TUBURAN, CEBU: Where I Drift My Wandering Soul

I never get tired of drifting, I want to go to new places where I can feel the sound of Mother Nature’s heart. It’s like I’m searching the parts of my soul I’ve given to my past life. I want…

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The Amazing Cave: A Unique Swimming Experience in the Crystal Clear Waters Of A Cavern

The Amazing Island Cave and Beach Resort is located in Lucbon, Consuelo San Francisco Camotes, Cebu, Philippines. It is a private resort owned by the friendly, poor, simple and christian loving family.

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Cebu Blogging Summit: An Experience That Pumps Up My Craft

Last the 10th of December, I was able to attend a local meetup for bloggers which is the Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0. As a newbie in blogosphere, the event really derives an enjoyment of my craft. Cebu Blogging Summit is…

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