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TUBURAN, CEBU: Where I Drift My Wandering Soul

I never get tired of drifting, I want to go to new places where I can feel the sound of Mother Nature’s heart. It’s like I’m searching the parts of my soul I’ve given to my past life. I want to explore streets that don’t know the sound of my heart breaking and see things

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The Amazing Cave: A Unique Swimming Experience in the Crystal Clear Waters Of A Cavern

The Amazing Island Cave and Beach Resort is located in Lucbon, Consuelo San Francisco Camotes, Cebu, Philippines. It is a private resort owned by the friendly, poor, simple and christian loving family.

Cebu Blogging Summit: An Experience That Pumps Up My Craft

Last the 10th of December, I was able to attend a local meetup for bloggers which is the Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0. As a newbie in blogosphere, the event really derives an enjoyment of my craft. Cebu Blogging Summit is an annual event for people who are up on blogging and social netizens who would

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