SUMMIT TO SEA | Mount Babag, Chalet Hills, Busay To Lapu-Lapu City

A week after my visit to the City of Beautiful People, Ormoc City. I just can’t get enough to be with the greens. Also, when I feel as life becomes boring, I always think of stepping outside my usual comfort zone and grab some adventures. Luckily, I am surrounded by friends who also have the same interests as me. Since we have the same working schedules, we dare to find another way to distress through a weekend climb at the two peaks of Cebu’s mountain barangays (community).


During this weekend climb, I am with Lovely the “Adventurose” and my new found friends namely Isabelle the “Social Climber”, T-boy the “Innocent” and Kim the “PackBoy“. Our camaraderie was all started during our Alto Peak Summit climb in Ormoc City.


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This is the second time that I reached the cool and refreshing Mt. Babag. We started our journey from Guadalupe Church and hired a habal-habal ride.  The good thing about this climb was we took the trail of Brgy. Napo in which nothing to worry about the heat of the sun because it was really covered. Along the trail, we passed by a part of a river and saw a lot of huge trees. An hour after, I started to see the towers of RCPI which is the marked of the peaks, I  thought that we’re already halfway of the trail. Unfortunately, we are still very far away.  Thus, I’ve got the great opportunity to embrace the heart of nature.


Guadalupe Church, Cebu | Photo courtesy: Everything Cebu

Along the trail, the green scenery, and some invertebrates truly surprise my human eyes.



Halfway through the trail is another one hour of trekking before reaching the summit of Mt. Babag. In the middle of the mountain, we saw a small house where we took a quick rest and light snacks.


Fifteen minutes after, we resumed our climb to the summit of Babag. The trail was even tougher.  Thorny bushes grew with plentifulness along the trail. But, were getting closer to the summit.


The breathtaking view of Mt.Babag


The viewed from RCPI Towers of Mt.Babag

After two hours of viable hiking from Brgy.Napo, we finally reached the summit of Mt.Babag which offers a breathtaking view of the progressive Queen City of the South. From this point, you will be able to catch the glimpse of the city.


After the group enjoyed the view and the usual picture-taking session, we began our trek going to Chalet Hills, Busay. We still had two hours more of trekking to do before reaching the campsite on the top of Chalet Hills. We proceeded to an unchallenged road of Veteran’s Drive that leads straight to the campsite of Chalet Hills.  The trail was gentle and fully established that makes the trekking part like a walk in the park.


It was dark when we arrived at the top of Chalet Hills and presented some concerns as the wind goes stronger. But, we didn’t want to miss an amazing night at the top catching the magnificent Cebu City Lights. So, we quickly pitch our tents and crossed our fingers for a great morning tomorrow.


The view from the peak was spectacular. We had a perfect city view in front of us with an impressive array of mountains at our back.


The mountain was so glorious that time since there’s also a group of campers right next to us. It was an amusing night for me, a moment of a fun evening with friends. As I lay silently with my fellow campers, I felt happy living a life at the present moment surrounded by many friends with the same interests as me.


I woke up late the next day. The sun was already up when we prepared our breakfast. The downside part about camping on the top of Chalet Hills was being exposed to the sun. We hurriedly prepared our breakfast, ate and broke camp as the weather became unfriendly.



As we continued to pack up our things, I suggested the group to go to the beach to cool down ourselves.  Not bad!Unexpectedly, everyone concurs with the idea. Another unplanned trip added on the itinerary.



Descending down from Chalet Hills was another easy trail that leads us straight to Temple of Leah and Mountain View Resort.However, it’s really quite far. It took us two hours before we finally reached the exit point Mountain View Resort and Temple of Leah. Outside the temple, we saw a small store selling cold coconut/ buko juice where we fueled ourselves.


We continued our descent going to the highway and back to civilization. We took full advantage of our rest days and everyone was so excited to take some beach. The circle went straight to one of our friend’s crib in Cordova to withdraw our heavy packs in our back.


Since we are still undecided on what beach to go, I instantly recommended the Mactan Newtown Beach because I was under the impression that they’ve got the best public beach in Lapu-Lapu City with an affordable price. But, I was wrong! Everyone was shocked with the entrance fee of the resort. I remember that I just paid 30 PHP the last time I visited the place. Because we can’t afford to pay the required fee upon entering the resort, we ended up at one of the public beaches in the city that didn’t cost anything.


What’s funnier about this unexpected beach bumming was we thought that we’re done with our trekking part. But, it’s not over yet! While walking going straight to Mactan Newtown Beach, one of my friends was in the tenderness of nature’s call while I am also in the warmth of breaking the winds. Lol!


After an hour of energizing our body into a salt water, we directly went back to Cordova to have some dinner. Meanwhile, the circle decided to do an overnight stay at my friend’s crib. After dinner, I just relax inside the room, lay in the bed with my phone listening to the cicadas until my postural muscles relaxed and I was on the verge of sleep.



The next morning, I woke up with a refreshing body because of the full eight hours of being asleep. What’s more even to that, coffee was already prepared in the table that makes our morning perfect.  After that great coffee, Lovely, Belle and I prepared ourselves without any delay to go home. Until we finally reached our individuals home safe and sound!


Our weekend escape was a hell of an adventure. It was one of the most awesome trips I’ve had because of the unexpected jaunts.  If you are planning to do the same adventure such as a day-long trek to Mt.Babag (RCPI Towers) or catching the magnificent Cebu City at night by having an overnight camp at Chalet Hills, Busay. This post could well be your ticket to help you decide which make your plan easier.

Here’s my personal tip that might help you on how to get there!

  1. Ride a jeepney going to Guadalupe Church
  2. Hire a habal-habal just situated at the back of the church and tell the driver to drop you off at Sitio Napo. Fare is 20PHP
  3. From Sitio Napo Basketball Court, proceed the trail that will take you to the peak of Mt. Babag then detour to the 5-towers trail.
  4. If you are planning to Chalet Hills, Busay. Take the road of Veteran’s Drive that will take you to Chalet Hills.
  5. You can also take an easier alternative way going to Chalet Hills. Ride a habal-habal from JY Square Mall, Lahug going to Mountain View Resort. You may the proceed hiking to Chalet Hills or Mt. Babag (RCPI Towers).

General Tips:

  1. Wear proper/protective sleeves to prevent scratches from prickly plants on the trail.
  2. Chalet Hills, Busay has a very good space for camping but not ideal on a noontime because it’s an open field.
  3. The trek will take around 4 to 5 hours depending on the pace.
  4. If doing a camp always respect the environment and other campers.
  5. Kill Nothing But Time | Take Nothing But Pictures | Leave Nothing But Footprints.































Gabii Sa Kabilin 2017: Pag-handuraw Sa Karaang Sugbo (A Night Of Reminiscing The Old Cebu)

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
-Marcus Garvey-


@ Casa Gorordo

Wala ko damha nga mahimong usa ka espesyal sa akong kinabuhi ang Buwan sa Mayo. Espesyal, mahitungod sa usa ka kahigayunan nga akong nakita ug natuki ang Sugbo sa karaang panahon. Onse ka tuig na ang milabay gikan sa pag- mugna niining maong kalihukan nga gidalit sa Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc, kung asa atung mabisita ang nagkalain-laing musiyo sa Syudad sa Sugbo apan atung makita ang istorya sa Sugbo sa karaang panahon. Kini mahimong pagasalmutan sa publiko sa katapusang Biyernes, buwan sa Mayo. Ang maong kalihukan gi-inspirar gikan sa nagkalain-laing nasud sama sa Germany, Europa ug uban pa.


Cultural performers from different Universities

Nganung ako man nabat-unan nga kini espesyal sa akong kinabuhi?

Isip usa ka Sugbuanon, gihigugma ko ang Sugbo! Ako nagahatag ug importansya sa Sugbo hilabi na sa kaagi niini. Sa tibook kung kinabuhi, karong ko lang natagaan ug kahigayunan ang akong kaugalingon sa pagtuki ug pag-handurawan ang Sugbo sa karaang Panahon.


Kabilin Photowalk with Drift Stories (Groupie with Joseph and Aldrin)

Sa laing bahin, sa wala pa ko nisalmot sa maong kalihukan. Usa ka Cebuano blogger ang nagmugna ug usa ka aktibidad nga ginatawag ug “Kabilin Photowalk”. Usa kini ka kalihukan kung asa naga tapok ang mga ginatawag ug “Mobile Photography Enthusiasts”. Mao kini ang pag sikop (capture) ug usa ka imahe gamit ang kamera sa ilang selpon ( mobile phone camera) samtang nag lakaw-lakaw.


Ang maong aktibidad, nasugdan gikan sa Museo Sugbo, Plaza Independencia, Compania-Maritima, Senior Citizen Park, Magellan’s Cross, Basilica Minore  Del Sto Niño paingon sa Cebu Heritage Park. 

Sa among pag-abot sa Cebu Heritage Park, among naatlan ang taknang alas-sais, diin mahimo na namong magamit ang among mga indibidwal nga tiket sa Gabii Sa Kabilin 2017. Wala gayud nag langay-langay ang grupo ug una namong gibisita ang maanyag nga Casa Gorordo Musuem.


Casa Gorordo Museum

Sa among pagsulod sa maong musiyo, among nasaksihan ang usa ka presentasyon mahitungod sa kinabuhi sa unang mga Bisaya hilabi na ang ginatawag ug Gingharian Sa Sugbo (Rajahnate of Cebu). Sa maong presentasyon, akong nakita ang paagi sa pagpuyo sa Hari nga si Rajah Humabon. Gawas niini, nadungagan ang akong dyutang alamag mahitungod sa kasaysayan sa Sugbo.



Gawas niana, giduyog usab akong kasing-kasing inubanan sa mga maanindot nga presentasyon nga giandam sa mga cultural dance performance gikan sa nagkalain-laing unibirsidad sa Sugbo.


Cultural Show Presentation @Casa Gorordo Museum

Pagkahuman sa maong presentasyon, wala kami nagdugay sa paglakaw paingon sa sunod nga musiyo. Sunod namong gibisita mao ang Museo Parian-1730 Jesuit House.

Samtang kami naglakaw paingon sa sunod namong bisitahon, usa ka grupo sa mga kabatan-unan ang nihatag nako ug usa ka dakong pahiyom. Nakita ko ang ilang pag-plano kung unsa ang una nilang bisitahon sa ilang pagsalmot sa Gabii Sa Kabilin. Nakita ko ang ilang kahinaman sa pag libod sa nagkalain-laing musiyo.


Sama usab sa akong gibati, ako mismo naghinam-hinam nga muabot sa 1730 Jesuit House kay mao kini ang unang higayon nga akong masulod ang maong musiyo ug sa akong pag-sulod niini murag nagambak-ambak akong kasing-kasing sa kalipay sa dihang akong nakita ang mga maanyag nga hulagway sa nagkalain-laing rebolto sa Santos.


18th-century Yap-Sandiego ancestral house: Photo was taken when we are on our way to 1730 Jesuits House .

Gawas niini, akong nakita ang mga maanindot nga karaang butang sama sa telpono, typewriter, lamesa, bangko, camera ug uban pa.


The view of Parian Church before it was demolished

Apan usa sa mga nipasubo sa akong gibati mao ang akong pagkakita sa Sa Juan Bautista Church o Parian Church. Gibati ako ug kagool sa dihang akong nabasahan ang kasaysayan niining maanyag nga simbahan. Makingon kita ug sayang apan wala na kitay mahimo kung dili atung pasalamatan ang mga kaagi ug atu kini tagaan ug importansya.


The Parian Church


The sculpture of Saint Ignatius Loyola

Pagkahuman sa among pagduaw sa maong musiyo.Ang grupo ni desisyon nga mulahos sa JRG Halad Museum. Kini usab mao ang unang higayon nga akong madungaw ang maong musiyo ug ako nahikurat sa akong pagsulod sa maong lugar. 


Samtang ako nag-libod sa ikaduhang andana sa musiyo. Adunay usa ka imahe sa balaang bata nga akong nakita nga ginama sa kahoy ug ivory. Nasorpresa ako ug dako niini mahitungod sa ka dugayon sa maong imahe. Apan, mas nahikurat ko ug dako sa dihang akong nahibaluan nga ang JRG Halad Museum mao lamang ang nag-inusarang musiyo sa Kabisay-an mahitungod sa musika hilabi na Cebuano music and composers.

Sa akong pagsaka sa ikatulong andana sa musiyo adunay laing presentasyon nga nipapukaw sa akong kasing-kasing kung unsa kaanindot ang mga kanta ginama sa bisaya. Nipakpak ug kusog akong duha ka mga kamot human ko nabati ang kantang Usahay nga giduyugan sa UV Chorale.


Hearing the amazing voices of UV Chorale

Gawas niana, ila usab gipakita ang kinabuhi ang kinabuhi sa mga babayeng bisaya pinaagi sa pag-sayaw ug “Palo-Palo Dance”.IMG_20170526_204143-01.jpeg


Usa ka dakong ngisi akong nahiaguman human ko masaksihan ang kasinatian sa mga babaye kaniadto. Ilang gipakita sa maong pasundayag ang kalipay ug kahugyaw kaniadto kung sila manglaba sa sapa.


Pagkahuman sa maong pasundayag akong gidool ang usa sa mga performers ug ako kining gilamano. Wala ko kasabot sa akong gibati sa dihang nigawas na kami sa maong musiyo.


Human sa taas nga adlaw sa paglibod sa mga musiyo malipayon ko nga nakasalmot sa maong kalihukan kay akong napaghandurawan ang maanyag nga Sugbo! Gikan sa tradisyon, kultura, musika ug uban pa. Nadungagan usab ang akong nahibaluan mahitungod sa kaagi o istorya bahin sa Sugbo. Istorya nga angay idalit sa uban ilabi na sa kabatan-unan.


Cebu Bloggers and Photo Enthusiast joins Gabii Sa Kabilin 2017

Sa akong pagsalmot niining Gabii Sa Kabilin, dili ko gayud pagasipyaton nga ako musalmot niini matag tuig.

Maayong Gabii Sa Kabilin Sugbo!

Disclaimer: I wrote this blog in dialect in order for every Cebuano readers feel the essence of being a Cebuano and how beautiful it is. If you want to read this article in English. Just look for the translator tab/button on the page.

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