get the perfect photos to share with.


Photowalk: A gathering of people who are camera enthusiast that will walk around while taking pictures of the things that interests each photographer.

Human interest /LG-G4/Snapseed


I wasn’t aware that there are such activities happening in the community where we can see people that are camera enthusiast will gather and walk around to take photos.One of the best photo walks I know is the “Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk”. Honestly, I don’t even know who Scott is. It has become my interest to research about it when I saw some of my blogger friends posting about this Worldwide Photowalk on social medias last year. Since then, I wished to join photo walking.


Since I didn’t see any opportunity yet where I can join a photo walk. I tried to do photo walking all by myself while waiting for any activity or organize Photowalk events thatI can be part of.

A  sample photo of my first photo walk.


And before 2016 has ended, Herbert Kikoy of granted my wish. An opportunity that I’ve been longing for has come. I had a chance to join his organized photo walking event which is called #EOTYNightPhotowalk.  When I’m about to dock the Cebu Heritage Monument which is our assembly area and starting point to take photos, an extraordinary happiness is and excitement is what I felt.

Shoot # 1
Location: Cebu Heritage Monument
LG-G4 Stylus
Editor: Snapseed


I truly agree that your emotions and personality has something to do with your photo. It is one thing that makes a great photo. Emotion in a photograph or any work of art is what helps a viewer connect with a piece if that emotion is prevalent in the viewer.

Shoot # 2
Location: Yap-San Diego Ancestral House


 Happiness and joy, sorrow and despair, these are some of the easier emotions as they are universally felt, at one time or another, by all on this planet.My point here is you can’t guess which mood people will be in when they view your work.

Shoot # 3
Location: Colon Obelisk



When I look back through my travel photos I will often notice a dip here and there in the number of photos taken on a particular day.The quality is also off and I can remember just what I was feeling that day. In most cases, I had that, “Just not feeling it today” blah that comes and goes for us all. And it shows in my work.

Shoot # 4
Location: Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
SJCamera 5000+


Shoot # 5
Location: Basiclica Minore Del Sto. Nino
SJCamera 5000+


Shoot # 6
Location: Basiclica Minore Del Sto. Nino


Often a singular emotion gets lost in a busy scene. This goes for photos as well. Simplify the main subject of the image before hitting the shutter release. A wide angle view of a festival in the streets might show the size, which can be impressive in its own right, but the feel of that party is best conveyed on the faces of those dancing or performing in the crowd. Zero in on the action.


As we proceed to our next spot, I tried to take a photo of a guy standing outside the church who is selling balloons. Unfortunately, he hides out when he noticed that I am about to focus his face.

I realized that is is better to ask permission before taking a picture of the stranger, especially head on. Again, remember your mood will possibly influence theirs and if you are trying to capture them as naturally as can be (without being a sniper hiding in the shadows), keep your demeanor as neutral as can be.

Shoot # 7
Location: Juana Osmena Street
SJCam 5000+


Shoot # 8
Location: Tabo Sa Banay


Shoot # 9
Location: Colon Street
SJCam 5000+


If you are shooting a subject which you can return to, do it. The same street or beach or room will have a different feel on different days, especially if the weather changes often. And your mood can shift as well from day to day. Return to a location with an open mind for a second look and you may be surprised to find not only are the characters involved different, the feel of the place is different too.

Conveying emotion in photography is a surefire way to help your work connect with those viewing it. It will help lift the quality of your work and give it more punch. Before you hit the shutter release next time, think to yourself, “What emotion am I trying to convey?”











How Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise Can Whip Up your Dishes with Dips?

The Magic of Mayonnaise

We all know that most chefs and restaurateurs always find ways to make dishes more exciting for their customers. We always look for what is new and what is the best seller, right? These kitchen wizards have concocted magical dips that make fritters even more delightful.
Lady’s choice real mayonnaise made special dips that will blend your dishes perfectly! Tastes which could be sweet, savory, spicy,sour, fruity, zesty and more.
There’s just no limit to the variety of flavours you could do!
Coupled with fried dishes , these dips bring out a harmonious mouth-feel that make each bite more indulging

Where To Try This Magical Dishes with Dips?

When it comes to food comfort, Dong Juan proved that they know their stuff. They always stand to their true mission “offer all-time favorite with a flavorful twist,” the popular Filipino-American restaurant found in 14 branches all over the country, partnered with Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) to create three dips that made their best seller even more better.

1st Dong Juan Branch in Cebu
From left to right: Katz Bernardo of Ogilvy Public Relations Manila, Christian-Dong Juan’s  Marketing Manager, Miss Aubrey Borja- Dong Juan’s Founder/Owner,Tisha Cal0 -Unilever Foods Solutions, me and Pearl of

Dong Juan offers Garlic Aioli, Sriracha and chili lime dips- all made with Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise, which is made with real ingredients that brings perfectly balanced taste with creamy and rich in texture.

The usual chili dip gets an upgrade as diners of Don Juan can pair the bestselling fritters-Fish nuggets, chicken nuggets, calamares, and popeye shrimps- with this selection of dips to enjoy.

After we tasted the magical dishes of Don Juan whipped up with dips . I realized that Dips are great way to make dishes to your menu more delicious and sumptuous. Adding this dips is a breeze and will perfectly balanced the taste of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise.

You can delight yourself and your guests by making one now by using their recipe ideas on

Trust me it’s easy!

3 Good Reasons To Try the Dishes In Don Juan

1. Delightful meal that is just within your budget.

When choosing a restaurant one of my main consideration is the price apart from the food. That is why, I always agree not to spend more than what you earn.

Dong Juan served delicious food with prices ranging from 110 php to 370 php, which gives satisfaction with your taste buds.

All meat pochero

2.  They make food that you cannot make in your own home.

“We were always in search for the perfect ingredient that would make our food taste different from the rest. We don’t settle for the usual variety. Some of our ingredients come from abroad, Europe particularly, and so if some other joint would want to copy the taste of our food, they will find it difficult because most of our ingredients, they won’t find locally,’’ said Aubrey.

Must try baby back ribs in BBQ Sauce

“We use sweet paprika in our French fries. Walang paprica sa Philippines, kaya we import it (There is no paprika in the Philppines so we import it.) The result is, iba ang lasa ng sa amin (fries) kumpara sa iba (Our fries have a distinctive taste),’’ said Aubrey.

3.  They Offer Sumptuous Pasta.

If you are a pasta lover, Dong Juan got it all for you. They offered  Carbonara w/ cacao de bola, Spanish chorizo w/ cacao de bola, Tablea Marinara 

For seafood pasta lovers, try the Gambas al alijo pasta.  You won’t be disappointed. It’s exactly what seafood pasta should taste like.

 Dining in Dong Juan lift up my mood. So what’s yours?

Dong Juan is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Dong Juan Guadalupe Branch
Emilio Osmeña Street, Guadalupe, Cebu City
For take-outs or reservations, call them at +6332 2561796

Dong Juan Mango Avenue Branch
2nd Floor, One Mango Place (General Maxilom Ave.), Cebu City

Dong Juan Persimmon Plus Branch
G/F Persimmon Arcade (M. J. Cuenco Avenue), Cebu City

Dong Juan Crossroads Branch
At the Crossroads Mall, Banilad, Cebu City
Tel: +6332 5208899

Who is Unilever Food Solutions

At Unilever Food Solutions, they help food operators all over the world serve tasty and make your wholesome meals that makes your guests coming back for more.

They create ingredients that save precious prep time in the kitchen without compromising on flair. They constantly provide ideas and inspiration that keep your menu fresh and more exciting. They already staples professional kitchens in 74 countries around the world: Knorr, Lady’s Choice, Best foods, Lipton and more.

They’ve been in food since 1880’s. So they easily understand the critical balance between impressing your guests and how to make profit. They know how to keep your menus and recipes fresh and exciting.

For more information on Unilever Food Solutions


This Guest post is by Carlo Andrew Olano of

Carlo is proud Cebuano who loves good food. He loves to write about excellent dining places in his town. To check his exciting dining experienced visit: