Sulpatara Peak: A Peak That Stands Majestically Below Alto Peak


After almost 2 hours of steep descending trails from Lake Janagdan, another secluded mountain that is really an eye-opener especially to those mountain climbing/trekking enthusiasts.

The exit point of Mt.Janagdan:Looks could be deceiving, indeed!. It seems so near yet it was still an hour away.

When we left the majestic breathatikng view of Lake Janagdan I was really happy when I finally saw the target road only to be mortified that it is still about 1 hour away. OMG! thanks! (I am not good in descending trails really!)

My happy face when when we finally reached the target road to Sulpatara Peak!
Selfie! With the PNOC Drill area background 🙂
This segment of the trek is somewhat exposed to the sun. I saw a lot of wild strawberries, called “binggit” by the locals,abound especially during the summer months. This part also could be your way going to Alto Peak.
A welcome treat!
The geothermal potential of this place is manifested by the sulfur vents beneath, and the volcanic soils that mat the campsite area. The entire trek beyond Janagdan takes around 4-5 hours (slow pace). But for me it only took 2 hours – and brings you in full view of the majestic Alto Peak.
A surprising trail to Sulpatara Peak!


The trek proper going to Sulpatara Peak will take you to even more secluded and majestic that is similar to the summit assault of Alto Peak. The trail going to Sulpatara area is only gradual, which is good! The trail is set on a forest with an impressive array of flora and fauna.



After 30 minutes of a relax hike, we finally reached the area where sulfur vents beneath, and the volcanic soils that mat the campsite area. I smell something mephetic that is really stinking my nose. So if you have a sensitive nose, make sure to bring a mask to cover it up.

Sulpatara Area: It is not yet the peak!



The rocks withing Sulpatara Area was surprising. Since it is my 1st time to be in a place like this, Iv’e got dumfounded how the trees looks like in here! It’s like they were burn by humans but isn’t it.


Here you go! I was surprised that there is also a campsite in here! Who could have thought that this place can be suitable for camping.



This area is where campers can also see the entire view of the majestic Alto Peak! (I apologize, I don’t have any pictures for that because the area was fully steamed up)


Behind this campsite is the area where you can see the mud bath area. It is where you can see a boiling soil/mud that’s really showing that there is a volcanic activity in here.



This is one of the best hikes!


The area around Ormoc City is really mountainous and could serve as one of the next frontiers of Philippine mountaineering. Sulpatara Peak is a technical name for Sulfur mountain. This is 1100 meters above sea level situated below Alto Peak. So if you want to see the majestic view of Alto Peak (Mt. Amenduin) this place is the best!

If you are planning to do a summit climb to Alto Peak or Sulpatara Peak. You may contact Cabintan Local Eco-Guide  (CALEGUID).

“This is one of Gods natural gifts.Lets give value of sustaining these gifts for our children and grandchildren so that in time, they will remember and thank their grandparents for taking care of these resources.”

-Pocholo Aragones Franco-

#Leave No Trace


This sponsored travel would not be possible without the help of  Mr. Pocholo Franco, the VP of Ormoc City Tourism Council. Ormoc City Tours by Fran-con Viaje International , Supercat by 2Go Travel , Cabintan Local Eco Guide especially to the Morales Brothers and family. Most of all, to Mayor Richard Gomez and Ormoc City Government for making this adventure possible.

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Miranda Falls in Ormoc City: The Historical Water Escape in the Philippines

Aside from its famous Sayahan Falls, I didn’t expect that there is another water escape destinations in Brgy. Ga-as. After my three days adventures in the Community of  Cabintan, Province of Ormoc. Iv’e got the chance to visit again the community of Ga-as and see the place where Lt. Blas Miranda of Guerrillas ( Philippine resistance movement ) hid during the Japanese war, the Miranda Falls

This way to Miranda Falls, Goodluck !

Going to Miranda Falls is not a joke really! For you to catch the glimpse of the mesmerizing waterfall you have to trek and sometimes climb. It took me 30 to 45 minutes to do it before I chase this untouched yet historical waterfall.

Ist part of the trail.

But before that, I had the opportunity to meet,spoke and heard some stories with the most significant people of the place. Iv’e met Tatay Segundo Pelicano, the son of Pelagio Pelicano. His father is the personal body guard of Lt. Blas Miranda. Also, I was able to speak with Nanay Conchita, wife of Tatay Segundo. She shared me some stories about their parents during the Japanese war. Upon hearing those heart melting stories, I instantly gave Nanay Conchita a warm hug.

It is an honor to meet these two 🙂
An inspiring snapshot with Nanay Conchita and Tatay Segundo Pelicano

According to them, During the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, Lt. Miranda has another plan that was totally different from Ruperto Kangleon (A Filipino military figure and politician) which caused Miranda’s ditachment in the group.  And it has been said that Miranda betrayed Kangleon and since Kangleon was the leader of the Resistance movement during World War II, he has the power and with complete forces who can help him to pave away Lt. Miranda.
When Peligio, noticed that the soldiers of Col. Kangleon were searching for Lt. Miranda, he immediately look after him to tell that he must be aware about it. Thus, Lt. Miranda left the mountainous community of Matungao (the origin of Peligio).

I can imagined how Lt. Miranda ran and hid with the mountains 🙂

He immediately ran off and hide together with his family in a small cave in Sub-on (now called Miranda falls). When Miranda heard that he was already surrounded with the soldiers of Kangleon, he was felt hopeless and cannot do anything to escape. So he asked his wife to kill their 7 months old child. And he quickly jump off together with his another son in the waterfalls that measures around 75 meters.

(After Lt. Miranda and his son jump off the cliff of Sub-on now called, the Miranda Falls. They were reported as missing.)
The place where Lt. Miranda jump off the cliff of Sub-on, now called the “Miranda Falls”

Going back to my own adventure, the place is really a typical waterfall trek that one has to take: steep descending trails but once you get to the base, it;s a leisurely walk to the waterfall over the man-made pathways. Since it is still untouched, it is really forested and one can see several interesting insects fluttering around the bushes and flowers. The place has been currently developed by the community in headship of Danny Villas (Brgy Ga-as Secretary) and his son Judy Villas.


When my guide, Judy told me that it will take 30 to 45 minutes to get there and the descend trail is most likely similar going to Sayahan Falls but different from Alto Peak.  I thought to myself that it is not that easy. This should be an interesting hike!

20170508_085824-01.jpegIt was also raining that time and the first part of the trail was just gradual. It’s like a typical walking in the park. After few minutes, I fully realized the steepness and just as we started our descent via an iron stairway. I’ve also encountered a 80 degrees slopes where you have to do rappelling for you to get down.



But as far as the descent is concerned, it is really that long way down. Once you get to the waterfall level, it’s a leisurely walk along an established trail.


It’s a cool walk and you should watch out for beautiful and interesting life forms. Along the way, I saw different kinds of insects and heard various birds singing and that was lovely!


There is also an established man-made rock formation in the center where you can sit and watch nearby the waterfall.



It is one of the stunning waterfall with an interesting story that is because of its historical component in the country. I supposed to swim at the times I was there but I am feeling cold and the water was bit murky because the community are still working on the trail.


With my guide Judy and his buddy Jimwell

Here’s a sneak peek on how I captured the beautiful and stunning historical Miranda Falls.

Jaunting Tips: To fully Enjoy your visit.Make sure to check the weather before going to the Miranda Falls. If it rains or has just rained, the trails can be slipper. (But the local government community are currently working on it). Make sure to keep the environment clean and bring water and enough food.

Make sure to prepare yourself to go trekking! 🙂


Getting There: From Ormoc City, ride a jeepney going to Brgy. Lake Danao at the Terminal across Public Market and Ormoc Port. From Lake Danao you can ride habal-habal going to Brgy. Ga-as. Once, you’ve reached the Brgy. you can see a big sign that says “Welcome to Miranda Falls”.
Register at the receiving center and the entrance fee is 25 PhP per pax and 300 PHP for the guide fee. You can also hired a habal-habal for only 200 PHP from Ormoc City directly to Brgy. Ga-as. 

If you wish to visit Miranda Falls, you may call 09128653322 and look Judy Villas. You may also check their Facebook account by Clicking here

According to google maps it takes 51 mins. From Ormoc Jeepney terminal going to the place

Currently the local government is working on improvements for a better access to this hidden treasure. Rest assured, a true beauty is waiting.


“This is one of Gods natural gifts.Lets give value of sustaining these gifts for our children and grandchildren so that in time, they will remember and thank their grandparents for taking care of these resources.”

-Pocholo Aragones Franco-

#Leave No Trace

This sponsored travel would not be possible without the help of  Mr. Pocholo Franco, the VP of Ormoc City Tourism Council. Ormoc City Tours by Fran-con Viaje International , Supercat by 2Go Travel , Cabintan Local Eco Guide especially to the Morales Brothers and family. Most of all, to Mayor Richard Gomez and Ormoc City Government for making this adventure possible.

Special thanks to Judy Villas and Brgy. Ga-as Secretary: Danny Villas for being so kind. To Nanay Conchita and Segundo Pelicano, thanks for sharing  to me some stories!

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How To Enjoy Your 500 Pesos In Olango Island, Cebu

Can you visit one of the best keep paradise in Cebu on a low budget?Yes, you can! I will share with you how to enjoy Olango island on less that 500 Pesos a day.


After posting a quick video teaser on Facebook about my quick jaunt in Olango island in less than 500 Pesos. Many of my friends are asking if how did I do that. So I decided, to sum up, everything.


Many people are probably aware of the bird sanctuary in Cebu which is the Olango island. This is one of the beautiful islands that can be found in Cebu including Sulpa, Guiolongan, Nalusuan, Caohagan, Camungi and Pangan-an.




Casa Blanca By The Sea



San Vicente Marine Sanctuary


1. From Colon, Cebu City. You can take a ride via jeepney ( frequency: O1K ) going to Parkmall. The fare is 9 Pesos.
2. From Parkmall, you can ride a multi-cab going to Punta Engano. The fare is 14 pesos.
Inform the driver to drop you off at Movenpick Port.
3. From Movenpick port, get a ferry ticket for just 15 pesos and terminal fee of 5 pesos.

(travel time from Cebu City to Olango Island may take 1 to 2 hours depends on the traffic.)

You may also take a public Van from SM City Cebu. The fare is 25 pesos. Inform the driver to drop you off at Gaisano Mactan.
1. From Gaisano Mactan, take a multi-cab going to Punta Engano and drop off the Movenpick port.
2. Follow #3 instruction above.

Total cost/expenses
Fare from Colon to Parkmall- 10 Pesos
Parkmall to Movenpick Port- 14 Pesos
Movenpick port to Olango island – 16 Pesos
From Olango Port to Casa Blanca (Tricycle fare) 50 Pesos
Casa Blanca Resort ( Day use- all access)-300 Pesos
Snacks-30 Pesos
Biking in Olango -10 pesos per hour
From Casa Blanca to Port ( motorbike) -20 Pesos
From Olango Port to Punta Engano-16 Pesos
Punta Engano to Parkmall- 14 Pesos
Parkmall to Cebu City – 9 Pesos
Home Sweet Home
Total Expense: 458 Pesos

Here’s the quick peek on my Olango Day Trip!

( Note: Casa Blanca is just close to Tungasan Boardwalk, Marine/Bird Sanctuary. So there will be no cost if you wish to visit those places.)
See you And Enjoy Cebu!

A Thousand Pesos Frugal Trip To Southern Cebu

I know that there are a lot of beautiful destinations in Cebu to visit for a budget solo travel. But, I am always under the impression that it will be for a day tour only.I never thought that my 1000 PHP can give me a lot of superb experience for 2 days and 1 night.
As I always checked on the net and I saw that my fellow bloggers are doing a 1000 Pesos challenge (budget travel to any destinations in Cebu for 1 day). I found it very interesting and a perfect idea for a solo traveler like me. Since I was not able to participate it, I tried to do it on my own instead.I got so intrigued whether I can survive the 1000 PHP budget for the 2 days trip because usually, I allocate 2-3k for each of my trips. So I contacted with one of my friend who lives in Carcar City on where to spend a quick vacation in the town. I asked her assistance to help me find a cheap room since Carcar City will be my first destination to visit for my 1000 PHP 2 days budget travel.
It was late afternoon when I arrived Carcar City, so I told my friend to bring me directly to the hotel that she recommended for me to check-in. So she brought me to Carcar Traveller’s Inn.After checking in to the hotel, I decided to quickly jaunt around the heritage park of the town before the sun goes down.I rented
Image may contain: sky and outdoor
On my way to the place which holds a monument to Dr. Joser Rizal, circa 1927. I was greeted by the street vendors selling chicharron and ampao. I bought some of the towns famous native treats and consumed a pack while walking.
While roaming around the plaza, my mind goes classical when I saw the church of Sta. Catalina de Alexandria. The church was constructed in 1860, it is one of the unique designed colonial churches in the Philippines. The twin bell towers really catch my attention because it was capped by an onion-shaped dome that resembles those found in Greek Orthodox Churches in Eastern Europe.
Image may contain: sky and outdoor


The church is just one of the various heritage buildings around the town plaza.





It is only in Carcar where we can see a well-preserved American period structures. According to the Carcar historical council, most of the public structures were built during the term of Mayor Mariano Mercado from 1922 to 1938. Most of the architectures you can see in the town plaza are eye-catching especially the detail of the Old Carcar Dispensary. It is a collage of exquisite lattice-work, accented with stained glass doors and windows.


After walking around the town plaza, I asked some of the locals on how to reach the Balay Na Tisa. So, they instructed me on how to get there and I thought it is quite far to reach. And I was wrong!  🙂 The other side of the road is the way going downhill towards the heritage village.

Image may contain: house, sky, tree and outdoor

The heritage Town: Carcar City is a town with a merry decorated Bahay-Na-Bato. Same with Vigan. It is considered as on of the best-preserved heritage towns in the country.

Traditional Bahay-Na-Bato in her fanciest dress lined the streets of Carcar’s heritage village. One of the ornately decorated houses occupy a block along the main road is the Silva House.

Since it is around 6:00 PM already, so I didn’t get the chance to go inside and see those well-preserved American and Spanish collections. So I decided to go back to the hotel and took my dinner.
I woke up early on the next day for the next destination of my 1000 PHP 2 days budget travel. My itinerary is to go to Samboan and see the chasing waterfalls. But I am sure that my 1000 PHP is not enough, so I ended up visiting Boljoon, Cebu.
Upon making a sharp turn on a road carved out of a natural rock formation known Ili Rock The expanse of the lovely cove is dominated by the blue waters of the Bohol Sea on the foreground while the towering verdant hills serve as the background of the centuries-old fortress-church of the Nuestra Señora Patrocinio de Maria.
Boljoon graduated as a visita of Carcar in 1690. The main church, belfry, and rectory were built on different occasions but the current church (second to be built on the same site) was constructed by Fray Ambrosio Otero, O.S.A in 1783.
Inside the historical church, my eyes was immediately drawn to the painting on the ceiling. The painting was truly inspired the 80-year old Boljoon native, Miguel Villareal.

At the left side of the church is an ornate bahay na bato made distinct by the double grand staircase. Built in 1940, the Escuela Catolica was used as a dormitory for children who are required to stay in the house overnight before they receive their first Holy Communion. It has been used for teaching catechism and was for a time a primary school.


Before leaving the town of Boljoon, I have to make sure to have an unforgettable experience.Since my adventurous soul is looking for a waterfall. So I asked the locals on how to get to the hidden paradise of Boljoon which is the Dayhag falls.

Boljoon is known for their waterfalls, Kan Amno, but turns out they have another, lesser-known yet magnificent waterfalls called Dayhag. Named after the cascading flow, the waterfalls is one of nature’s hidden gems 12 kilometers from the town center. In a Sun.Star article, tourism officer Ronald Villanueva discovered the waterfalls in Beveril after receiving word from locals in the area.


If you’re an adventurer who wants to experience Dayhag Falls, Click here
How Did I Budget The 1000 PHP for 2 days?
From Cebu City to Carcar -Mini Bus Fare – 40 PHP
Carcar Travellers Inn-                                      400 PHP
From Carcar to Boljoon                                    100 PHP
From Boljoon town to Dayhag Falls
Habal-habal fare                                          200 PHP -Depends on how you negotiate the driver.
Snacks, Dinner and Lunch                          140 PHP
From Boljoon to Cebu City                          120 PHP
Total Damage :                                               1000 PHP