Yes I’m Single and I Am Not Afraid To Travel On My Own

Yes, I’m single…maybe I am single because I want to at a certain point. I always state that I’m not looking for someone but if he crosses my path, our life will fit, I would love to…but… A person who…

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10 Reasons Why I Enjoy Solo Traveling

I always believe that the best travel companion we can have is ourselves. As a travel blogger, I’ve learned that solo travel is easier than you might think and is completely rewarding in a way few other experiences in life…

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Bacolod; Is Indeed A Place That You Can Smile.

d Bacolod City is one of the best destinations in the Philippines. Great food, peaceful and serene community, easy access to basic needs, hospitable people —Bacolod is all these and more. Known for being a relatively friendly city, it bears the…

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Siquijor- The Mystical Island of Fire (2017 Updated)

Siquijor is an island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. Its capital is the municipality also named Siquijor. To the northwest of Siquijor are Cebu and Negros, to the northeast is Bohol and to the south,…

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Random Thoughts: 17 Reasons Why People Should Travel.

If you’re open and willing, travel will make you an incredibly more well-rounded human being. And that’s really the goal, isn’t it? Meeting people from other cultures will teach you that the way you’ve been looking at the world isn’t the way everybody…

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