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A WALK THROUGH THE ISLAND OF BOHOL | – Itinerary, Tourist Attractions, Budget and Tips -|Part 1

BEHOLD BOHOL– This island in Visayas dominates the ownership of those breathtaking chocolate hills and fascinating small creatures which is the tarsiers. Bohol also owns the alluring captivating landscape shots on several Philippine movies and telenovelas. There’s no doubt why this island is one that atop most travelers bucketlist whether local or foreign tourists. Simply

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Bring Me Back To Panglao Island, Bohol Philippines

I’ve been to Bohol, Philippines for how many times already, but my last year excursion in the Island was really a blast. Because that was the first time I visited the pristine Panglao island. As far as I can remember that was really a well deserved trip for me though I was undecided because that

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