“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. ”
-Marcel Proust-
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What is Nhagzventures?

Its a travel blog and more- A simple community where people can share their passion of traveling alone tips,suggestions for a cheaper back packing and encouragements.

Nhagzventures is a Cebu based travel diary where it will feature all beautiful destinations in Cebu. Also it will feature some special trips in the Philippines. It will also feature the best dining experience in my hometown.


On this page I usually  publish posts on  how and why of solo travel, I also feature weekly/monthly posts on solo travel destinations and photos.

On this page you will also see my  random creative captures both adventures and daily memories. I love to capture any of my memories that goes around under the sun.

I want to inspire people and let them see how the world works and how it goes through my meaningful captures.I want them to help them to  appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

As part of my goal as well, I want to be fully aware with the larger world that we are part of and to communicate social awareness to each individual and to use my captures as a way to show people how significant the things that surrounds us.


What’s with the name “Nhagzventures?

I chose Nhagzventures as my blog name because it is a combination with my nickname Nhagz and ventures coming from the word Adventures. Since, I always consider that Travel is education. I come up the name Nhagzventures where you will be able to witness my drift and adventure stories.

You can join this vibrant community of travelers by leaving comments on any post on the blog.

What’s in it for me?

photos from google

I always consider that my page is my space where I can share my thoughts about my adventures and creative mobile photography captures that goes around under the sun. On this page you will be able to get some tips and encouragements about solo traveling that will be based on my experience. Also, on this page it will allows you to provide any suggestions about your travel experiences. The fact I always agree that everyday is a learning process. In which, I believe that your suggestions will help my discovery.

Wanna know more about Nhagzventures?

Feel free to follow me on social media. You can also contact me to my personal email: egantorrecampo@gmail.com or check my Contact info.

I am looking forward to get in touch with you and let’s Jaunt together! 🙂

Thank you and see you on my next Nhagzventure! 🙂


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