“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. ”
-Marcel Proust-

What is Nhagzventures?

It’s a travel diary and more! Where it will showcase all the beautiful destinations in Cebu and special trips anywhere in the country. This is also a space  their passion for traveling. An open space where people can share their traveling tips and thoughts about traveling encouragements and experiences.


On this page, I usually publish post about my travel and adventure experiences both inside and outside Cebu. I will also do the very best to feature inspirational travel stories consistenly.

Since I love to capture any things that goes around under the sun. I am considering this craft as my space to share my random creative captures. I want to inspire many people to open theirhuman eyes widely and see the beauty that sorrounds us.


As part of my goals, I want to help people to expand their awareness and introduce the diversity. I want them to be fully aware that traveling is not all about spending money. Educate them that traveling is the best way to learn places and connects us to other cultures and people.


Why Nhagzventures?

I chose Nhagzventures as my blog name because it is a combination with my nickname Nhagz and ventures coming from the word Adventures. Since, I always consider that Travel is education. I come up the name Nhagzventures where you will be able to witness my drift and adventure stories.

You can join this vibrant community of travelers by leaving comments on any post on the blog.

What’s in it for me?


Many people are keep on asking me if what I can get about blogging. Am I monetizing it? Well, here’s always my answer to their simple question. No! I am not earning from it. When I created this craft, I just created without thinking that I can earn through blogging. I just want to share my travel stories and let them know that we are here in the world to experience life to its fullest. I’m happy for that!

I always consider that traveling is an opportunity to get lost and face one’s fears of the unicorn. Many of us are living the cycle that keeps pushing our happiness to a far away land. So, why don’t we embrace what we have now?We should be grateful for it!

Wanna know more about Nhagzventures?

Feel free to follow me on social media. You can also contact me to my personal email: travel@nhagzventures.com or contact me .

I am looking forward to get in touch with you and let’s Jaunt together! 🙂

Thank you and see you on my next Nhagzventure! 🙂

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